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Lengkuas Fish Soup at Eatern Food Court in Batam Indonesia 平记鱼汤

When I asked a Hong Kong chef friend who is very familiar with Batam what to eat there, the first thing he mentioned was the fish soup by Lengkuas at Eatern Food Court. So Lengkuas stall at Eatern Food Court was the first thing I went for when I had free time during my Batam trip. It turned out to be a fish soup hotspot of locals and Singaporeans alike. I am a very latecomer to the Batam food scene 😅

Eatern Food Court is a busy kopitiam in Peniun Batam across the road from BCS Mall. It has many food stalls like similar kopitiams in Singapore and Malaysia. Lengkuas is the busiest stall here.

The decades old corner stall is run by the 許 family - I didn't have a chance to speak with them as they were so busy even at 11am on a Wednesday.

Lengkuas stall have mainly Ikan Merah, wild Sea Bass, Golden Pomfret, Rabbit fish, prawns etc. They were all very fresh.

I had a Ikan Merah fish tail soup served in a claypot - it was enough for two big men. I bumped into Dennis, a fellow Singaporean who is a regular at Lengkuas - he ordered exactly the same thing.

The fish tail was chopped into many big meaty chunks with bones. They were then boiled in high heat with fish stock, yam and (quite liberal amounts of) various seasoning powders.

The fish was very fresh. The white meat was soft tender with a soft squeaky feel to the bite. The juicy meat was naturally sweet. Wonderful.

The soup was thick and slightly grainy, lumpy from the dissolved yam inside. The soup tasted sweet, savoury with a bit of underlying spicy heat. In Batam (and also Bintan), they like to use white pepper, ginger and chili padi in their soup which gave it a layered spicy aftertaste. I like it too. Fried shallots added aroma to the soup.

When you come to Batam, do check out the fresh fish at Lengkuas stall in Eatern Food Court, Peniun. I want to be like this veteran Singaporean group (on the right) - I think they ordered everything on the menu. Fish soup, asam pedas, fried fish steaks, fried big prawns etc.

Lengkuas Fish Soup stall's menu - fish porridge, fish soup, fish and yam soup, milk fish soup, asam pedas fish, asam pedas catfish, fried fish, fried prawn etc

👉 I enjoyed Batam's Lengkuas fish soup stall's fish and yam soup a lot. The fish was very fresh and the soup was so flavourful. This is my first post about Batam food. Lengkuas fish soup stall has inspired me to find out more about the Batam food scene. Please give me your tips on where to eat as I know Batam is a favourite food hunting ground of locals, Singaporeans and JB folks because it is so easily accessible by ferry.

Restaurant name: Lengkuas Fish Soup stall 平记鱼汤
Address: Eatern Food Court, Jalan Bunga Mawar, Batu Selicin (across the road from BCS Mall) Peniun, Batam, Indonesia  
GPS1°07'59.9"N 104°00'37.8"E | 1.133317, 104.010486
Tel: 0812 77 0707 10 
Hours: 7:30am - 2:00pm (Monday off)   

Date of visit: 25 July 2018  

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