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Singapore Food Festival SFF2015


Johor Kaki was invited to the media preview of Singapore Food Festival 2015 (SFF2015). Since 1994 (that's 21 years ago), the SFF is held annually to celebrate Singapore’s best dishes and culinary talents.

Best Chicken in JB List. Restoran Tong in Skudai Johor Bahru 东肉骨茶馆


Ever since I first tasted the kampung chicken 🐔 at Restoran Tong nearly 3 years ago, this has been one of my favourite food stops when I bring my friends around Johor Bahru.

5 Tips Untuk Mengenalpasti Buah Durian Musang King Rajah Kunyit atau Mao Shan Wang

Buah-Durian-Musang-King-Rajah-Kunyit- Mao-Shan-Wang

Seorang pembaca Johor Kaki yang tidak ingin dikenali mencadangkan saya menulis sebuah artikel untuk membandingkan durian “Rajah Kunyit / Mao Shan Wang” dan jenis durian lain, supaya menyenangkan orang lain mengenalpasti jenis “Musang King”.

Above Eleven Sukhumvit Bangkok Rooftop Bar and Peruvian Restaurant


This was my first time tasting Peruvian food, which is like a "United Nations" of world cuisine as in Peru, they combined the food cultures of peoples from four continents that settled there over the centuries. Tasting it high above the throbbing streets of Bangkok made it even more memorable.



一位 Johor Kaki 读者建议我把猫山王与其他榴莲侧面对比,使之更容易辨認哪是猫山王榴莲。 


Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice @ Ubi DMQ Eating House (formerly Uncle Chicken Rice @ Margaret Drive / Bedok Market Place)


Update 23 Oct 2020. I have been eating Sin Kee's famous chicken rice at Margaret Drive since the 1980s. I used to work and live nearby back then. Since Margaret Drive hawker centre was demolished, I followed them at different places through the years. Now, Niven Leong, son of Sin Kee's founder is at Ubi DMQ Eating House near Ubi MRT station.

Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology Bangkok Bkk

Charcoal-Tandoor-Grill-Mixology -Bangkok-Bkk

An Indian fine dining restaurant in the heart of Bangkok serving cuisine from the subcontinent's Northwest Frontier famed for it's meaty tandoor dishes and dum briyani. Pair it with innovative cocktails specially created to match the hearty food of India's rugged Northwest.

5 Tips on How to Spot a Real Mao Shan Wang MSW Musang King Durian 猫山王


An anonymous Johor Kaki reader suggested that I post a side by side comparison of a Mao Shan Wang with other durians to make it easier to spot a real Musang King.

I thought it is a great idea, so here it is 😄

Where are the Bazar Ramadhan Locations in Johor Bahru JB 2015 | 2016? JK1159


This list of the Bazar Ramadhan locations in Johor Bahru is compiled with the help of Johor Sedap members and Johor Kaki blog readers. Thank you☺. [Updated: Jun 2016]

Why Xiaxue Ranks 36 out of 50 Top Popular Singapore Blogs (as at June 2015)

Before you read any list of Singapore top bloggers, please note that it is very inaccurate. 

Third party estimates like SimilarWeb (and Alexa) have many sources of inaccuracy.

One of them is under counting the traffic of bloggers using the free blogspot platform due to a unique Google feature known as "country specific redirect".

What Insects to Eat in Bangkok - the Fear Factor Food List

You know, and you have the same experience too - when people ask if I have any dietary restrictions or if there is anything that I don't eat - my instinctive reply is "I eat anything".

oh, really?

On my recent trip to Bangkok, this claim is put to the test once again.

In Bangkok, you don't have to look very hard to stress test your culinary limits.

Rod Fai Vintage Market Halal Seafood Tom Yam in Bangkok

Restaurant name: Seafood tom yam stall at Rod Fai Vintage Market
AddressSrinakarin Road Soi 51 (behind Seacon Square), Bangkok, Thailand
GPS13.693651, 100.650295
Hours: 5:00pm to 12:00 midnight (Thurs to Sun)
Tel: +66 (0)8 1827 5885, +66 (0)8 6126 7787, +66 (0)8 1732 8778, +66 (0)8 1752 5588.


Rod Fai Vintage Market (Rod Fai means train in Thai) is about 45 minutes drive from downtown Bangkok (without traffic) - it's some ways away from the usual tourist hot beds. At Rod Fai, locals shop, eat and chill out without jostling with throngs of wide eyed tourists.

Rod Fai is divided into the "Market Zone", "Warehouse Zone" and "Rod’s Antiques". Besides all the usual clothing and goods which one may find in any Bangkok bazaar or shopping mall, it's the antiques and collectible memorabilia that set Rod Fai Vintage Market apart.


