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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Lovely Lunch at Balé Club Restaurant @ Leisure Farm Resort Johor

Lovely Lunch at Balé Club Restaurant @ Leisure Farm Resort Johor

You know right, if you go to Bale Club Restaurant at the Equestrian Resort in Leisure Farm Resort in Gelang Patah, Johor, you can get an excellent meal in a cool beautiful hideaway surrounded by lush greenery. Actually, few people know 😝

Balé Club Restaurant @ Leisure Farm Resort JohorBalé Club Restaurant @ Leisure Farm Resort Johor

The main dining hall at Bale Club is set under the cone of a giant hut. It felt nice and cool, helped by the giant fan hanging from the ceiling.

Balé Club Restaurant @ Leisure Farm Resort Johor
Balé Club Restaurant @ Leisure Farm Resort Johor

The restaurant looks out to the club infinity swimming pool, green playing fields and the riding club beyond.

Leisure Farm Resort

Bale Club Restaurant serves mainly Leisure Farm Resort residents and is also open to the public. When you come in, just register at the guard house as you drive in - inform the security guards that you are going to Bale Club Restaurant.

Leisure Farm Resort Johor

Follow the signs to the Bale Club, looking out for the two giant huts.

Bale Club Restaurant recently revamped their kitchen and menu.

Thai Pork Salad

We started with a Thai Pork Salad (price RM18++).

It's simply a heap of fresh iceberg lettuce and julienned carrot mixed with sautéed minced pork, toasted peanut and a bit of julienned red chili pepper. The pile was dressed with lime juice.

Mild sweet savoury flavours from the sautéed minced pork complemented the sweetness in the crunchy juicy vegetables. Mild spiciness punctuated the salad which also featured crunchy nuttiness.

Meat Balls

Meat Balls (price RM22++).

Meat Balls

The house made minced pork balls with herbs were tender and juicy. The savoury sweet meat balls were infused with tangy savoury sweetness by stewing them in tomato sauce.

If you are a fan of IKEA meat balls.... don't order this, as it will be very hard to go back to those after having these 😂

Snapper En Papillote

Snapper En Papillote (price RM55++).

Snapper En Papillote

It's a slab of wild caught snapper fish wrapped in parchment paper and baked together with fennel, tomato, shallots, olives, salsa verde and white wine in the envelope.

Snapper En Papillote

Oh... that tender juicy snapper was so sweet. The mild savoury sweet zesty flavours in the envelope complemented the sweet fish well.

This was my favourite dish of the day.

Squid Ink Pasta

Slipper Lobster Pasta (price RM38++).

Squid Pasta

Squid ink pasta done soft al dente served with tomato sauce, sautéed slipper prawns tail and topped with garlic breadcrumbs.

Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza (price RM28++ for 12 inch pizza).

Hawaiian Pizza

I love this pizza.

The thin crust was browned at the rim and it was crispy like a biscuit. The crust was slathered with tomato sauce then baked with mozzarella cheese, fresh pineapple slices, bacon slices and green chili toppings.

Hawaiian Pizza

I like the well balanced clean tasting mild savoury sweet tangy zesty flavours. I also like it that the crispy pizza crust was not greasy.

I think it is worth driving to Bale Club Restaurant just for their pizzas, if you are in the Nusajaya area of Johor.

Lovely Lunch at Balé Club Restaurant @ Leisure Farm Resort Johor

👉 Bale Club Restaurant is a nice relaxing place off the beaten track to enjoy a nice quiet lunch or dinner in beautiful surroundings. The food was delicious and prices were reasonable. The service staff were earnest and friendly.

Disclosure: Please note that this was an invited tasting.

Lovely Lunch at Balé Club Restaurant @ Leisure Farm Resort Johor

Restaurant name: Bale Club Restaurant
Address: 1 Jalan Polo, Leisure Farm Resort, 81550 Nusajaya, Johor
GPS1°23'39.1"N 103°36'18.6"E 🌐 1.394206, 103.605166
Waze: Leisure Farm
Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 17 Oct 2018

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