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Locals Say Beitou Market Braised Pork Rice is Best Lo Rou Fan in Taiwan 矮仔財滷肉飯

Restaurant name: 矮仔財滷肉飯
Address  112, Taiwan, Taipei City, Beitou District, Xinshi Street, 30號市場二樓 436號攤位
GPS25°07'55.8"N 121°30'11.5"E | 25.132168, 121.503196
Nearest MRTBeitou Station 北投站
Tel+886 932 386 789
Hours: 6:30am - 1:30pm (Monday off)

Many locals consider this braised pork rice stall in the bustling Beitou Market 北投市場 in Taipei, the best lu rou fan in Taiwan. The stall is located on the upper level but the lunch time queue stretches down to the ground floor. So, it is best to be early to avoid disappointment.

矮仔財滷肉飯 braised pork rice (lu rou fan) has been at Beitou Market for over 40 years. Boss 黃文聰 is the second generation owner, taking over from his father 20 years ago when his dad had to stop work to look after his mum who suffered a stroke.

黃文聰 is very particular about quality of ingredients, always using only the freshest pork etc. 黃文聰 and wife start preparing food for the next business day once the stall closes at 1:30pm. Everything is handmade the old way which is tedious and takes a lot of time. For example, the pork is hand chopped and not machine minced which makes all the difference in texture and flavour.

The braised pork stew and brown sauce is the soul in the bowl of braised pork rice. At 矮仔財滷肉飯, the stew and stock are made by cooking pork skin, jowl, fat, spices, sauces etc for 8 hours, stirring the pot regularly. The sauce is browned by soy sauce and caramelised sugar. It is thicken by gelatine dissolved by 8 hours of cooking. 


Fans say they cannot live 3 days without eating 矮仔財滷肉飯's lo rou fan.

Fans like 矮仔財滷肉飯's braised pork rice because it is not overly greasy. The sweet rice soft and tender is flavoured by the savoury sweet braised pork and sticky slick brown sauce which hold everything together. The fat dissolves in the mouth and is not cloying.

Customers like to pair 矮仔財滷肉飯's braised pork rice with their signature pork rib soup 排骨酥. The cubed pork ribs are deep fried, put into a small soup bowl with water and winter melon, and then cooked by steaming.

Braised pork rice is also eaten with braised pork knuckle 蹄膀肉 and braised big intestines 鹵大腸. Meat and fat is cut from the pork knuckle which is savoury balanced with sweetness. The savoury sweet braised big intestines are soft and tender.

Get also their braised tofu 鹵豆腐 which are soft and deeply infused with savoury sweet flavours from the braising stock.

Eat a local favourite with locals. Go Beitou Market 矮仔財滷肉飯.

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