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Uncle Koh Wanton Mee in Johor Bahru, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah 許记云吞面

Uncle Koh Wanton Mee 許记云吞面 in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah is one of those old shops not in the lime light that does everything very well.

Just look at this bowl of braised chicken claw noodles. Everything was plated nicely in the bowl. 

And, every bowl is plated nicely. There is so much simple, quiet pride at work here.

The slender egg noodles tossed in a savoury lardy sauce were gently el dente and lively with subtle bounce, spring and pop. The blanched kai lan greens were juicy and so crunchy that you can hear the snapping crunch when you bite into the fat green stem. The tender braised mushrooms were saturated with flavoursome braising sauce. And, those bone soft braised chicken feet were delicious.

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

The obliging boss Uncle Koh still performs his flying wanton mee but only on request :D

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

Most of the cooking is now handled by this friendly uncle who has been with Uncle Koh for over a decade. Uncle is very focused, which is crucial for getting the noodles at just the right texture.

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

The char siew slices that come with the wanton mee are above average by Johor standards (though I still prefer the caramelised chunky Kuala Lumpur version).

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

Uncle Koh's egg noodles are still made at the shop. These noodles are very similar to those at the other 許记云吞面 in Taman Sri Tebrau. That stall is actually run by Uncle Koh's brother.

My makan kaki Martin wanted to try the mee pok 面薄 version of Uncle Koh's egg noodles.

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

We were all impressed with the excellent el dente feel of the mee pok.

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

The wantons were tiny but the little morsels of minced marbled pork packed dense savoury and sesame flavours. 

The clear broth was heavily infused with anchovy flavour and aroma. 

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

See how thin is that wanton skin "cling wrapped" around the diced shrimp and marbled pork?

Uncle Koh's meaty delicious sui kow 水饺 is a Must Try.

Must remember.

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

Uncle Koh's chicken feet is unique as it is braised in a blend of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and spices like Tang-kuei 當歸 and star anise. 

May not be to everyone's taste but the herbal flavour was only mild, so it is palatable for even people who do not enjoy herbs.

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

For me, I love the unique twist of herbal braised soft chicken feet by Uncle Koh.

Uncle-Koh-Wanton-Mee-Johor-Bahru-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah- 許记云吞面

This is one of my favourite wanton mee shops in Johor Bahru.

Restaurant name: Restoran Uncle Koh 許记云吞面
Address: 106 Jalan Pahlawan 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai
GPS: 1.521428,103.663516
Hours: 7:00am to 4:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 28 Jan 2012, 30 Mar 2014, 12 May 2014

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  1. Which one do u prefer? Uncle koh or chin chin?

  2. i visited and tried out at least 20 wantan mee stores in JB. restoran uncle koh was one of the best in town. i ordered the side dishes like fried tau-foo, fried wanton and chicken legs which are not available in other wanton stores in JB.

  3. Uncle Koh just opened a new store in Tmn Austin Height, JB - Restoran JWS address 17 Jalan Austin Height 8/4, Tmn Austin Height. Going over to try it next week.


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