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Restoran PW Puteri Wangsa Ulu Tiram Johor Bahru 肉筋丸果条汤

So this is not the type of meal that will knock your socks off nor spur you to immediately want to post on social media to tell all your friends what a great food hunter you are 😄 But, it is the type that grows on you because of its simplicity and homely feel. No frills Restoran PW 肉筋丸果条汤 in Taman Puteri Wangsa in Johor Bahru has a strong loyal following for its pork ball noodles.

Every person that sauntered into the laid back little shop knew the Lim couple who runs the pork ball noodle stall. I was the only stranger that morning.

Mdm Lim and her husband ran Restoran PW for over 20 years. The restaurant is like a permanent fixture in Puteri Wangsa - been there for the longest time... generations. They didn't even have a signboard until recently when it was required by City Council.

I started off with the standard pork ball noodles and requested for kway teow (there's the usual options of yellow noodles, bee hoon and rat tail noodles). Price RM6.50.

The soup was simply made with run off water from making the pork balls (no stock bones used). The taste was mildly savoury sweet from the pork and perhaps a little bit of seasoning.

The pork balls had a nice soft spring and a bit of crunch from bits of tendon embedded in the minced meat. The lean meat to fat ratio was relatively high so the meat ball was quite bouncy yet soft. The pork balls tasted savoury sweet with a slight pepperiness. It tasted like old school wantons (but firmer and without the wanton skin).

Actually, my favourite thing in the bowl was this yong tau foo capped with a thin strip of minced pork.

The tofu custard inside the tender browned tofu skin was soft and had a nice subtle soy bean taste (if it was just a notch softer, it will be tau foo fah or bean curd).

The thin strip of minced pork at the top was the same as that of the pork balls, so it had the same nice texture and taste. The tofu and minced pork were a perfect pair.

Nicely done, slurpy soft smooth kway teow noodle.

My second helping. This time it's rat tail noodles "dry" and soup in a separate bowl (price RM6. 50).

I love that tofu with mince pork. The liver and small intestine were nice too.

Just fresh pork blanched in stock before serving, I was surprised by the sweetness of this little strip of white meat with tendon 肉筋. The strip also had a nice tender bite with a subtle soft crunch from the tendon.

Generic lou she fun (rat tail noodle) with simple blend of dark and light soy sauce.

👉 Won't suggest anyone to drive all the way to Ulu Tiram for this, unless you are a pork ball or kway teow soup lover. I may have this again when I happen to be in Ulu Tiram. Next time I am here, I shall go for kway teow soup with tofu, pork ball and meat with tendon 肉筋. Maybe add in the liver as well. That will make a nice comforting light meal.

Restaurant name: Restoran PW 肉筋丸果条汤
AddressNo. 3, Jalan Beladau 11, Taman Puteri Wangsa, Johor Bahru
GPS1°35'18.6"N 103°48'24.4"E | 1.588511, 103.806768
Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 5 July 2018

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