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Michelin Chicken Rice · Ruenton Restaurant Review & Menu · Montien Hotel Surawong Bangkok

I was as excited as a child when we decided to go to Ruenton Restaurant for their famous chicken rice (khao man gai), touted as Bangkok's answer to Singapore's legendary Mandarin Hotel Chatterbox chicken rice.

Luk Kai Thong @ EmQuartier in Bangkok · Brings Thai Royal Cooking to All


At Luk Kai Thong we enjoyed many dishes from their tremendous, I mean extensive, menu touted as Thai Royal cooking. There are Luk Kai Thong outlets in many convenient and prestigious locations across Bangkok. We were at their EmQuartier branch.

Al-Paz Nasi Arab Mandi @ Golden Mile · Arabian Cuisine in a Singapore Hawker Centre

We had eaten a lot since breakfast, all our familiar favourite stalls. We were all full and satisfied but the outing was missing a little something.

We needed something new, a delightful, novel little spark.

Peking Duck in Singapore · Kai Duck @ Nee Ann City near Takashimaya Orchard Road 嘉苑美鸭

Been to Kai Duck twice for their signature Peking duck. Both times I enjoyed myself. The food was delicious and service was good. I look forward to be back.

Nyan Shin Cafe · 100 Year Old Icon with Unique Mutton Noodles @ Carpenter Street, Kuching, Sarawak 源成茶室

When you are visiting Kuching, you will be hard pressed to choose a kolo mee joint to check off that obligatory bucket list item. Ironically, it's because there's kolo mee everywhere you turn. Which one to invest your precious time and calories in?

Repair Luggage Wheels & More in Singapore & Malaysia · Chiang Kong Services Since 1970s 长江 · 各大品牌维修中心

If you had travelled with me, you will know that I use a well worn, decades old luggage. The trusty luggage has gone to many places with me through the past two decades. I get quite attached to my carry on - is it only me? It has served me well and has sentimental value to me (lots of memories of people and places).

Tong Sin Ah Chu Noodle House · Masai Local Favourite 亞珠面之家

Prowling around Masai for food, I stumbled upon Tong Sin coffee shop, Ah Chu Noodle House stall. It's 10 minutes walk from Masai bus terminal.

Fried Carrot Cake (by Former Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodle) @ Hainanese Village Hougang Stall #02-04 聚名香

Dropped by Hainanese Village hawker centre in Hougang this morning to try a newly opened fried carrot cake stall. 

The carrot cake is nice 👍

Blue Star Fried Hokkien Mee @ Hainanese Village Hougang 藍星馳名福建面

Blue Star Fried Hokkien Mee at Hainanese Village hawker centre is a local favourite among Hougang residents. It is fried Hokkien mee as I remember it from my childhood, okay.... sans the opeh wrap.

Sien Teck Temple · Liu Shang Bang Shrine in Bau, Kuching, Sarawak 善德庙 · 刘善邦庙

Rainbow on a rainy day in Bau, Sarawak.

We were on our 6 day Kuching Sarawak self drive adventure. After visiting Maw San (Old Bau), Tasik Biru lake, Bau town, and Fairy Cave we swung by Sien Teck Temple 善德庙 on our way to Siniawan town for dinner. (Long but fruitful day! 🤣)

HUAT'S UP! by Daryl Chow ORIGAME · Lo Hei Yusheng Card Game 捞翻天!

During a Chinese New Year 🐲 gathering, I met Daryl Chow game designer and co-founder of Origame, a world famous board game design company from Singapore 👍

Daryl shared that Origame just (in Nov 2023) released a card game based on the Chinese New Year lou hei yee sang (yusheng) tradition.

Dinner @ The Post Siniawan Restaurant Bar · Hakka Dayak Menu 驛站新堯湾

Second night of our 6 day Kuching self drive holiday, we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at The Post 驛站 restaurant and bar in Siniawan (about 20 km southwest from Kuching city centre).

Sarawak Three Layer Tea · Teh C Special 砂拉越三色奶茶

Sarawakians are very proud of their three layer tea, also known as teh C special or teh C peng.

It is gula apong (nipah palm sugar) at the bottom, followed by evaporated milk, and the top layer of black tea.

Sarawak Tomato Mee & Fried Mani Cai Bee Hoon @ Joon Joon Kedai Kopi Kuching 云云茶餐室

Day 2 of our Kuching driving holiday, we set off at dawn for the old, historic mining town of Bau. The glowing sun was rising as we passed the famous arches of Jalan Padungan (where we stayed the night at Hotel Meritin - recommended cheap and good stay 👍 ).

