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Lao Shandong Beef Noodles. What to Eat in Ximending 老山東牛肉家常麵店

Restaurant nameLao Shandong Homemade Noodles 老山東牛肉家常麵店
AddressB1, 70 Xining South Road, Wanhua, Taipei (inside Ximending 萬年商業大樓 building, basement 1)
GPS25°02'36.7"N 121°30'21.1"E | 25.043527, 121.505855  
Nearest MRTXimen Station 西門站
Tel+886 2 2389 1216
Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm

Lao Shandong Homemade Noodles was founded in 1949 soon after the founders from Shandong arrived in Taiwan from China with the Nationalist Army. It began as a street side stall.

Seventy years on, the stall is now located at the old 萬年大樓 building food court in trendy Ximending. In 2018, Lao Shandong was awarded the Bib Gourmard in the inaugural Taipei Michelin guide.

Lao Shandong uses local "yellow" cows for their beef. The chunks of beef are stewed with onions, fermented bean paste, spices, herbs, chili powder, soy sauce and beef bone stock. The beef are stewed for 50 minutes so that the meat infuses all the flavours without becoming fibrous.

Lao Shandong still hand make their noodles right there at the shop. The wheat flour is hand kneaded for three hours which gives the dough spring and "life". They are then hand cut into broad 1cm wide ribbons.

Lao Shandong have fans who followed them through generations since they were children and when the shop was operating by the street side. Fans said the taste have not changed all these years. It's a homely, comforting dish for them.

Lao Shandong's "Three Treasures Noodles 三寶面" comes with stewed sirloin beef, tendon and tripe with handmade noodles in a beefy broth.

Customers like Lao Shandong's house made noodles which are springy and tenderly chewy to the bite. The chunks of sirloin beef are tender and juicy with natural sweetness. The clean tasting soup is beefy and tasty without using MSG. The flavours are well balanced. Not overly salty and not too greasy.

Lao Shandong also have a non spicy version of beef noodles (sans chili powder during stewing) which is also very popular.

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