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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Famous Nasi Padang in Batam Indonesia. Rumah Makan Pangek Ombilin

We were privileged to have Batam's top foodie Instagrammer Batamliciouz show us the best eats around Batam. One of the most memorable was Rumah Makan Pangek Ombilin, one of the top Nasi Padang shops in Batam, Indonesia.

Foodies like Batamliciouz are a godsend because without reliable guides, we can go pass this nondescript looking road side shed a thousand times and not know that it is one of the best Nasi Padang shops in Batam. It would such a waste to return home without any memorable authentic food experiences.

Inside that humble shed, it is actually a quite well kept and neat eatery, full of local character.

You will see many of these shiny polished aluminium pots around the restaurant - they are pretty but are not teapots 😄 They are water pots for hand washing as the best way to eat Nasi Padang is with our fingers.

The friendly staff were busy packing delivery orders which amounts to several hundred packs each day 😮

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In true hidang style Nasi Padang, the staff brought our food, all 14 plates of them in one go.

He laid all the dishes on a long table. In hidang style Nasi Padang, customers pay only for the food they ate i.e. any untouched plates will not be charged. Only when we take a bite of food from the plate, will we be charged for that plate.

The usual Nasi Padang suspects like this spicy fried chicken were there.

The humble sayur ubi or tapioca leaves cooked in curry is one of my favourite Nasi Padang dishes.

All the different types of red and green sambal chillies were there.

A bit of fried coconut grating makes everything taste better. Sayur ubi, sambal chili, and this serunding kelapa are all I need to finish a whole plate of rice.

Another of my favourite dishes, grilled spicy catfish.

Spicy fried eel.

Spicy fried vegetable pancakes.

Fried chicken with sambal chili.

Chicken gizzard tied with intestines, deep fried and then cooked with sambal chili.

Everything is spicy and tasty! 😋

Didn't try their beef rendang. Don't know why forgot about the beef rendang 😂

Washed it all down with an iconic Teh Botol which is simply tea in a bottle.

👉 Thanks to Batamliciouz, we got to taste one of Batam's top Nasi Padang. The food is delicious, the service is warm, and the setting is the type of authentic foodie experience we are travelling for.

Disclosure: Due to the fault of Batamliciouz, the shop owners declined our payment for the food consumed. We were assured that the prices are reasonable.

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Restaurant name: RM. Pangek Ombilin
Address: Jalan Laksamana Bintan, Sungai Panas, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia
GPS1°08'28.6"N 104°01'39.5"E | 1.141280, 104.027647
Tel: +62 812 7002 023
Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm


Date visited: 24 Jul 2018

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  1. Gak enak. Makanan nya sejuk.
    Lebih baik ke Batu Aji.

  2. This nasi padang was closed or going major renovation as of today 10th Aug 2018.


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