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Famous Taiwan Delicious Oyster Mee Sua Noodles 金正好吃麵線

Restaurant name金正好吃麵線
AddressNo. 74, Yian Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 235 (金正 has several outlets around Taiwan)
GPS24°59'50.0"N 121°30'40.4"E | 24.997230, 121.511217
Nearest MRTYongan Market Station 永安市場站
Tel+886 2 8921 8899
Hours: 11:00am - 1:00am

金正好吃麵線 is one of the most famous and largest brands of oyster mee sua (rice noodles) in Taiwan, with franchised outlets throughout the island. The founding stall is in Zhonghe district.

Founder 趙瑞琦 was a factory manager in 1998 when he decided to switch careers at 38 years old as factories were closing in Taiwan and he was facing retrenchment. He learnt how to cook oyster mee sua from his aunt who ran a night market stall. Twenty years on, 趙瑞琦 oversees numerous 金正好吃麵線 franchised outlets throughout Taiwan. 

Customers like 金正's oyster mee sua noodles because the broth is robust, rice noodles are thick and springy, braised pork intestines are flavourful and the oysters are fresh.

趙瑞琦 uses the best ingredients Taiwan offers for his oyster mee sua. 金正's mee sua noodles are hand made and come from 新竹 Hsinchu County - they stay springy after dissolving slightly and melding with the gooey broth.

The broth is made with dried bonito ground into powder which is boiled in water earlier used to soak the oysters (thus giving it a slight ocean briny flavour). 

金正 uses large oysters from 嘉义 Chiayi County which are at least 2 years old. 金正 uses outer sea oysters where the sea is deeper and cleaner. Their texture is more springy and are sweeter than younger oysters. The oysters are fresh as they are harvested and served the same day.

金正's pork intestines are thoroughly cleaned and braised in over 10 types of herbs, giving them a herbal taste and aroma.

Oyster mee sua is eaten with house made garlic puree sauce and chili sauce for more robust kick.

金正 is also famous for their stinky tofu, which I shall cover separately in another post.

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