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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Taiwan Must Try Street Food. Minglun Egg Pancake 明倫蛋餅

On the flight from Singapore to Taipei, I saw this fascinating video about the original Ming Lun Egg Pancake 明倫蛋餅 stall. I told myself, "I gotta get this" 😁 Arriving in Taipei, we were immediately whisked away to Taichung which was the first stop of our Taiwan heritage food tour.


We dashed to embrace Taichung's exciting street food culture, the moment we dropped our bags at the hotel 😁 First stop was the famous Fengjia Night Market 逢甲国际观光夜市.


Tah Dah! 

Before we reached there, there's this busy Minglun egg pancake outlet right there outside the famed night market 😄


Queue was long but ordering is very simple. Take a number card. The menu is also on the number card - there's just signature sweet spicy sauce, savoury soy sauce, and peppery sauce. Three only.


Once given your order and paid, hold on to your number card and wait for the red LED to flash your number.


It's quite fun watching the young hawkers in action while we waited for our egg pancakes.

They spread a thin layer of flour batter on the greasy iron griddle. Break an egg over it. Throw in chopped spring onion. Fold the browned pancake over and drizzle in sweetened chili, soya or pepper sauce according to order. Roll the entire egg pancake into a roll.

Watching them swiftly make the pancakes, I can feel the energy and smell the eggy aroma. Salivating lo 😋

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Tah Dah!

We got the famous Minglun egg pancake pretty quick despite the queue. It was piping, steaming hot. Too hot to hold with bare hands. (NT$40 each.)

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The tongue scalding pancake is soft and moist inside, but has a subtle crisp on the lightly browned outside. The soft roll has a mild sweet eggy flavour, spiked with the slightly green taste from spring onion. It has the sweet spicy, savoury or peppery taste, depending on the sauce you ordered.

Minglun egg pancake is one of the most loved icons of Taiwan's legendary street food culture. Simple, healthful, affordable, can be eaten on the go, and oh so delicious. One of the foods at the epitome in the world of street food.

Minglun egg pancake franchise outlets are found in night markets throughout Taiwan. They are a Must Try, to appreciate Taiwanese street food.

Now, my wish is to taste Minglun egg pancakes 😄 at the founder's 40 year old stall. That's an ultimate foodie experience for me.

One day.

Date visited: 19 Jul 2017

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