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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Blk 24 Sin Ming Road Hainanese Chicken Rice 大牌24海南雞飯

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

I was at Sin Ming Road this morning for errands, and so popped by one of my usual haunts around this part of Singapore - Blk 22 and Blk 24 of Sin Ming Road. We used to come here for lunch regularly as there are several good hawker stalls at the coffee shops in Blk 22 and Blk 24.

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

Warning: Long digression, skip right on to the next section, if you don't wish to be bored.

You see, I like to come here on Sundays for dinner at Ah Orh Seafood at Blk 22 as the food was excellent and parking is free of charge. But, one evening, I was shocked to see a parking ticket on my windscreen when we returned to the car after our dinner.

It was only then, that I realised that it was a Saturday not a Sunday 😱 Alamak 😰 Fines for not displaying parking coupons are hefty in Singapore. But, it was purely an honest mistake.

I wasn't hoping for anything but just sent an appeal to the Authority anyway, stating exactly that - that I honestly mistook Saturday for Sunday. (Nothing to lose mah... .)

You know what? They accepted my explanation and waived my fine. It's a story I love to tell 😄 The "Authority" can have a heart.

Moral of the story - If anyone ever kenna next time, spend a few minutes to appeal lo... 😄

OK back to makan (eat).

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

The chicken rice stall in 錦發咖啡店 coffee shop is simply named 大牌24海南雞飯 or Blk 24 Hainanese Chicken Rice. There were the usual deep fried and poached chicken hanging in the window. As, this was my first time here, I went for my usual i.e. poached chicken.

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

Half a bird with a big bowl of rice came to S$12.50, very competitive pricing.

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

The youthful boss chopped the chicken and plated it carefully with pride. The friendly lady boss fastidiously wiped the oil and sauce splatters off the plate before serving. I like it that it was cut into large chunks with bone in.

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

The chicken served cool, was cooked to 99% doneness which I like. The skin was smooth and soft. There was a bit of congealed fat (gel), but not much. The meat was soft, tender and juicy, perhaps taking a bit of water from the (ice) cold bath.

The mound of chicken was bathed in a sloshy brownish mildly savoury sweet sauce and oil blend. 

The chicken meat and skin had a very slight natural chicky sweetness. Most of the flavour came from the savoury sweet sauce.

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

The rice were relatively good quality grains. Cooked till soft tender and slightly wet but not overly greasy. Chicken stock and aromatics infused a very mild savoury flavour and aroma which complemented the rice's natural sweetness well.

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

Mildly savoury sweet soup served with the chicken. I didn't feel any MSG thirst after drinking the whole big bowl.

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

Nice fresh chili and ginger dips. Both tasty though quite mild.

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

👉 Blk 24 Sin Ming Road Hainanese Chicken Rice is a cheap and good chicken rice stall you can try when you are in the Sin Ming area.

Next time, I would love to try their golden brown deep fried chicken. They look delicious 😋

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

Restaurant name大牌24海南雞飯 Blk 24 Hainanese Chicken Rice (stall in 錦發咖啡店 Ghim Huat coffee shop)

Blk 24-Sin-Ming-Road-Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-大牌24海南雞飯

AddressBlk 24 Sin Ming Rd. #01-51, Singapore  570024
GPS1°21'18.0"N 103°50'11.2"E | 1.354994, 103.836450
Tel: 97699010 | 97690802
Hours: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Non Halal

Date: 30 Oct 2017

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