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Kim Lian Kee Original KL Hokkien Mee Noodles Petaling Street 金莲记福建面


For decades since my first visit to KL in the 1970s, whenever I am in Kuala Lumpur, I will look for an opportunity to taste KL style Hokkien mee. So far, my favourite is still Kim Lian Kee at Petaling Street, KL's Chinatown.


World Street Food Congress Jamboree WSFC16 in Manila BGC - Survival Guide


Happening now (20 to 24 Apr 2016), the World Street Food Congress Jamboree at Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines. The response since the opening day on 20 Apr was simply stunning. People in the Philippines love food! Wholeheartedly :-D

WSFC16 World Street Food Congress in Manila - Breathtaking Flying Start on 20 Apr 2016


20 Apr 2016. Had an inspiring opening day at the World Street Food Congress and Jamboree 2016 held at the open space in front of the iconic Spaceman mural in Bonifacio Global City.

WSFC16 World Street Food Congress in Manila - Welcome Dinner at La Cocina de Tita Moning on 19 Apr 2016


19 Apr 2016. On my way to Manila to attend the World Street Food Congress held for the first time in the Philippines, and in fact, the first time overseas since the inaugural WSFC 2013 in Singapore.

Uncle Chicken Rice. Niven the Unflappable Comeback Kid (Last Sighting @ Simpang Bedok / Compass One)


Visited Uncle Chicken Rice at Bedok Market Place today. Uncle Chicken Rice is ceasing operations at Bedok Market Place on 30 Apr 2016, and will resume business when Uncle Niven finds a new location. We quickly dropped by today as we don't know when is the next time we can taste Uncle's chicken rice again.

Observing how Uncle Niven prepares chicken rice, I picked up some tips which I can use at home 😄

Ju Feng Garden Kitchen - Hidden Zi Char Gem in Jurong 聚丰园小厨 CLOSED


You know me, 5 years into Johor Kaki blog, combing back streets, alley ways and off beat small towns for good food - I've never used the cliché, "a hidden gem". It's also not my style to use hyperbole. But, I shall break my own record and describe this zichar shop in a quiet corner of Jurong East as "a hidden gem".

FHA Food&HotelAsia 2016 Singapore JK1467


In my old job, attending and working during airshows is part and parcel of my life. Now, I look forward to mega food and hospitality industry events like Food&HotelAsia FHA - something I didn't even think I'll be doing just 5 years ago.

Pork Organ Soup Perling Johor Bahru 金岭美食阁世纪好味猪杂汤 JK1463


Back this morning at 世纪好味 at Kim Ling coffee shop in Taman Perling, to one of my favourite pork organ soup stalls. One of my favourite dishes, there aren't as many pork organ soup stalls in JB compared to Singapore. Fortunately, there is a good one like 世纪好味.

位于 Taman Perling, Jalan Simbang 金岭美食阁世纪好味有带有古早味的猪杂汤. 世纪好味头酸咸甜香, 猪杂如猪肝,心脏,肠, 舌都够软, 清鲜甜美. 喜欢猪杂汤和猪内脏的朋友可以试试.  早市.

CLOSED Australia Premium Laksa near JUSCO Mall Kulai Johor 古来澳州墨尔本高级叻沙


CLOSED This curry laksa with soft shell crab keeps popping up on my Facebook and Instagram feeds recently. My foodie buddy Ong texted me to try this out. The new friends from Kulai we met this week, told us to check it out. With so many friends pointing us in that direction, we have no choice but to check out the so-called Melbourne Premium Laksa at Australia Premium Laksa in Indahpura, near Jusco in Kulai.

朋友大力推荐我去古来试试澳州墨尔本高级叻沙. 我带着好奇的心来到古来试试. 这叻沙的汤头很浓郁, 味道也比较重那种. 甜中带咸, 有香味, 不会太辣. 喜欢重口味的朋友就会喜欢. 那一只小螃蟹有软软, 带有一点香脆的口感和不错的鲜味.  RM23一碗, 个人觉得有一点贵. 好奇的朋友不妨试试. 地址: Jalan Kenanga 29/3, Bandar Indahpura, Kulai, Johor.

Monyet Mee Tai Mak Noodle Senai Johor 猴子面茶餐室


When I heard the name Monyet or "monkey" noodles in Senai, Johor, I was curious. Then, when I heard that they still hand make "rat tail noodles" the old way here, I had to come here immediately :-D

当我听到有猴子面的时候我非常的好奇.  又听到他有自制的老鼠粉, 那么不可.  吃过了, 好喜欢他的老鼠粉. 口感好, 酱料香, 有古早味, 配料又多又好吃. 价钱公道.  路过士乃不妨试试.

烤妖 Botak Demon BBQ Mount Austin Johor Bahru


烤妖 Botak's BBQ stand at Jalan Mutiara Emas 3/1 in Mount Austin has been raging red hot in Johor Bahru for several months. I wanted to let things cool off a little before coming by, but Botak just got hotter and hotter, and I couldn't resist it any more :-D

烤妖 Botak 在 Jalan Mutiara Emas 3/1 (PappaRich 对面) 的燒烤店已經在新山火紅, 熱了好幾個月。我耐心等待, 希望讓大家冷靜下來一點然後去吃。但 Botak 的燒烤越來越狂熱,我再也無法继续抵抗它店面装饰朴素,排队等候两个小时, 不过 Botak 烤羊肉,烤五花,  三文鱼, 香喷喷又好吃值得一试六点半到卖完为止, 星期二休息

Best Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles in Johor Bahru


I noticed that Johoreans have a liking for Penang prawn noodles (known simply as Hokkien mee in Penang). Most coffee shops in Johor Bahru have one Penang prawn noodle stall. These stalls are often operated by Penangites drawn to JB by the opportunities here.

