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Nasi Padang Masarah, Hai Chiew, Masai, Johor ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Reader masaiboy suggested that I pay a visit to Nasi Padang Masarah, the Masai town folk's long time favourite.

masaiboy 好介绍. 今天跑去 Masai 马西吃巴东咖喱饭. 口味刚刚好. 虽然菜色不算超级多, 今天所吃过的我们都觉得很好吃. 食物不会太重口味. 我觉得刚刚好. 香料味很香. 今天吃的特别喜欢他的炸鸡腿跟咖喱羊肉. 价格公道. 今天这餐21块. 喜欢吃咖喱饭的朋友不妨试试.

Lai Heng Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle · Bak Chor Mee @ Toa Payoh BLK 73 来兴香菇肉脞面


1 May 2022, Singapore. Lai Heng serves an old school bak chor mee - drippy, greasy, no holds barred lardy with strong tangy and spicy flavours. Moving around its stronghold in Toa Payoh for nearly half a century, Lai Heng is now in block 73, conveniently right at the edge of Toa Payoh Central. Waiting times are usually at least 30 minutes as Lai Heng has a constant stream of loyal fans.

Stall name: Lai Heng Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles

Address: #01-611 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, Block 73, Singapore 310073

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Toa Payoh station

Tel: 9620 2074

Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm (Weds off)

Master Tang Serves Original Crystal Jade Wanton Noodles at Hawker Price 鄧師傅鳳城面家


Back in the 1980s, my favourite Hong Kong style wanton noodle place in Singapore was in Centrepoint, at the lower ground level near to where Mak's Noodle is today. I love their stewed beef noodle and their special chili sauce. Then, I went away to live in Ang Moh Land for a few years. When I came back in 1990, this wanton noodle place (I don't know the name) was gone. So were a few other of my favourite makan places, but that will be another story.

Singapore National Team at Culinary Olympics 2016 Erfurt, Germany JK1826


Men's 100 metre butterfly Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling has shown the world what Singaporeans can be at the Rio Olympics 2016. Now, the torch is passed to the Singapore National Culinary Team to again do Singapore proud at the Culinary Olympics 2016 in Erfurt, Germany.

Bigger and Better Eathai at Central Embassy in Bangkok


Everyone knows that Thailand has one of the world's most wonderful street food scene. Since 2014, Eathai at Central Embassy luxury mall in Bangkok brings many of the best Thai street food together under one roof. 

Opened two years ago, Eathai soon became very popular with tourists and locals alike. Now, Eathai has expanded nearly 50% in size to cater for more food stalls and more visitors in search of good Thai street food in a comfortable environment.

Bangkok's Boat Noodle Alley at Victory Monument | Kuay Tiew Reau ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือ


After tasting boat noodles in Johor Bahru, I was eager to experience boat noodles in Thailand during my recent trip to Bangkok. The best place in Bangkok for boat noodles is at the Victory Monument where there are several restaurants serving this iconic dish. Next time, I hope to go to Amphawa (the famous floating market) for boat noodles.

Braised Pork Leg Rice in Thailand | Kao Ka Moo ข้าวขาหมู JK1822


I fell in love with Thai style braised pork leg since my first encounter with it in Hatyai decades ago.

No Branch in Singapore SabX2 Thai Wanton Noodle Soi 19 Pratunam Bangkok


When you walk down Soi 19 directly opposite Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok, you cannot miss the big loud yellow banner stretching high across the road shouting "NO BRANCH IN SINGAPORE".

Chew Kee & Chiew Kee Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles 釗記廣東油雞麵

I used to get my soya sauce chicken noodle fix at Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken & Rice (aka Hawker Chan) until this happened - in July 2016, the good stall won the honour of being the world's first Michelin Starred hawker stall and the world's least expensive Michelin meal. We were extremely happy for Mr Chan the owner, but it also means that we have to wait one to two hours for our usual soya sauce chicken noodle fix 😂

Macpherson Minced Meat Noodle @ Tai Thong Crescent • Sin Keng Seng Coffeeshop


Update 9 Sep 2022. The current address of 
Macpherson Minced Meat Noodle is at Tai Thong Crescent.

