Thursday, 15 March 2018

Peng Family. Cantonese Restaurant in Taipei. 彭家園.粵菜

Restaurant namePeng Family 彭家園
Address: No. 60, Dongfeng Street, Da'an District, Taipei | 台北市東豐街60號
GPS25°02'08.9"N 121°32'51.5"E | 25.035791, 121.547641 
Nearest MRTDa'an 大安站
Tel(02) 2704 5152
Hours11:30am - 2:00pm | 5:30pm - 9:00pm (off on first day of lunar month)

Peng Family is a small Cantonese restaurant in Taipei popular with locals. Hong Kongers come here too for traditional Cantonese dishes which are hard to get even in HK.

In his seventies now, boss 彭壯達 swam from Guangdong China to Hong Kong when he was 20 years old. After 20 years in HK, he moved to Taipei where he and family members started Peng Family restaurant 彭家園. Through the last 30 years, Peng Family restaurant enjoyed the support of locals and also tourists from HK for their old school Cantonese cuisine. 

In 2018, Peng Family was awarded the Bib Gourmand in the inaugural Taipei Michelin guide. 彭壯達 has come a long way since his swim away from China over 50 years ago.

Peng Family's signature dish is 芋泥香酥鴨 Crispy Yam Duck. The braised duck is deboned, leaving only the skin and flesh. These are then cut into thin meaty slices.

Steamed mashed yam and potato flour is hand kneaded. The flattened yam dough is spread over and pressed on the duck slices. It's like a yam pizza embedded with slices of duck. The "pizza" is deep fried in 150℃ hot oil for three minutes The golden brown yam duck is then drained and served.

Customers like Peng Family's Yam Duck because it is super crispy and tasty.

Another Peng Family signature is 瓊山豆腐 Qiongshan Tofu - a "tofu" dish with no tofu.

Egg white is whisked and then steamed. The "tofu" soft and smooth like a pudding is served smothered with a savoury blend of dried scallop and oyster sauce.

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