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Li Ji Coffee House. Famous Chee Cheong Fun @ NUS Science Canteen Singapore 綠色腸粉

There is a stall tucked away in NUS's Science Canteen serving very good, freshly hand made (no pork, no lard) chee cheong fun 綠色肠粉. If you had a double take or felt a chee cheong fun deja vu, it's because this famous CCF is originally from Amoy Street Food Centre.

Searching for a place in the maze of NUS buildings can be quite daunting for non NUS alumni like me. NUS Science Canteen is located at Science Drive 2 - drive through the gantry into the car park when you are here. The easiest way is to use Waze App "NUS Science Canteen (Frontier Phase 1)".

The newly opened canteen fronted by a small grassy knoll, trees and draped with hanging plants is designed to look like a restaurant in the park.

The inside has about 10 stalls, is well furnished and customers dine in air con comfort.

The chee cheong fun is by Doreen of Li Ji Coffee House stall. The name "coffee house" is a slight misnomer as Li Ji serves more than just kopi. It has a repertoire like a Hong Kong cha chaan teng with HK style yuan yang tea, dim sum, chee cheong fun etc.

Doreen (or her staff) hand makes the chee cheong fun only on order, so it is always fresh. Doreen's dim sum and chee cheong fun stall used to be at Amoy Street Food Centre stall #01-60 and she was well known there for her "green" CCF with lettuce. 🐦 Little bird said that PM Lee's office was one of her regulars... I donnu lah... .

Doreen grew up with chee cheong fun. Her adoptive mother was a "black and white" mah jie (domestic worker) from Guangzhou who ate chee cheong fun for most of her daily meals. "My mom never gets bored with it" Doreen said, remembering her fondly. When Doreen makes chee cheong fun, it reminds her of her adoptive mum.

Egg chee cheong fun is Doreen's personal favourite. Fresh lettuce and beaten eggs rolled into thin steamed rice sheet and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. The rice sheet was smooth, tender with natural rice sweetness. The lettuce imparted a bit of tender crunch and fresh green taste. The egginess complemented the rice and lettuce. Customers can ask for the egg to be cooked to their preferred doneness - just like ordering steak, Doreen said.

Chee cheong fun is eaten with a sweet sauce made with sweetened fermented bean sauce and a tangy spicy sauce made with chili laced with rice vinegar. The sauces were nice but I like to eat my chee cheong fun neat.

Lettuce with tenderly sweet savoury chicken char siew.

Chee cheong fun with lettuce, prawns and diced century eggs.

Chee cheong fun with lettuce and prawns.

Yuan Yang, 50% coffee 50% tea with condensed milk.

👉 If you are a fan of Amoy Street Food Centre's famous "green" chee cheong fun 綠色腸粉 and wondering where it disappeared to, your favourite CCF is now here at NUS Science Canteen in Li Ji Coffee House.

Restaurant name: Li Ji Coffee House 綠色腸粉
Address 12 Science Drive 2 Kent Ridge, National University of Singapore
GPS 1°17'47.4"N 103°46'48.6"E | 1.296509, 103.780154
Waze: NUS Science Canteen (Frontier Phase 1)
Tel9227 4495 | 9273 1036 (Doreen does a lot of take away bookings)
Hours: 7:00am - 7:30pm (Sunday off, close at 2:00pm on Saturday)

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 2 May 2018

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