The easiest way to get to Rod Fai is by taxi. Rod Fai is just behind the giant Seacon Square shopping mall in Srinakarin which most taxi drivers will know. (Without traffic, it's about BT150 from BTS Nana [in Sukhumvit] to Seacon Square by meter taxi.) When you see this prominent landmark along the busy main street beside Seacon Square shopping mall, follow the direction of the arrow to turn towards Rod Fai Market. It's less than 200 metres from this point.


Besides shopping, there are many good places at Rod Fai where everyone can chill out with drinks, good music and great company.


Needless to say, there are plenty of interesting street food at Rod Fai Market.


There are exciting options to satisfy the more adventurous palates.


We wandered happily around Rod Fai and stumbled upon this bustling open air "food court".


It's "come-as-you-are style" informal and very causal at the "food court" area. We love it here.


We spotted a busy seafood tom yam stall at a busy corner of the "food court".


Customers choose what they like in their bowl. There is flower crab, large river prawns, mussels, fish and so on.


Adding tom yam broth to the large bowls of seafood.


Each bowl of seafood tom yam is given a generous splash of coconut milk.


Bowls of seafood tom yam on the way to waiting customers.


Seth and I shared this bowl of seafood tom yam. For BT100 (SGD4), we had bee hoon, mussel, flower crab and a river prawn with our tom yam soup.


The tom yam soup was robustly salty and sour with slight spiciness and traces of sweetness. The dominant flavours were saltiness and sourness, which was a little too strong for my taste buds. Seth felt that it was just right for him.

The seafood i.e. crab, mussel and prawn were fresh and naturally sweet.


This seafood tom yam is just one of the many traditional Thai street food we can eat at Rod Fai Market.

I hope to be back real soon to map out all the good and exciting eats at Rod Fai Market.

Date visited: 14 Jun 2015

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Singapore Blog Awards 2015 Finalist

This is the fourth year that Johor Kaki is participating in the Singapore Blog Awards (SBA).

Why is Johor Kaki in the Singapore Blog Awards (SBA) again?

Because, the work I hope to do is far from done. In fact, it has become more urgent.

Just yesterday (on 15 Jun 2015), I received sad news that another heritage food hawker had passed on due to old age. His life's work was not recorded and will soon be forgotten.

Along with the passing of our pioneer hawkers is the gradual (some say rapid) decline of our cherished heritage food culture.

A key factor is that local hawker food is getting less popular with the young. Some said they have never been to a hawker centre before.

Without a new generation of customers, hawker food will surely decline further.

It's a reality that we need to face up to, and take action.

Alone and with little resources, there is not much that I can do to help. But as a blogger, I could help encourage more young bloggers to blog about hawker food. When more young bloggers blog about hawker food, more youths will visit hawker centres.

Peer influence is powerful.

As the annual Singapore Blog Awards attract many young bloggers, I hope that my blog's involvement can help raise interest among young bloggers about hawker food blogging.

I hope that you can help me encourage more young hawker food bloggers, by voting for Johor Kaki blog.

Click -> here <- to vote.

The registration process is tedious and you have to vote for 10 blogs in any category before clicking the submit button. I appreciate that you have to jump through many hoops to support Johor Kaki.

Once registered, you can vote once a day till 6 July 2015.

Thank you for supporting my humble mission to "put every good hawker on the World Wide Web" since 2011.

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Yaowarat Toast Bread Bangkok Chinatown Thailand JK1154

Restaurant name: Yaowarat Toast Bread
Address: 452, Yaowarat Road, Samphanthawong, Khet Samphanthawong, Bangkok, 10100, Thailand (right in front of the Government Savings Bank)
GPS: 13.741199, 100.508343
Hours: 6:00 pm to 12:00 midnight (closed on Monday)


While combing Yaowarat street for good food, this scene caught our attention. When people congregate like this around a stall, it's usually a sign of good food ;-p


We braved the Yaowarat street traffic and crossed the road over to the stall. It's a simple street side stall selling toast bread and buns.

The toast bread stall is just across the road from the famous T & K Seafood Restaurant and in front of the pink signboard of the Government Savings Bank.


The toast bread and buns are freshly grilled over charcoal.


Ordering is easy. There are butter-sugar, butter-condensed milk, butter-egg fillings with chocolate, condensed milk and even sweet chilli toppings. Just write down the type of bun, fillings and toppings that you want at the front of the stall and hand over the slip of paper to the staff.


Then, stand back into the milling crowd and wait for your queue number to be called. Waiting time is about 10-15 minutes.


Seth (of bought a box of two of these buns for BT18 (SGD 0.70) to try. I wasn't too eager when Seth bought the buns as we were already very full with more food to taste, so why squander precious stomach space on bread?



The bun with chocolate topping and butter-sugar filling had the usual sweetness. But, what struck me was the bun's very delightful crispy soft chewy type of mouthfeel which is new to me. It's a lovely snack. I rarely never used the word amazing but this bun is.

Thanks Seth! For one of the best food finds of this Bangkok trip.


