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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Crispy Popcorn Chicken in Kaohsiung. Taiwan Best Street Food 高雄小上海鹽酥雞

Look out for famous 小上海鹽酥雞 mobile street side crispy popcorn chicken stall when you are in Kaohsiung. It has been around for over 20 years and fans chase it all around Kaohsiung as it operates in a different location every night (except Weds).

Monday @ 廣東街近三多 near intersection of Guangdong Street & Sandou Street, Lingya District (GPS:  22°37'08.7"N 120°19'14.4"E | 22.619072, 120.320679)

Tuesday 德昌街近漁港路 near intersection of Dechang Street & Yugang Road, Qianzhen District (GPS:  22°34'48.1"N 120°19'11.6"E | 22.580013, 120.319894)

Wednesday off

Thursday @ 明德路福壽 Mingde Road, Gushan District (GPS:  22°39'04.0"N 120°16'27.2"E | 22.651113, 120.274217)

Friday & Saturday @ 富國路近新莊仔路青雲宮旁 near intersection of Fuguo Road & Xinzhuangxi Road (GPS: 22°40'08.1"N 120°18'29.8"E | 22.668903, 120.308268)

Sunday @ 公正路和崗山南街路口 near intersection of Gongzheng Road & Gangshan South Road, Qianzhen District (GPS: 22°36'10.8"N 120°19'56.5"E | 22.602985, 120.332364)

As location may change, here's the boss 劉吉祥's mobile number: 092 9098 317 / 097 6039 321.

小上海鹽酥雞's golden brown popcorn chicken looks great and makes a seductive crackling sound when we sink our teeth into it. The popcorn chicken comes in three flavours - original, pepper, and chili.

The queue is non stop from the time the stall opens for business in the evening till after midnight when it closes. Customers often take away NT$200-300 worth of popcorn chicken each, after waiting at least 30 minutes.

The battered and marinated pieces of chicken are fried for at least 6 minutes in a wok of hot oil at 160-170℃ - clean oil and high temperature make all the difference. The boss 劉吉祥 constantly turns and jiggles the wok of fried chicken to cook them evenly and to keep them from caking together.

Customers like 小上海鹽酥雞's popcorn chicken because the savoury outside is crackly crispy while the inside is tender juicy sweet. The golden brown popcorn chicken is not greasy - it doesn't even blot the paper bag. Many regulars have been enjoying 小上海鹽酥雞's popcorn chicken for more than 10 years.

Don't miss 小上海鹽酥雞's popcorn chicken when you are in Kaohsiung.

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