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History of Sweet & Sour Pork · Ku Luo Yok 咕嚕肉的歷史

Ku luo yok known as sweet and sour pork in English is a Cantonese food icon found across the world in various versions. Ku luo yok is a flexible dish that can take on many tweaks without losing its authenticity or identity.

Golden Mile Teochew Fishball Noodles 黄金潮州鱼圆面

I wanted to try Golden Mile Teochew Fishball Noodles for a long time. It's either closed or sold out when I was there. So this morning, I got here before 8am and tried to catch it before my next scheduled activity at 11am.

Vietnamese Drip Coffee @ Golden Mile Food Centre Stall #B1-38

One of my pet peeves about early brekky at Golden Mile Food Centre area is, there is no kopi that I like until Kopi More opens at around 11am 🙄

I can't live that long without coffee 😵‍💫

Buddy introduced me to his favourite but after trying a few times, it doesn't have that good morning jolt I need 😬

Ah Sai Pork Rib Prawn Noodle @ Block 10 North Bridge Road

A top Singapore prawn noodle business shared with me their personal, off-work, favourite prawn noodle stall.

It's Ah Sai Pork Rib Prawn Noodle at block 10, North Bridge Road. Needless to say, it greatly piqued my curiosity. We made a dash there at the first opportunity.

Dinner & Wine by Lusitano Portuguese Restaurant Singapore · Fascinating Introduction to Portuguese Cuisine

✍️ 25 Nov 2023. It's a very fruitful day for me today at the food & wine pairing, and sharing on Portuguese cuisine organised by the Portuguese embassy in Singapore.

We went home with a full stomach of wonderful Portuguese food and wine, and plenty of delicious food for thought.

It makes me hungry to try more Portuguese food and wine.

Daniu Teochew Seafood Restaurant · Authentic Chaoshan Cuisine in Singapore 大牛潮汕海鲜

We came to Daniu Teochew Seafood because we were recently obsessed with goose and heard that Daniu is one of those rare places to get it in Singapore.

Besides the goose which we enjoyed, we found out that Daniu actually has quite a few other nice Teochew dishes too.

Restaurants from Spain Award 2023 · 16 Certified Ambassadors of Authentic Spanish Cuisine & Wine in Singapore


This year, 16 Spanish restaurants in Singapore received their prestigious Restaurants From Spain award from Her Excellency Mercedes Alonso Frayle, Ambassador of Spain in Singapore.

CMJ Kitchen Teochew Restaurant @ R & F Mall in Johor Bahru 潮满记老潮汕饭店

Uncle Bob was excited by the braised goose at CMJ Teochew Restaurant which he stumbled upon on social media. So, we crossed the Causeway to try it 😁

Jalan Sultan Prawn Noodle @ Kallang MRT

I had long wanted to complete the trilogy of prawn noodle that originated from Blanco Court.

I tried the ones at Beach Road, and East Coast Road. This is the third one at Jalan Ayer. (There is a fourth shop at Jalan Kayu, so it is actually trilogy plus one 🤭 )

Their prawn noodle all share the same Blanco Court DNA.

Night of Beef from Spain with Provacuno in Singapore @ UNA Alkaff Mansion 🥩 Irresistible Quality Meat

🇪🇸 14 Nov 2023 🇸🇬 Beef from Spain night was the grand finale of the month long EatSpainDrinkSpain 2023 festivities which ran from 15 Oct to 15 Nov.

Zhen Jie Pork Rib Prawn Noodle @ Mega Food Court Balestier Road 珍姐海鲜大虾面

Uncle Bob stumbled upon Zhen Jie prawn noodle stall which opened at Mega Food Court coffee shop two months ago at Balestier Road. Since I got an unexpected break this morning, I zipped by to give it a try.

Buddy Chua came by too.

Partying & Dinner @ Tapas Club Orchard Central · Spanish Food, Wine & Party Hotspot 💃🕺

I thought it would be a pretty straightforward dinner with my host Antonio at Tapas Club Orchard Central as part of #EatSpainDrinkSpain 2023.

It turned out to be a great party, all spontaneous fun - that's the spirit of Tapas Club and I believe Spain 💃

Breakfast @ Gelang Patah Usop Nasi Kerabu Kampung Ulu Pulai

We were on our way to Pontian from Singapore via Tuas checkpoint. As we got up and going before dawn, we needed a place for breakfast that opens early, serves delicious food and good kopi / teh. This was our first time trying Usop Nasi Kerabu.

