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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

25 Food to Eat in Taipei. Self Help Guide to Taiwan Food 台北吃什麼?

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This is my wish-to-eat list compiled with the help of Johor Kaki blog readers. (Thank you everyone, appreciate you much 😄 ) This target list is for my upcoming Taipei & Taichung trip - I have not eaten at any of these places before. When I return home, I will blog with details about my favourites from this trip.

I will update this list as more suggestions come in, especially missing are Halal certified eateries at the moment. Keep your suggestions coming! 😄

Street Food 👉

阿宗面线 Famous mee suah brand with many outlets in major cities. (Prefer small good indie "no brand" stalls, if I can find any.)

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里長伯臭豆腐 Never tasted stinky tofu before, cannot tell people you ever been to Taiwan hor.... 😝

矮仔財滷肉飯 Go to Taiwan, of course, must have a lou rou fan (stew minced pork with rice).

洪瑞珍餅店 Taiwanese style sandwich.

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福元胡椒餅 Stone oven baked, hand made peppery meaty buns.

饒河胡椒餅 Another popular charcoal baked peppery meat bun.

永和豆漿 I like this kind of place - the parent shop of famous bean curd King 😄

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阜杭豆漿 Have breakfast like a local.

BUS蛋餅坊 Interesting food truck / cafe.

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源味本鋪 Of course, must visit the founding shop of Original Cakes in Tamsui.

長崎蛋糕 Honey Castella cake - we haven't seen this in Singapore or Malaysia yet.

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吳寶春 Taiwan's renown bread maker.

小林煎餅 Not really street food but ok lah... since we got children with us 😄

Economic Restaurants 👉

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阿財虱目魚 Wide range of home cook type comfort dishes - customer favourites here are lou rou fan, fried fish belly and beef cubes.

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川味老張牛肉麵 Another restaurant for home cook type comfort dishes - customer favourites here are beef noodles and lou rou fan.

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金春發牛肉店 More restaurant for home cook type comfort dishes - customer favourites here are beef noodles.

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永康牛肉麵 One of Taipei's most famous beef noodles.

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穆記牛肉麵 Another famous beef noodle specialist.

金園排骨 Popular pork chop place!

黑殿飯店 Yet another serious pork chop place.

小李子清粥 Taiwan porridge! 😋

王記府城肉粽 Family type comfort food restaurant famous for their glutinous rice dumplings.

鼎泰豐 Of course, must experience Din Tai Fung at Taipei 101.

高記 Old school Shanghainese - xiao long bao, shen jian bao and all the good meaty stuff.

桐花客家私房料理 Another old school eatery with hearty, meaty dishes - this time Hakka.

Higher End Restaurants 👉

大腕燒肉專門店 Premium yakiniku joint.

夏慕尼 A popular teppanyaki joint.

上引水産 Premium fresh and live seafood.

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太和殿 Szechuan style spicy steam boat.

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欣葉台灣料理 Family type Taiwanese restaurant. Recommended to come here for Taiwanese porridge but this crab dish seems to be the most popular on social media.

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故宮晶華 Comfort food in restaurant with greater creature comforts.

王品 The famous Wang Steak! 😋

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陽明春天 Vegetarian fine dining!

Help me make this wish list better - give me more suggestions. Appreciate much.

Date: 17 Oct 2017

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