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The Frying Fish Club Fish & Chips with a Japanese Touch @ 140 Owen Road

I love fish and chips, so was glad Jasmine and Thomas suggested The Frying Fish Club for our meet up.

The small eatery doesn't have very conspicuous signage outside, so do remember the unit number #140.

It's about 5 minutes walk from Exit D of Farrer Park MRT station. 

The Frying Fish Club was full house today, 1 May, a public holiday. 

The menu on one page. 

The salad was alright with a savoury sweet sauce. 

Seven of us, six of us opted for the signature fish and chips. 

Thomas, the Frying Fish Club veteran chose the spicy batter one. 

They use fillet cut from whole shiro maguro (also known as "white tuna" or oil fish) wrapped in tempura style batter. The browned batter was light, moderate thickness, crisp, not greasy, and slightly sweet. 

The best thing was the "white tuna" fish. Tender not soft, moist, oily, smooth, naturally sweet. A change from average dry, flaky, flavourless counterparts like dory which tastes like "ghost's vomit" a fussy, brusque Peranakan in foul mood might say 😬

The Frying Fish Club's "white tuna" has a subtle clean sweetness like nectar. But, due to its high waxiness and oiliness, "white tuna" is best eaten in moderation. 

Fries provided seemed generic but alright. The edamame was just okay too. 

A nice fish and chip with tasty fish well complemented with a light crisp batter. If you are a fish and chips lover, can give this a try. 


Restaurant name: The Frying Fish Club

Address: 140 Owen Rd, Singapore 218940

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Exit D of Farrer Park station

Tel: 8085 1400

Hours: 5pm - 10:30pm (Tues off)


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Written by Tony Boey on 1 May 2024

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