Stall name: Macpherson Minced Meat Noodle (Bak Chor Mee)

Address: 47 Tai Thong Crescent, Singapore 347867 (inside Sin Keng Seng coffeeshop)

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Potong Pasir station

Hours: 7:00am - 1:00pm (Tues off)

Majestic Peking Duck - Savouring an Imperial Dish in your Flip Flops - Only in Singapore JK1818


Majestic Peking Duck stall at Makansutra's Gluttons Bay opened with much media fanfare last month (Jul 2016) - touted as the world's first hawker stall to offer this iconic Chinese dish normally served in upmarket restaurants.

Crispy Thin Min Chang Kueh at Ta Bei Shui in Batu Pahat 大杯水


Whenever I am in Batu Pahat (Johor), I will swing by my favourite min chang kueh 面煎粿 stalls for these thin, crispy versions of the traditional Teochew snack. Other than in Batu Pahat, I am not sure where else I can get this type of min chang kueh.

我喜欢这个薄薄的香脆香脆的面煎粿. 蔡先生的小档口新山峇株巴辖 Jalan Penjaja 3 大杯水咖啡店里面.  蔡先生面煎粿, 卖了20多年. 功夫十足. 一盘6块钱. 有到峇株巴辖的话一定要试试.

CLOSED Restoran Al Hamid Cendol in Mersing, Johor


Well, well, well, how can I resist my favourite sweet dessert when I see it 😋 I am not that strong hehehe. Credit - thank you bro Chee Siong for your recommendation 😄

Would you Like Satay for Breakfast? R&H Cafe Satay Maharani in Muar


People from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are familiar with satay - that Southeast Asian style kebab of marinated meat skewered with skinny wooden sticks and grilled over red hot charcoal. Most of us would have satay for dinner or supper, but have you eaten satay for breakfast?

Father of Pontian Wanton Mee at Heng Heng Noodle 兴兴


Whatever one might feel about the Pontian style of wanton mee, no one can deny that it is the best known style of wanton noodles from Johor. Beyond Johor, there are many shops and stalls serving Pontian style wanton mee in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Hakka Yong Tau Foo at ABC Bak Kut Teh in Johor Jaya JB JK1812


Sometimes, all we want is something relatively light and yet still tasty. Yong tau foo fits the bill for me. Here's one simple yong tau foo at ABC Bak Kut Teh stall 天香來肉骨茶 in Fong Yem Coffee Shop in Johor Jaya that I like.

Kitchen Stories at Johor Jaya Rosmerah 美乐厨坊


Today, we lunched with friends at Kitchen Stories 美乐厨坊 at the Rosmerah section of Taman Johor Jaya. It's one of Frankie's favourites and his regular lunch place. I also bumped into another Johor Kaki reader Alex who reminded me that he had recommended Kitchen Stories to me over two years ago. Yeah lor 😛 Glad that I am here, finally 😄

The Toast at Permas Jaya Johor Bahru JB 土司坊


There is a place in Johor Bahru where I like to hang out - take a break where the food and drinks are nice, prices are more than reasonable, the ambiance is pleasant and the service is earnest, even if the staff are mostly new.

Soon Soon Heng Bak Kut Teh near KSL City Mall in JB 顺顺兴肉骨茶 JK1709


Passed by Soon Soon Heng bak kut teh 顺顺兴肉骨茶 (opposite KSL City Mall) many times and the shop is always packed.

MOVED Din Kee Beef Noodles in Pelangi Johor Bahru 鼎记牛腩粉 (Now in Bukit Indah)


I wanted to show Mark one of my favourite beef noodles in Johor Bahru but was a little disappointed when we arrived at the Din Kee 鼎记牛腩粉 stall in Restoran 101 (kopitiam) in Bukit Indah. Pei Yun, the lady boss was already washing up and closing the stall at 11:00am as they were sold out for day.

喜欢吃牛肉面的朋友们有口福了. 好吃的鼎记牛肉面现在在新山报纸街开了分档. 老板亲自长档. 朋友们不妨试试.  档口在豆腐皇里面.

Keng Seng Noodles in Masai Johor Bahru 錦城茶餐室

Went to Restoran Keng Seng 錦城茶餐室 this morning to visit the local favourite noodle and yong tau foo shop in Masai, Johor Bahru. When I ask Johor Kaki readers and friends for suggestions for what to eat in Masai, Keng Seng always come up.

