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HUAT'S UP! by Daryl Chow ORIGAME · Lo Hei Yusheng Card Game 捞翻天!

During a Chinese New Year 🐲 gathering, I met Daryl Chow game designer and co-founder of Origame, a world famous board game design company from Singapore 👍

Daryl shared that Origame just (in Nov 2023) released a card game based on the Chinese New Year lou hei yee sang (yusheng) tradition.

Eating raw fish goes back to Guangdong province in China, but the custom of tossing the vegetable and fish salad, choosing the ingredients based on their auspicious meanings and shouting out the phrases together during Chinese New Year originated in 1960s Singapore.

Now the shouts of auspicious Chinese New Year wishes with the tossing (lou hei) of vegetable and fish salad (yusheng) resonate around the world wherever Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Comprehensive list of yusheng ingredients and lou hei sayings 👈 click

Daryl gifted me a set for me to play 🕺🙏

The game is called Huat's Up! 捞翻天!

I can't wait to get started 😄

In the box are two stacks of cards, instructions, and an Origame game catalogue.

There are 120 ingredient cards, 12 chopsticks cards, and 6 plate cards.

Each player takes a plate card (there are 6 plates, each of a different colour).

Six plates means up to 6 players can play the game at each session. Minimum 2 to play.

It also means that 12 players can play together with two sets, 18 players with three sets, and so on. We can have a huge lo hei yusheng party with Huat's Up!

Just imagine how fun that would be!

There are 6 pairs of chopsticks, one pair for each player 🥢

Finally, 120 ingredient cards.

There are 8 ingredients - pamelo, carrot, crispy cracker, plum sauce, sesame seed, fish, cinnamon powder, and radish.

On the card, the auspicious meaning of the ingredient is written in Mandarin and in Pinyin (Romanised Mandarin).

120 cards of 8 ingredients (in different colours).

Each ingredient card has two colours, a different colour on each side.

The idea is to make players keep flipping and tossing the cards as they search for matching colour pairs of ingredient cards 😄

OK let's play! Huat's Up!

Each player has a plate and a pair of chopsticks, of the same colour (for example, pink in the photo).

In front is the heap of ingredients, all mixed up like in an actual lou hei yee sang session.

The players flip and toss the ingredient cards, looking for pairs of ingredient cards matching their chopsticks and plate colour.

When a player finds a pair of matching ingredient cards - same ingredient and same colour cards, the player shouts out the auspicious words, in this case it is "tian tian mi mi" (for plum sauce).

The game goes on with shouts of auspicious sayings until the player has found all the matching pairs of eight ingredients, and shouts Huat Ah!

It is a race. Very exciting! 😄

The first player to complete finding matching colour pairs of eight ingredients and calls Huat Ah! wins the game.

It's fun and exciting. I will take this along with me to play at the next Chinese New Year party 🎉🥳

This QR code takes you to the official Origame website where you can buy the Huat's Up! game and view their catalogue of games

Let's play Huat's Up!

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Written by Tony Boey on 13 Feb 2024

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