Saturday, 22 July 2017

Kanpai Yakiniku. Founding Shop. Taipei 乾杯本店.台北


We visited Kanpai Yakiniku in Taipei and had a really great time. The beef and pork are top notch, service is excellent, the decor is cosy and the crowd here is infectiously happy. It feels really good here - full of positive vibes. I wanna be back 😄

Friday, 21 July 2017

Fengjia Night Market. Taichung 溪小蝦創始店.逢甲国际观光夜市


Almost everyone who has been to Taiwan will fall in love with the night markets here. It is so full of life and youthful energy. There are hundreds of stalls, many owned and run by enthusiastic young hawkers. Thousands of visitors throng the night markets and many are young people. It is a favourite pastime of young and old in Taiwan to roam the cool night markets for food, clothing, trinkets, gadgets and accessories - all the important things any in trend young person needs 😄

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Singapore Chinatown Hawker Centre Claypot & Cooked Food Stall #02-83


I met up with YJ at the little stall #02-83 at Chinatown Hawker Centre. He wanted to share with me a lo mai kai 糯米鸡 dish rarely seen, and soon to disappear from Singapore hawker centres. I was excited to try it - the last time I had this style of lo mai kai was in Scarborough, Canada.

Monday, 17 July 2017

One Day Good Food Trail in Kluang. Johor


😄😄😄 Don't panic, this list is just a guide. This was compiled with recommendations from Johor Kaki readers. Of course, we won't be able to eat everything here in one day but it is a helpful reference. Thank you for all your recommendations 😃

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Best Zhi Cha in JB List. Lai Hing in Taman Perling 利興坊海鲜小厨


Buddy Steven suggested that we have dinner at Lai Hing zhi cha in JB after our day long food trail in Kluang. I thought it was a great idea as our Kluang food trail began at day break, and eating dinner in Kluang meant driving back late at night - it would be a little taxing for my vintage chassis 😜 I was also keen to visit Steven's favourite JB zhi cha place as I have not been to Lai Hing before 😋

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Restoran Dwi Lapan Char Kway Teow Stall in Skudai. 88 美食阁


Foodie buddy Jeff has been sharing about his favourite char kway teow stall in Restoran Dwi Lapan kopitiam 88 美食阁 in Taman Tun Aminah. Anak Johor Jeff knows the best eats in town.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

No Pork, No Lard, Duck Egg Char Kway Teow. Stall 61 Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre JB ⭐⭐⭐⭐✱


Char kway teow is a very popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia, so CKT stalls are found everywhere here. Anthony Bourdain called this humble stir fried noodle dish, the "tastiest ugliest mess". But, good CKT stalls are actually rare as CKT is a very hard dish to master. 

Teochew Kuih pop up stand at Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre 潮州粿.大马小贩中心


I stumbled upon Ms Chuah 蔡's pop up stand selling Teochew Kueh in front of stall 47 "Gerai Mee Ayam. Laksa. Johor". Her trays of freshly made Teochew kueh are simply laid and sold on folding tables in front of the closed stall 47.

Dong Hong Traditional Kueh. Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre 东鸿糕粿.大马小贩中心

Dong-Hong-Traditional-Kueh-Sri-Tebrau-Hawker -Centre-东鸿糕粿.大马小贩中心

Dong Hong at Stall 62 of the Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre is popular among JB locals for traditional Teochew kueh. The moment they open for business at 4pm from Saturday to Tuesday, regulars descend on the stall to take away bags of their favourite Teochew kueh 😄

Monday, 10 July 2017

Crystal Bakuuteh (Bak Cheng). Sutera Sentosa Johor Bahru. 水晶肉骨茶


Crystal Bakuuteh was one of the first blogs I posted on Johor Kaki back in 2012. It was at the corner shop in the now demolished Lion City Hotel building. A brand new highrise condo now stood in its place. (I am glad that I have some photos and simple notes about the old shop.)

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