Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Japanese say this Unagi Don in Taipei is World Best 鳗味屋 關東

Restaurant name: 鳗味屋
AddressNo. 45, Lane 77, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District Taipei City, Taiwan 10491 | 台北市中山區中山北路二段77巷45號
GPS25°03'27.2"N 121°31'30.2"E | 25.057563, 121.525045
Nearest MRTShuanglian 雙連 or Zhongshan Elementary School 中山國小站 (near to two stations)
Tel+886 2 2523 9128
Hours11:30am - 2:30pm | 5:30pm - 9:00pm (Sunday off)

鳗味屋 has been around for just around 12 years but the little alley shop already have a huge reputable, even with discerning Japanese tourists.

朱, the owner of 鳗味屋 uses live 生鲜 export grade Taiwan raised 青口鳗鱼 eels (also known as 蓝钻鳗鱼 Blue Diamond eels).  朱 chose them for their smooth delicate flesh and fat. 鳗味屋 uses bigger eels because their meat is thicker and are fatter.

The live eel is first chilled in blocks of ice so that its meat contracts. It is then cleaned and butterflied. The eels are next grilled to a slight crisp outside. The grilled fish are then steamed to soften its texture and to moisten it. The steamed fish also absorbs the unagi sauce and infuse its flavours better.

But, before dunking in unagi sauce, all the bones in the fish are painstakingly removed by hand - eels have many small spiny bones like needles.

Finally, the eels are dunked in unagi sauce and grilled. This dunk and grill process is repeated three times till the outside is caramelised before serving to waiting customers.

鳗味屋 uses modern infra red grills instead of the traditional charcoal. That didn't seemed to detract from the unagi's taste nor their fans' enthusiasm.

鳗味屋 fans like their thick, juicy and fat unagi They also like it that the unagi don here is very competitively priced.

Some senior Japanese visiting Taipei, said that 鳗味屋 serves the best unagi don in the world - now, coming from folks who must have eaten lots of unagi don, that means I must try! 😄

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