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What to Eat @ Marsiling Mall. Ye Lai Xiang Laksa 夜來香叻沙


The first time I tasted Ye Lai Xiang laksa 夜來香叻沙 was back in 2014. The stall was then at the old Marsiling hawker centre near the immigration checkpoint - the hawker centre is closed and slated for demolition to make way for new buildings.


That was during KF Seetoh's inaugural insane 24 Hour Street Food Safari in 2014. I am still wondering why is it not banned for mental health hazard reasons 😂

Anyway, tucked away in Singapore's far north, Ye Lai Xiang was one of the last stops of the 24 Hour food torture marathon. By then, I was already a zombie. It was 5:00am, every part of me was numb, I could hardly open my eyes, my mind was blank and my hands were shaking (can't take sharp photos).


Looking back at what I wrote then, I am surprised that I could still put up a not too shabby description of Ye Lai Xiang's laksa 😄 (I strive merely to be accurate, no sales pitch, no drama 😄 )

The laksa was nice.


I've been back to Ye Lai Xiang laksa a couple of times in more sane circumstances.

This was the first time I am here since the stall moved to the spanking new Marsiling Mall (unit #01-73).


I ordered the S$4.50 bowl.

There were thick bee hoon, hard boiled egg, fish cake slices, tau pok, tau kwa and seeham (blood cockles) in the bowl of fiery red looking curry which is topped with sambal chili and chopped laksa leaves (daun kasum).


S$4.50 is actually for the larger serving size but I asked for more blood cockles in lieu of more noodles and curry (healthier choice mah 😉 ).

The blood cockles were fresh and the size of the nail on my first finger (which is a good size nowadays).


Ye Lai Xiang is all about the curry laksa broth - it is the thickest and creamiest that I have tasted anywhere (in Singapore and Malaysia).

Ye Lai Xiang's curry has almost the same weight and thickness as freshly squeezed coconut milk 😱 The dominant flavour is sweetness which envelopes the whole curry. Inside, crustacean savouriness from dried shrimps and hot spiciness from chili pepper try to make their presence felt through the enveloping sweetness.

The result is a creamy smooth sweet, mildly savoury spicy curry which Ye Lai Xiang's fans gladly vouch for.


If you like your laksa to have more spicy kick, the spoonful of savoury spicy sambal chili helps but not by much.


The thick bee hoon picks up the curry nicely, making them slurpy delicious.


The curry saturated tau pok and tau kwa provided some variation in texture and flavour to the dish.


Makan Guru KF Seetoh awarded Ye Lai Xiang laksa a high score of 2.5 pairs of chopsticks (out of 3) in the 2017 edition of his Maksansutra guide to Singapore's best street food.


👉 If you like laksa that is creamy sweet and just mildly spicy, then Ye Lai Xiang laksa 夜來香叻沙 in Marsiling Mall may be what you are looking for.

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Restaurant nameYe Lai Xiang Laksa 夜來香叻沙
Address: Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre, Unit #01-73, 4 Woodlands Street 12  
GPS:  1°25'60.0"N 103°46'47.6"E | 1.433323, 103.779887 
Hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm (Thursday off)

Non Halal


Date: 27 Jan 2018  

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