La Terre Wine Bar @ 11 Upper Circular Road 🍷 Friendly Port of Call for Wine Novices & Connoisseurs

Down at 11 Upper Circular Road across South Bridge Road north from the touristy riverside restaurants at Boat Quay is a cosy friendly little, unpretentious wine bar known as La Terre.

Parés Baltà Wines & Spanish Cuisine @ LUMBRE CHIJMES · Umami Mia Meets Organic Penedès Wine & Cava

We had a whale of a time last night at LUMBRE @ CHIJMES with Parés Baltà wines and sparkling wines from Spain paired with authentic Spanish cuisine by chef Jordi from Barcelona 🍷🍾🥂💃🕺👏👏👏

This wine pairing dinner was an event of #EatSpainDrinkSpain (15 Oct - 15 Nov 2023).

Redhill Seng Heng Braised Duck Noodle 成興福建面鸭面

Always wanted to try Seng Heng Braised Duck at Redhill but it was elusive as it only opens from 7:30am to 9:30am. Finally got to tick it off the bucket list after getting out of bed before 6am 😅

Stall name: 成興福建面鸭面 Seng Heng Braised Duck Noodles

Address: Blk 85 Redhill Lane, stall #01-28, Singapore 150085 (stall inside Redhill food centre)

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Redhill station

Hours: 7:30am - 9:30am (Thurs & Sun off)

Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao Dumpling · Tourist Favourite Michelin Approved @ Chinatown Food Centre 中国拉面小笼包

I have long been curious about this tourist and Michelin Guide approved Shanghai food stall in Singapore's Chinatown food centre. I never tried it before because I was always put off by the long snaking queue. (They have the longest queue of over 200 food stalls in Chinatown hawker centre now. Longer than Hawker Chan.)

Stall name: Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao 中国拉面小笼包

Address: 335 Smith Street, stall #02-135, Singapore 050335 (stall inside Chinatown Complex Food Centre)

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Maxwell and Chinatown stations

Hours: 11:30 am - 3 pm | 5pm - 8:30 pm (Mon & Tues off)

Gramona Imperial with Yeo Xi Yang Best Sommelier of Singapore @ Convivial Champagne Bar 🍾

I was invited to Convivial Champagne Bar at 11 North Canal Road to taste Gramona Imperial 2015 sparkling Corpinnat from Spain 💃 🍾

Bak Cheng's Granddaughter Opens Bak Kut Teh Stall at Alisan Coffee Shop near KSL

Stalking the area around KSL Mall for good food, I stumbled upon this banner announcing the opening of a Bak Cheng bak kut teh stall.

Stall name: Bak Cheng Bak Kut Teh

Address: 23, Jalan Serigala, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Malaysia (Restoran Alisan coffee shop)

Hours: 9am - 5pm

Essential History of Chitty Melaka Peranakan Indian

"Chitty is 3-in-1. Basically we are Indian, but we have embraced the Chinese, and the Malay culture. The multiracialism is in us." 

Baba Ponnosamy Kalastree, President of the Peranakan Indian (Chitty Melaka) Association Singapore

10 Bangladesh Food to Try in Singapore

There are about 160,000 Bangladeshis living in Singapore (2020 statistics), most of whom are construction and marine industry labourers. Most are housed in dormitories. 

The gathering place for the Bangladeshi community in Singapore is along Desker Road which is nicknamed "Little Bangladesh". Bangladeshis come here for hometown food and groceries on weekends and public holidays, hence they call this area "Mini Mart".

Old JB San Huan Johor Bahru Style Teochew Kway Teow @ Tai Seng · They Dry their own Fish Maw! 新山老三环

Two of us ordered these from JB Old San Huan stall at Tai Seng to try. Hey... they were delicious and really reminded me of their best counterparts in Johor Bahru.

Stall name: JB Old San Huan 新山老三环

Address: 107 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534829 (stall inside Apoze coffee shop)

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Tai Seng station

Hours: 6am - 3pm

Hilsa / Illish · National Fish of Bangladesh

Hilsa, also known as illish is the national fish of Bangladesh and state fish of the neighbouring Indian state of West Bengal. It is known as ikan terubok in Malay and 刺殼魚 in Chinese.

Hilsa plays a big part in Bengal culture, both in Bangladesh and in the Indian state of West Bengal. Over 80% of the world's hilsa are fished in Bangladesh (but stocks are depleting fast due to overfishing).

History of Rasgulla · Rosogolla · Milk Curd Balls with Syrup

Rasgulla or rosogolla is a popular sweet in India, especially in Bangladesh, and the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha. In Singapore, you can find them in Little India and Little Bangladesh.