CLOSED Durian Cendol Southern in Johor Bahru JB


It's durian season and all too soon I am suffering from durian overdose. Too much sugar I am told warned and I can feel the effects in my body too. I have to stay off durians for a while, but with durians durians everywhere, the craving is getting to me. So, I turned to durian cendol - recalling that there is a street side stall in Johor Jaya Teratai that had been buzzing hot in social media.

新山必吃的榴莲珍多 (cendol). 碎冰, 红豆, 甜糯米, 香兰粉条, 凉粉, 椰糖加一整粒榴莲.  虽然甘榜榴莲, 甜上加苦甜, 味道很不错.  整体配合起来好好吃. 天气热的时候, 冰凉冰凉的特别好享受 😋 Jalan Teratai 73 (在 Plentong GIANT 附近). 12:00 noon to 6:00pm (Monday off).

Nasi Lemak in Johor Jaya Oktober Kopitiam 十月餐厅


Nasi lemak is an everyday staple in Singapore and Malaysia, but this beautiful nasi lemak at Oktober kopitiam 十月餐室 in Johor Bahru still stopped me in my tracks - it's like a piece of art, isn't it?

椰浆饭是大家所熟悉,  喜爱平凡一道菜. 不过十月餐厅这家新开的小档口所卖椰浆饭就有一点不平凡. 老板很用心地把简单的菜都准备得好漂亮又好吃. 真的是价廉物美.

Home Based Durian Stall in Johor Bahru 新山住家卖榴莲


Once the heavy rains lighten up to a drizzle this morning, we resumed hunting for Pokemon durians in JB. We got this Pikachu 😄

☞ Reminder - I am checking out randomly the durian stalls I stumble upon during this season and reporting exactly what happened at each stall so readers know what to expect. I am no durian expert 😄

Durian Hunting in Johor Bahru Malaysia JK1702


Everyone is hunting Pokemon today but I went looking for durians in JB 😂

☞ I am checking out randomly the durian stalls I stumble upon during this season and reporting exactly what happened at each stall so readers know what to expect. I am no durian expert 😄

Today go where to eat Durian in Johor Bahru? 今天新山去哪里吃榴莲?


Woohoo! it's durian season.

I am going around eating durians in JB and sharing the pictures here 😊

☞ I am checking out randomly the durian stalls I stumble upon during this season and reporting exactly what happened at each stall so readers know what to expect. I am no durian expert 😄

Basilico Italian Restaurant in Johor Bahru Mount Austin


I was invited to visit Basilico Restaurant at Mount Austin (near the Austin Height Water Theme Park) in JB which specialises in Italian staples like pizza and pasta. I like this young, small restaurant as everything is made from scratch from fresh ingredients, so the food we tasted was delicious.

Sentosa Curry Rice - Johor Bahru People's Favourite 大豐咖喱饭


Sentosa Curry Rice 大豐咖喱饭 has been around for a long time. I remember eating here when the kids were toddlers over two decades ago. This scene is repeated everyday for the past decades.

大豐咖喱饭, 大家熟悉的新山老牌子。大約40到50種不同的菜餚。有蔬菜,魚,肉和蛋。其著名的項目是他們的咖哩和辣椒叁峇。拿回家或者在路邊吃, 也很享受 。

Famous JB 101 Firewokz at WCEGA Tower, Singapore 新山101小厨


As the name "Famous JB 101 Firewokz" suggests, they've basically transplanted a zhi char stall from Johor Bahru and set it up in the middle of an office complex in Bukit Batok, Singapore. And, perhaps because my blog is heng heng 兴兴 (luckily) called Johor Kaki, they invited me to a media tasting 😂

Sungai Lembing Noodles & San Sui Tofu 林明面.山水豆腐


San sui tofu and Sungai Lembing noodles 林明面.山水豆腐  - the two iconic dishes of rustic Sungai Lembing town in Pahang, Malaysia. (Yeah... I took this picture with the food on a kitchen sink because I couldn't find a table at the overcrowded hawker centre :-D )

Touch your Rainbow at Sungai Lembing's Rainbow Waterfall • Appears Around 10am

Want to touch a rainbow? Curious to know whether there is really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? (By the way, there is.) Well, you can find the answers at the Rainbow Waterfall of Sungai Lembing in Pahang state, Malaysia.