Legend of Fairy Cave · Gua Pari Pari Bau Kuching Sarawak · Tips for Visitors

After visiting Bau town which is 40 km (50 minutes) from Kuching City, we swung over to Fairy Cave which is another 10 minutes drive (7 km) away.

Origin of Sarawak Laksa · Breakfast of the Gods · Noodles of Obsession

Laksa is probably the most widespread noodle dish in the world with many regional versions e.g. Russian lapsha, Afghan lakhchak, laksa Johor, Siglap laksa, Katong laksa, Penang laksa, Sarawak laksa, etc.

Sarawak laksa is arguably the most complex laksa and without a doubt, it is the late Anthony Bourdain's favourite.

A lot has been written about Sarawak laksa. Google search yields:

Sarawak laksa - 2.3 million results

Nyonya laksa - 1.1 million results

Singapore laksa - 1 million results

The global interest, I believe is thanks to Anthony Bourdain's mentions.

Kim's Gold Rolex Watch Hokkien Mee @ Eunos · Singapore Hawker Legend

✍ Update 15 Feb 2024. The king of Singapore Hokkien prawn mee Mr Tan Kue Kim passed on on 14 Feb 2024.

According to Zaobao news, Tan felt unwell on the first day of Chinese New Year (10 Feb). Visited a doctor and was released with medication. On the fifth day of CNY (14 Feb), Tan collapsed at home. He was rushed to hospital but passed on two hours later. Cause of death stated on the medical report was "coronary artery disease". Source

May Singapore's hawker legend and icon Rest in Peace, and may I extend my deepest condolences to Mr Tan's family, friends and fans of Kim's fried Hokkien mee.

The post below was written a week before Mr Tan's passing. He was cheerful and friendly, still personally dishing out his famous fried Hokkien mee.

✍ 7 Feb 2024. The God of Singapore Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee is in the house!

Heard so much about the hawker legend who sports a gold Rolex watch while frying Singapore Hokkien prawn mee. (There it is, on his left wrist.)

But, I have never tasted it before 😅

I am here today, for the first time because buddy Soo jio-ed me to give Kim's Famous Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee a try.

Huat Huat Kolo Mee @ 7 Mile Kota Sentosa Kuching Sarawak 發發茶室 · Local Fav with 70 Year History

When you come to Kuching, you will see kolo mee or kolok mee everywhere. It is the people's staple like bak chor mee in Singapore.

On the surface, it seems a simple dish. Egg noodle tossed with lard, shallot oil, soy sauce, chili sauce, vinegar, etc., and topped with fried minced pork, char siew (roast pork) and chopped spring onion. That's all.

It's an austere everyday staple, affordable sustenance for everyone.

Kuching 6 Day Self Drive Holiday · Summary of The First 8 Hours

Kuching is a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, an accolade awarded by the United Nations in 2021. 

We set off on a 6 day self drive, free and easy adventure of discovery of Kuching food, people and places.

Eat Drink @ Kantin Jewel Changi Airport · Borneo Tribal Cuisine & Jungle Inspired Cocktails

Airport food everywhere the same? Kantin @ Jewel Changi gives you something different 
I visited Sarawak Malaysia a few times recently and fell in love with their indigenous cuisine. 

You know...., when we think about Southeast Asian cuisine, most of us are unaware of Dayak cuisine of Sarawak.

It's time to shed light on this blind spot in Malaysian / Southeast Asian cuisine which has already caught the eye of the United Nations, which named Kuching of Sarawak, a UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2021.

May Pho Culture @ Fook Hai Building · Fav Vietnamese Beef Noodles Money Can Buy in Singapore

Over a year ago, on my Facebook profile, I requested for pho recommendations in Singapore. Buddy Jill suggested May Pho Culture at Fook Hai Building which triggered a discussion about when to go to try.

Chop Guan Hock BBQ Pork @ Jalan Padungan, Kuching Sarawak 古晋源福肉乾

After checking in, dropping our bags at Meritin Hotel at Jalan Padungan, we hit the old streets of Kuching right away 😁

So kanchiong 🤭 (excited).

Lepau Restaurant Kuching · Waking the World to Sarawak Dayak Cuisine

Lepau is arguably Kuching's most well known restaurant now. It has been serving Sarawak cuisine for over a decade and featured in numerous media, including National Geographic.