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Tamsui Urn Roast Chicken 正古早甕缸雞坊.淡水甕缸龍眼雞

Restaurant name: 正古早甕缸雞坊 
Address: No. 605號, Section 2, Danjin Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251
GPS: 25°11'35.3"N 121°26'46.6"E | 25.193126, 121.446289
Nearest MRTTamsui Station 淡水
Tel: +886 2 2620 3028
Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm

正古早甕缸雞坊 is a famous urn roast chicken specialist shop in Tamsui (near Taipei). Tamsui is accessible from Taipei by MRT, so it is worth a day trip to this interesting part of Taiwan where there are lots of quaint traditional eateries.

正古早甕缸雞坊 uses at least 120 day old free range chicken from Miaoli County (south of Taipei). The freshly slaughtered birds are stuffed with a cloth bag full of herbs and spices in its cavity.

The stuffed chicken are roasted at 600-700℃ inside wood fired clay urns specially designed by boss 廖雙锦. 正古早甕缸雞坊 uses longan tree wood because of its slow burning qualities (not because of any flavours). The chicken is roasted in the urns for 40 minutes.

During roasting the drippings, grease and juice are collected to use as sauce and soup afterwards.

Before the birds are done, they are sprayed with a proprietary blend of watery sauce made with over 10 ingredients such as rice wine, maltose, longan extract etc

The sauce coated chicken are finished in the urn at high heat for about 20 seconds to seal in the flavours and give the chicken a grossly golden brown crisp outside.

At 正古早甕缸雞坊, the birds are cut into large chunky pieces with a pair of scissors before serving. The large pieces keep the juices and flavours in.

Customers like 正古早甕缸雞坊 roast chicken because they like the crispy outside, tender and juicy sweet meat inside as well as the slightly chewy bite of the free range birds. The chicken meat have a longan flavour from longan extract (not the longan wood). Fans also like the aroma from the caramelised sauce on the bird.

Boss 廖雙锦 suggests eating the roast chicken with the greasy juices dripped from the bird during the roasting. The chicken grease is used either as a dip or it can be poured over the chicken like brown sauce.

It is easy to get to 正古早甕缸雞坊 as there are free shuttle buses No. 3, 6, and 9 which take passengers from Tamsui MRT station to the roast chicken shop.

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