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Famous No Signboard Foo Chow Fish Balls in Taipei 无招牌福州魚丸專賣店

Restaurant name: No signboard Foo Chow fish ball shop
Address: No. 1, Alley 13, Lane 74, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District Taipei City, Taiwan 105 | 台北市八德路3段74巷13弄1號
GPS25°02'50.2"N 121°33'09.9"E | 25.047287, 121.552752
Nearest MRTTaipei Arena Station 台北小巨蛋站
Tel: 02 2577 1563
Hours: 12:00 noon - 3:00pm (Sat, Sun, Mon off)

This is a notable no signboard shop in Taipei's Songshan District, famed for their authentic Foo Chow style fish balls - the kind of big fish balls packed with minced pork fillings and juices inside.

At this no signboard shop, owner 顏聰偉 and his team make the fish balls everyday with fresh shark meat. Foo Chow fish balls are relatively big, like the size of ping pong balls because they are filled with minced pork inside (like a Cantonese wanton).

The fish balls are made with a blend of pureed shark meat, sweet potato flour and potato starch. The filling is made with 3 parts minced ham (hind leg) and 1 part pork fat. When the fish ball is boiled, the knob of minced pork inside releases a spoonful of savoury sweet broth.

The just cooked fish balls are laid out flat on trays and cooled under fans.

Even though this shop moved a couple of times in its nearly 30 years and never had any signboard, it has legions of regulars. The shop's fans like the tender firm springy texture of the fish balls. "Q Q with a spring to the bite" is how many fans described it. Fans love the flavourful savoury sweet minced pork filling and broth. They also like it that the fish balls are very fresh as they are handmade at the shop the same day.

The fish balls are eaten with various types of noodles, slathered with savoury stewed minced pork.

Fans also like the crunchy spicy sun dried pickled cabbage served at this shop 高丽菜辣菜, something not found in other Foo Chow fish ball shops.

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