If you are in Yaowarat, give this unique toast bread and bun a try.

It's funny that in the land of amazing and exquisite Thai cuisine, I have to say that this simple toast bread is a Must Try in Bangkok.

Date visited: 14 Jun 2015

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Kway Chap Food in Yaowarat Chinatown Bangkok. Kuai Chap Uan Pochana


Both of my friends Edie and Wilbur, who live in Bangkok strongly recommended that we try the Thai style kway chap in bustling Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown.

Stall name: Yaowarat famous kway chap (sincerely apologise that I am still trying to find out the actual name of the shop) Kuey Chap Aun Pochana

Address: 406 Yaowarat Rd, Chakkrawat, Samphanthawong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand

Tel: +6661782 4223

GPS13.740651, 100.509286

Hours: 6:00pm to 3:00am (Mon off)

Eat What Food at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market (also known as Jatujak or JJ Market)
Address: Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand (next to Chatuchak Park and Khampeng Phet MRT stations or Mo Chit BTS station)
GPS13.799666, 100.551566
Hours: Friday 6:00pm to 12:00 midnight | Sat and Sun 10:00am to 6:00pm


Chatuchak Weekend Market is a bazaar style mega shopping hub popular with locals and tourist bargain hunters looking for handicrafts, toys, house ware, lights, paintings, bags, shoes, ladies' accessories, clothes and more. It's said that there are 8,000 stalls in Chatuchak Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is just a short walk from Chatuchak Park and Khampeng Phet MRT stations or Mo Chit BTS (Bangkok Transit System) station.


Chatuchak Market is a labyrinth of small shops that sell practically everything you will ever need or don't need. Over the years, we had bought lots of knick knacks and souvenirs from Chatuchak Market, with most ending up boxed in the store room ;-p  Many tourists come here to buy gifts for friends and family.


This gentleman entertains shoppers, playing nice country music with his banjo.


The moment we hit ground zero at Chatuchak, my friends quickly disappeared into the dark maze of shops and stalls. Meanwhile, I circled the food stalls ringing the perimeter of Chatuchak market like a hungry shark diligent food blogger for two hours ;-D

I am very happy :-D

There is already lots of information online about the fabulous shopping at Chatuchak, so in this post, I shall focus on the food here.

Chatuchak is not a place where people come for food. None of the food here is the best in Bangkok. But, we will all be hungry and thirsty after all the high powered, mentally draining negotiations (bargaining) at Chatuchak. So, we all really appreciate that there is lots of Thai food and beverages to try and sample here.

The 200+ food stalls/ shops ring around the entire perimeter of Chatuchak Market, many selling the same kind of food. There is just too much street food - I wish I could try everything. Take a walk around the food stalls with me :-D


There is a large shop serving Pad Thai with large river prawns. A bit too sugary sweet for my taste buds and charges a substantial tourist premium.


If you see a long line queueing for coconut ice cream, stay calm and relax. There are up to 10 stalls here selling coconut ice cream.


It is a scoop of generic commercially supplied coconut flavoured ice cream served in a half coconut with a choice of toppings like crushed peanuts, sweet corn, attap seed and red beans. All the ice cream stalls serve basically the same generic product, so just buy from any convenient vendor.


Traditional Thai red ruby cold dessert.


Toast bread with various flavours is a popular, convenient snack.


There are a few toast bread stalls with the Hello Garlic brand.


If you are one of those people who like to eat squids filled with roe, this is for you.


Fried squid roe. Now we can eat squid roe to our heart's content.


Fried squid roe sold in little plastic boxes. 


Fried quail eggs.


Grilled pork sticks are everywhere in Bangkok.


Fried fish cake or sausage similar in style as Kelantan/ Trengganu lekor.


Freshly made crispy crepe (like roti prata/ canai) with various fillings like banana slices and toppings like chocolate and evaporated milk. A very sweet snack.


There is a sio bak/ siew yok stall selling impressive looking roast pork belly. Crackly skin, charred edges, still juicy fat, and tender lean meat, signs of good sio bak - it's all there.


There is even a paella stand with a cheerful Spanish chef.


The giant pan of colourful paella freshly made.


Now at Chatuchak we can enjoy authentic feisty fiesta coloured Spanish paella.


Braised duck noodle stalls are common in Bangkok. This stall in Chatuchak is popular for it's noodle soup with braised duck drumstick.


The familiar teh terik or cha (Thai milk tea served hot or with crushed ice).


In the end, the best thirst quencher is still simple plain water, fresh fruits or real fruit juice.


There are toilets and a money exchange at the perimeter. This could be a convenient meeting point (with toilets) for friends in groups. (Another good meeting point is the prominent clock tower where the Chatuchak administrative office is located.)

Map source <- click for full size view

There is plenty of food to taste and try at Chatuchak Weekend Market. So, remember to come here on an empty stomach :-D

Date visited: 13 Jun 2015 

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