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Zhuó Family Dumpling House in Taipei 禚家餃子館

Restaurant name: 禚家餃子館
Address: No. 204, Section 1, Zhongyang South Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112
GPS25°07'42.6"N 121°30'04.1"E | 25.128490, 121.501147
Nearest MRTQiyan 捷運奇岩站
Tel+886 2 2858 8315
Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm

禚家餃子館 is a well known dumpling chain with 7 outlets in Taipei and neighbouring counties.

禚家餃子館 started in the 1960s at the intersection of Nanjing East Road and Linsen North Road 林森北路 near Linsen Park which was known as Taipei's "Dumpling Street" 水餃街 as there were 4-5 popular dumpling shops there.

Over thirty years ago, second generation boss 蔡慶華 joined 禚家餃子館 which was founded by his uncle and aunt. 蔡慶華 took over the business when his uncle and his family migrated to Australia.

蔡慶華 quickly expanded the brand to 17 outlets, causing quality control issues leading to long time fans leaving and few new customers. 蔡慶華 and wife 陳倩如 decided to consolidate, closing half the outlets to focus on quality and consistently to redeem their reputation.

To ensure consistently, the fillings for 禚家餃子 are now produced in a central kitchen under the personal, watchful eye of boss 蔡慶華 who has over 30 years of experience in making dumplings.

Soon, regulars are back and new customers joined the long lines at their outlets for their famous dumplings, especially during meal times.

The hard earned lessons learnt from this near catastrophic episode sealed quality and consistency as the hallmarks of Zhuo Family Dumpling House.

Inside each 禚家餃子 pork dumpling, it is equal parts of minced pork and shredded cabbage. They use only fresh ham (leg) that is never chilled for their dumplings for best texture and natural flavour.

禚家餃子 use only local cabbage for best freshness, crunch and juiciness. The cabbages are washed twice - once as a whole head on the outside and then washed a second time after they are shredded, so the insides are cleaned as well. 

Beef dumplings are 70% beef and 30% vegetables. The local beef are also never chilled for best flavour and tenderness.

Now their nephew 劉榮華 has joined the business. The enterprising young entrepreneur has introduced online marketing and created dumplings appealing to the Millennial generation. Besides the traditional dumplings, 禚家餃子館 has developed many other flavours including colourful ones with natural colours added.

If you stumble upon a 禚家餃子館 dumpling outlet, give it a try as it is a brand locals trust.

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