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My Stove My 灶. Restaurant for Authentic Taiwanese Food in Taipei

Restaurant name: My Stove My 灶
Address: No. 9-1, Lane 100, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei | 台北市中山區松江路100巷9號之1 
GPS25°03'03.7"N 121°31'54.3"E
Nearest MRT: Steps from Songjiang Nanjing 松江南京站 (use Exit 3)
Tel+886 2 2522 2697
Hours: 11:30am - 2:00pm | 5:30pm - 9:00pm (Monday off)

My Stove My 灶 was founded just 6 years ago, and the little eatery is already one of Taipei local's favourite places for Taiwanese cuisine. Head chef Mdm 郭美英 was a street hawker when she and My Stove owner 昌正浩 met. 昌正浩 liked 郭美英's cooking so much that he decided to team up with her to start a small authentic Taiwanese restaurant. Just 6 years on, My Stove was awarded the Bib Gourmand in the inaugural Taipei Michelin Guide 2018.

The interior of My Stove is modelled after a typical Taiwanese street during the Japanese era. The boss 昌正浩 wants to replicate the street dining experience inside his little eatery. Street light, simple tables, stools and all the paraphernalia that makes humble street dining such a charming experience.

My Stove head chef 郭美英 has a wide repertoire from her decades of street and home cooking experience.

One of her must order dishes is called 腰里白, which is pork kidney cooked with Japanese yam. The fresh pork kidney is done to a tender spring.

Another signature is 丝香起 which is slivers of bean curd, cuttlefish and tripe stir fried with vegetables, mushrooms and soy sauce.

Remember to order My Stove's 一夜干, a unique fried fish dish using Threadfin fish infused with Kaoliang liquor.

Steamed squid with roe and vegetables is a popular dish here.

My Stove's simple stir fried pork belly, is simply marvellous.

My Stove's rendition of the iconic 卤肉饭 or braised pork rice reminds customers of how their own grandma made this staple at home. Only 60 servings of braised pork rice is available a day and it is pricier than at most restaurants in Taiwan. Yet, this dish is sold out everyday 😮

For soup, get My Stove's 西卤肉, which is a soup with vegetable and braised minced pork.

My Stove head chef 郭美英 goes to the market every morning to get her ingredients, so we are assured of the best hand picked quality.

For My Stove's famous 腰里白, 郭美英 picks the freshest pig kidneys from her regular butcher who knows that she wants only the best. The never chilled, same day slaughtered pig kidney is cleaned, sliced, blanched, and then dunked in running water. The blanched kidney is then rested in a bucket of iced water.

To serve, the chilled kidney is stacked on top of a mound of Japanese yam slices. The heap of kidney and yam are then slathered with My Stove's spicy sauce.

Fans love the tender juicy spring of My Stove's pork kidney, the crunch of the Japanese yam and the zesty sauce. 腰里白 is a Must Try at My Stove.

一夜干 fish is made by briefly soaking small foot long, fresh Threadfin fish in Kaoliang liquor. The marinated fish is then hung on wires and left to air dry overnight. To serve, the air dried fish is lightly pan fried in oil. This popular dish relies only on the fresh Threadfin's natural sweetness with undertones of Kaoliang for flavour.

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