Washoku Explorer instant Tonkutsu Ramen JK1458

Washoku-Explore- instant-Tonkutsu-Ramen

As an avid fan of ramen, I am always on the lookout for good ramen. So, I was excited that Washoku Explorer online marketplace just launched an instant Tonkutsu Ramen box set.

Chai Lee Chicken Rice Johor Bahru Anggerik 财利鸡饭


Chai Lee chicken rice at Taman Anggerik is one of the favourites of my JB foodie buddy Jeff. "肉滑,又香 smooth and flavourful meat" Jeff says. Since I like tasty, velvety Hainanese style chicken, I quickly went and check out 财利鸡饭 :-D

我们喜欢在 Jalan Anggerik 2/7 财利鸡饭的海南鸡饭。鸡肉香甜,嫩,滑又有微微的鲜味。油饭不会过于油腻,可口,口感好。辣椒和姜是新鲜自做的,很。鸡汤美味有微微的當歸。好吃,价格合理。 值得一试

Oasis the Italian Restaurant at Thistle Johor Bahru


We were invited for dinner at the poolside Italian themed Oasis restaurant at Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru.

Sin Kee Pontian Wanton Noodle 笨珍新记云吞面


Bumped into my foodie buddy Ong who is from Pontian town and he reminded me that Sin Kee Pontian wanton mee has moved to it's own shop at Jalan Bakek Jaya Utama. Ong said I should visit Sin Kee again soon if I had not been to their new shop.

新记云吞面笨珍风格云吞面最佳代表之一。无论是否喜欢番茄酱,辣椒酱,我想会对新记爽口的全蛋面留下深刻的好印象。如果来笨珍找美食, 记得要包括在 Jalan Bakek Jaya Utama 新记云吞面在您的行程中。

Penang Prawn Noodle Taman Perling Johor Bahru 北海仔虾面


Jeff, my JB foodie buddy said that I must try this Penang prawn noodle stall at Jalan Rawa, a quiet inside street off Taman Perling.

Taman Perling, Jalan Rawa 家亲茶餐室 - 北海仔虾面有越来越多粉丝粉丝们喜欢北海仔虾面的鲜甜汤头, 新鲜大虾, 够辣的 sambal 辣椒, 可以加粉肠, 猪尾和软骨可以试试看。

Update: Butterworth Boy Prawn Mee has moved to their own shop house at 189, Jalan Rawa in Sep 2020. They are just a few shop lots away from their old coffee shop stall.

Restaurant name: 北海仔虾面 Butterworth Boy Prawn Noodles

Address: 189, Jalan Rawa, Taman Amira, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: +6018 988 2990

Hours: 7:00am - 2:00pm (Sun & Mon off)

San Kee Duck Rice Taman Johor JB 上记卤鸭饭.面


Came to San Kee Duck Rice 上记卤鸭 in Taman Johor wet market at the suggestion of Jeff, my JB foodie buddy.

Taman Johor 巴刹的上记是我最喜欢的传统潮州卤鸭摊位之一。如果也欣赏很轻微的新鲜鸭味, 草药香味, 和咸味 -  配合得很平衡, 您应该会喜欢这一 家。如果您偏爱比较咸的, 可能不是那么能满足您的口味。几时您有空, 给上记卤鸭一个尝试,自己品尝 :-D 。

Review of Sin Hai Cheng Teochew Braised Duck Skudai · Famous in Johor 新山新海珍卤鸭肉面

Sin Hai Cheng Braised Duck Skudai JB 新山新海珍卤鸭肉面

Sin Hai Cheng is one of the top of my mind old school Teochew braised duck places in Johor. Their braised duck is nice and another attraction here is duck blood curd (duck blood curd is the best and is rarely found even in Johor).

Penang Prawn Mee Johor Baru Desa Cemerlang Anak JB 好运来咖啡店


This morning, we went to Desa Cemerlang in search of 大蝦面 Penang Hokkien prawn mee stall at Anak JB coffee shop.

今天早上,我们到 Desa Cemerlang, Jalan Tanjong 好运来咖啡店吃火红大虾面卖的槟城虾面好吃。汤头够味。辣椒够辣。是我们最喜欢槟城虾面其中之一。

Fried Kway Teow in Johor Bahru Setia Indah Ah Huat 啊发咖啡店 JK1449


We were enjoying our food at Ah Huat coffee shop in Setia Indah when an old auntie walked past us with a plate of fried kway teow and we caught a whiff of that unmistakable good char kway teow aroma. We couldn't resist a plate even though we were already very full.

在 Setia Indah, Jalan Setia 3/7 啊发咖啡店,周叔叔的大山脚风格炒粿条值得一尝。足够鑊氣, 充足香味, 充的材料。

Mary Penang Food Setia Indah Johor Bahru 啊发咖啡店 MOVED to Chang Ji @ 43, Jalan Setia 3/4


Popped by Mary Penang Food stall at Ah Huat coffee shop at Setia Indah (Jalan Setia 3/7) this morning. Enjoyed their Hokkien mee, white curry noodle and Hokkien lor mee.

今早到 Setia Indah, Jalan Setia 3/7 阿发咖啡厅找玛丽槟城小吃档。过几个招牌小吃 - 虾面, 白咖喱面, 福建卤面。感觉它们是真正的好吃。