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Friday, 20 July 2018

Nearest Durian Farm from Singapore. Zhong Cheng Durian Farm in Kulai Johor 忠诚榴莲园

Eating durians is a pleasure many JB folks and Singaporeans enjoy. Enjoying durians at home or at the durian shop is fun. But, eating durians at a durian plantation is another level of pleasure. The fruits are farm fresh and prices are lower buying direct at the farm. Fortunately for JB folks and Singaporeans, Zhong Cheng Durian Farm in Kulai is just of 1 hour of leisurely drive away after clearing JB or Gelang Patah immigration.

The easiest way to find your way here is to use the Waze App. Zhong Cheng Durian Farm is less than 40km from downtown JB.

The last 1km involves driving on a dirt track to get to the farm building. The dirt track is firm, in good condition and easily passable to sedan cars. I was fortunate that both times that I came here, it was hot and sunny.

The farm building is a shed beside a swallow house (for farming bird nests).

The durian trees at Zhong Cheng are between 20 - 30 years old. There are about 200 trees in the 10 acre farm.

Zhong Cheng Durian Farm in Kulai has mainly 青龙 (Green Dragon), Batu 石頭, D13, D101, and 金凤 (Golden Phoenix). They also have a few Mao Shan Wang and 黑刺 (Black Thorn) trees but the trees were only recently matured (i.e. not many fruits).

The season at Zhong Cheng Durian Farm Kulai is from May to August each year, peaking in July. The tradition in Malaysia is to allow the ripe durians to fall naturally, catching them with fish nets stretched across the farm at the trees' feet. The durians fall during the night and are collected in the morning.

One thing about buying durians direct at the plantation is they are very fresh, straight from the trees. We can still see a a fresh green ring in the moist stem.

The harvested durians are brought to the shed and sold direct to walk in customers. As the fruits are naturally dropped, the harvests vary from day to day. It is best to call ☎ +60 12-709 1106 to check the opening time and also availability of your favourite cultivar before coming.

Recently, there is a lot of concern about excessive use of pesticides in durian plantations. One of the tell tale signs is the total absence of houseflies or ants at the durian shops despite the mountains of opened durian husks 😱 (I used to joke "If flies don't eat, you want to eat ah?")

Fortunately, at Zhong Cheng Durian Farm in Kulai 忠诚榴莲园 we can still see some uninvited guests. Nowadays, a few houseflies here and there are a reassuring sign 😂

The staff will open and also pack your durians in plastic boxes (on request). That's a D101 durian (a good Mao Shan Wang alternative at ⅓ the price).

We can eat our durians here at the farm or take them home packed in plastic boxes.

The proper Singaporean way is to eat here and also pack as much as possible home 😄

This morning's crop was mostly 青龙 (Green Dragon), Batu, and D101. We went for the Green Dragon. Today's Green Dragon price was RM16 per kilo (prices vary seasonally and daily). Green Dragon is tasty and seldom seen in Singapore, so it is worth a try.

Uncle helped us to open our 青龙 (Green Dragon) durian.

青龙 (Green Dragon) durians have big seeds. The meat is light yellowish like slightly diluted condensed milk.

青龙 (Green Dragon) pulp is meaty, soft and creamy with minimum fibre. Flavour is moderate bitter sweet with bitter dominant and sweetness underlying. Fragrance is floral and subtle. I like this durian.

The teardrop shaped Green Dragon seeds are large and thick.

Zhong Cheng Durian Farm in Kulai 忠诚榴莲园 is worth a visit for an authentic durian farm experience. It is near JB town and easily accessible by car. Here, we can get several cultivars including 青龙 (Green Dragon), a bitter sweet durian which is rarely seen in Singapore.

Zhong Cheng Durian Farm 忠诚榴莲园
AddressMukim Sedernak, Kulai, Johor
GPS1°41'30.6"N 103°32'13.5"E | 1.691826, 103.537094
WazeZhong Cheng Durian Farm
Tel+6012-709-1106 (best to call ahead of visit)
Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm during durian season (May - Aug)

While you are in Kulai for durian, try some of the traditional local food not available in Singapore 👉

Click on photo for details ^

Sze Hwa Bak Kut Teh is considered one of Johor's best BKT. Broth is savoury with subtle herbalness. The pork is super fresh as it is never chilled. Ask for the pork ribs for best tenderness. I like their pork belly too.

Click on photo for details ^

Kulai's Chinese community is mostly Hopo Hakka, so this is the place to get authentic Hakka dishes like lei cha. One of the best places to taste authentic lei cha is 古來21哩大樹下擂茶. While you are here, remember to order their excellent yong tau foo with traditional minced pork fillings.

Click on photo for more details ^

Hakka style dumplings are also worth a try (similar to Teochew kueh). Get freshly made and steamed choy ban from 满庭芳茶餐室. It is mung kwang, or chives etc wrapped in a thin rice flour purse.

Click on photo for full details ^

Get authentic 1960s vintage desserts at Happy Land Cafe. Ice kacang, cendol, homemade ice cream, and their rojak is excellent too. Enjoy classic ice desserts with locals in their generations old, favourite after school hang out.

Click on photo for more details ^

If you made it into Kulai really early, like before 9:00am, you can join the locals at their favourite beef noodle place - Mok Gao. Enjoy Hainanese style beefy goodness, and also get an authentic local foodie experience.

Click on photo for full details ^

If you hang around Kulai till sunset, then you can check out Yellow Corner Nasi Lemak - it is one of the locals' favourite nasi lemak shops. I like Yellow Corner nasi lemak because it is tasty, the quality is consistent and the familial ambiance is nice.

You can also check out my full list of 36 personally tried and tasted places to eat in Kulai 👈

Date visited: 18 Jul 2018

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  1. wow i saw ppl post in forum abt this plantation too.. how much do they charge ?

  2. durian season now, roadside also got lot stalls in KL

  3. I use to go to Penang durian farm. Fantastic. Tomorrow I will try this place. Hopefully it won't disappoint me.

  4. Now got durian? Which variety?


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