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Awesome Fried Porridge @ Old World Bakuteh in Hiap Hoe Eating House, Blk 732 Yishun Singapore


It's New Year's eve and I have a dental appointment in Yishun. So, I hoped to have something nice before reclining on the dentist's chair 😱

Restoran 8 Ah Sam Kopitiam in Permas Jaya. Cheap & Tasty Economic Rice in Johor Bahru 豪美味


Bumped into Joe while running errands in Johor Bahru. It is always great to catch up with Joe. He bought me teh tarik and shared with me JB foodie tips. Many of the early Johor Kaki posts were tip offs from Joe. Thanks buddy! We agreed to meet the next day at his usual lunch hangout at Restoran 8 Ah Sam Kopitiam 豪美味 in Permas Jaya.

The RANCH Steakhouse by Astons at Clarke Quay. Among Singapore's Best Steaks at Humble Prices


I've been to The RANCH Steakhouse by Astons at Clarke Quay a couple of times. I enjoyed the premium steaks here, and the reasonable prices keep me happy, especially for a relatively upscale place like Clarke Quay.

Mokotowska 69 Warsaw Poland. My First Poland Tastes Good Experience


My first time in Poland, first night in Warsaw and my first meal in a Polish restaurant, Mokotowska 69. After 2 months of anticipation since we began planning for the trip, expectations were sky high. Mokotowska 69 was exactly the type of charming warm local culinary experiences I was looking forward to.

Dinner at Zoni in Warsaw Poland. One of 7 Most Beautiful Restaurants in the World


Five wonderful days in Poland, it was too soon time for goodbyes 😪 We had our farewell party at Zoni in Warsaw, reputedly the most beautiful restaurant in the city.

Wo Jia in Taman Molek JB. Common Way of Eating Wanton Mee in Johor that may Surprise Hong Kongers 我家


For quite some time already, while running errands in Taman Molek, I would pass by Wo Jia 我家 wanton mee. Every time, I was attracted by the comforting smell of dried anchovies churning in the large pot of steamy soup. I always made a mental note to come back after my errands but never did; always rushing off to get the next thing done. This morning, I finally tried Wo Jia wanton mee, and enjoyed it.

Kluang Best Food & Sightseeing Guide ● 10 Must Eat in Bat Town of Johor


Kluang is a good day trip destination from Johor Bahru as it is less than 2 hours of leisurely expressway driving away. It is also on the KTM railway route. If you go by train, once in Kluang, you can go anywhere with GRAB as most attractions are in the town centre (walking distance from the KTM railway station, if you like to walk like me 😄 ). There are plenty of good food to eat for your day trip. These are my 10 Kluang food recommendations.

Chinese New Year Hakka Mi Fen Chang & Mi Chang Recipe. Traditional Bee Hoon & Rice Puff Crackers 炸米粉呈.米呈


With Chinese New Year just around the corner, I had the privilege to learn how to make traditional Hakka mi chang 米呈 (rice puff or bubble crackers) and mi fen chang 米粉呈 (bee hoon puff crackers). These crispy snacks are delicious, not too hard fun to make and can be enjoyed anytime, not only during Chinese New Year.

Marrybrown Fried Chicken @ Toppen IKEA Johor Bahru. Which Do You Like More - Marrybrown or KFC?


Today, we had Marrybrown fried chicken for lunch at their new outlet at Toppen IKEA mall in Johor Bahru. Marrybrown is a Johor homegrown brand founded in 1981 with over 350 outlets throughout Malaysia and international outposts in China, India, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa etc. It all started from a humble shop lot at Jalan Wong Ah Fook in downtown JB and the brand is still growing.

Xiao Di Charcoal Roasted Delights @ 27 Jalan Berseh 小弟炭烤烧腊 ● Formerly Tian Cheng Charcoal Roasted Duck & Char Siew

Tian Cheng Charcoal Roasted Duck & Char Siew @ Hong Fuling 81 Eating House in Whampoa Singapore

The gang gathered at Hong Fuling 81 Eating House kopitiam (previous address) to feast on 天成 Tian Cheng Charcoal Roasted stall's duck and char siew. The stall has moved to 27, Jalan Berseh in 2023 and renamed 
Xiao Di Charcoal Roasted Delights 小弟炭烤烧腊.

It's one of Milton's favourite roast stalls.

Stall name: Xiao Di Charcoal Roasted delights 小弟炭烧腊

Address: 27 Jalan Berseh, Singapore 200027 (current address in 2024)

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Jalan Besar station

Hours: 10:30am - 4pm

Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow @ Maxwell Food Centre. Hock Lam Street Tradition Since 1921 (CLOSED)

Empress Place Teochew Beef Kway Teow @ Maxwell Food Centre. A Hock Lam Street Tradition Since 1921

While having morning coffee with Stella who works near Maxwell Road Food Centre, she mentioned that Empress Place Teochew beef kway teow is one of her favourite stalls there. As a beef noodle lover, I decided to have it for brunch straightaway 😄 (Update: This stall is closed since Apr 2020.)

Johor Kaki DIY Free & Easy Johor Day Trip Itinerary. Food Trail 01/2020. JB 👣 Tampoi 👣 Kulai (Non Halal)

Johor Kaki DIY Free & Easy Johor Day Trip Food Trail 01/2020. JB > Tampoi > Kulai (Non Halal)

Our first stop is Kin Wah kopitiam at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee. We picked Kin Wah because it opens at 7am, so it is a good place for a caffeine stop and toilet break after clearing SG and JB immigration (we all know how painful that can often be).

Not the Usual List of 10 Best Polish Food Every Visitor to Poland Have to Try & Taste

10 Polish Food Every Visitor in Poland Have to Try & Taste

In this list, there are off beat but memorable dishes I tasted during my recent trip, plus a few usual Polish dishes that appear in every list (flooding the internet). Ask the wait staff for these dishes, if you like to give it a try 😄 Let's dive straight into it.

10 Polish Restaurants in Warsaw, Lodz, Torun, Gdansk for Memorable Food Tour in Poland

10 Polish Restaurants in Warsaw, Lodz, Torun, Gdansk for Memorable Food Tour in Poland

During our memorable 5 day road trip in Poland, we travelled from Warsaw through Lodz and Torun to Gdansk before turning back to the Polish capital city.

Lady T Cafe. Artisanal Milli Crepe Cake & Coffee in Kluang Johor

Lady T Cafe. Artisanal Milli Crepe Cake & Coffee in Kluang Johor

You know right, after 2 food stops in Kluang we topped up our caffeine, pacified our tummies and emptied our bladders - it's time for higher order human needs. We need WiFi! 📶 So, we wandered into Lady T cafe which is just next door to Tangkak Beef Noodle in Kluang.

Review Hoover Restaurant ● Popular Kluang Lim Kopitiam ● Local Peoples' Favourite Coffee Shop 豪華茶餐室

Hoover Restaurant Kopitiam. Popular Kluang Peoples' Favourite Local Coffee Shop

Driving up from Johor Bahru in the morning, we pulled in first and foremost at Hoover coffee shop in Kluang as we were all low on caffeine and our auntie/uncle bladders were full.