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Whimsy @ The Gallery Wine & Dine. Cinematic Mapping Fine Dining comes to Malaysia


Johor Bahru has done it again, setting trends for Malaysia. Whimsy at The Gallery Wine and Dine in JB is taking Western fine dining to the next level to Savour every Flavour, Satisfy Every Sense. We were invited to a preview of Whimsy and enjoyed the amazing, total sensory, beyond fine dining experience very much.

OLEG by gCafe. Charcoal Burger & Waffle. City Square. AEON Tebrau. Dato' Onn


We went to visit the spanking new AEON Mall at Bandar Dato' Onn in JB, and stopped for lunch at the OLEG by gCafe outlet on the 2nd floor. It turned out that the charcoal burgers and waffles at OLEG are quite interesting and tasty. We like it 😄

CLOSED Fukuzushi Japanese Restaurant. Johor JB 福寿司


I was invited to a private preview of Fukuzushi Japanese Restaurant 福寿司 at 163, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa in Johor Bahru. I enjoyed the tasting which covered samplings from the restaurant's 300 item menu. The food was delicious and prices are reasonable. I am looking forward to Fukuzushi restaurant's official opening on 1 Oct 2017.

Guan Heng for XO Fish Soup Bee Hoon & Hainanese Dishes 源兴餐室


When buddy Jeffery suggested meeting for lunch at Guan Heng restaurant 源兴餐室 for fish head bee hoon, I wasn't expecting such a wide ranging menu.

Shianyuan Seafood in Taichung 仙园海鲜会馆


Before we left Taichung for Taipei, we swung by at 仙园海鲜会馆, another famous seafood restaurant in seafood rich Taiwan island.

Ah Chuan Toa Payoh Fried Oyster Omelette • Orh Chien 阿泉蠔煎


I was finishing up my plate of mediocre wanton mee when I noticed the couple sharing the table with me enjoying a plate of delicious looking orh chien. Overcome with orh chien envy, thought to myself, "I have to have that too".

Johor Kaki Interview with The Malay Mail


Riding pillion on his father's trusty little Honda as his dad manoeuvred the bike from their home in Toa Payoh Singapore, crossing the Causeway to Sungai Segget in old downtown Johor Bahru was one of the earliest memories Tony Boey has of his affinity with Malaysian food.

Sulawesi Cuisine Taman Mount Austin Johor JB


I have never been to Sulawesi nor tried Sulawesi food before, so I was really excited about my lunch at JB's Sulawesi Cuisine restaurant today. It turned out to be a really fascinating meal, indeed 😄

Bold European Asian Fusion Menu at Antoinette Penhas Singapore


Chef Pang of Antoinette French Restaurant in Singapore is renown for his exquisite French pastries and savoury dishes.

But, he has another side.

I am friends with Chef Pang on Facebook and have been following his fascinating food explorations off work. So, I knew Chef Pang have been experimenting with European Asian fusion dishes in his private time. I am delighted that he boldly introduced his European Asian fusion creations in his quintessentially French, Antoinette restaurant.

My Makan Place. Tanjong Katong. Mum's Cooking Indonesian Street Food Favs


My Makan Place, a small shop just opened along Tanjong Katong Road in Singapore featuring Indonesia style street food like mee rebus, mee siam, mee soto ayam (chicken noodles), soto daging (beef noodles), tauhu goreng, gado gado etc.

Now they are having an opening promotion - offering their mee rebus and mee siam at just S$1 per bowl, for a limited time only.

Dan Tzyy Mian. Ta'an Mee. A Top Seafood Restaurant in Taichung 華美街台中擔仔麵餐廳


The name Dan Tzyy Mian 台中擔仔麵餐廳 or Taichung Shoulder Pole Noodle Restaurant is a misnomer, a huge understatement as this is one of the top seafood restaurants in Taichung, if not Taiwan.

Qin Yuan Chun Shanghai Restaurant in Taichung 沁園春 ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Qin Yuan Chun 沁園春 is an old, famous, well loved Shanghai restaurant in Taichung, Taiwan. Its dishes are as Shanghai as any, if not more so than some Shanghainese restaurants across the straits on the mainland.

Why so?

Making Belacan at Chop Kim Hoa Penang. The Smelly Thing We Love 骆金和峇拉煎廠


Updated 24 May 2019. When we are away from Singapore and Malaysia for a long time, one of the things we miss most is this smelly thing we put in a lot of our cooking - belacan or fermented shrimp paste.

Secret behind Penang Char Kway Teow. Sang Yoon Noodle Factory 生源


The Penang style of char kway teow is well loved in Malaysia and Singapore. Personally, the top three things that make a good Penang char kway teow are quality kway teow (rice noodles) infused with a tasty sauce seared in with good wok hei 鑊氣 by skilful frying.

If I must choose the most important one, my vote goes to rice noodles because when the kway teow is bad, even the best wok hei and most special sauce can't do much to save the dish.

Penangites are so lucky with food - thanks to their water quality, Penang (together with Ipoh) makes the best rice noodles in Malaysia.

Luxury Edition Fried Bee Hoon at Goh Chew Kopitiam in Penang 五洲茶室


So, you are in Penang and is a little jaded with same old tourist fare and don't have time to get out of Georgetown. Here's one place locals have kept under the tourist radar.

Tanjung Tualang Big Head River Prawns @ Sun Mee Fong 新美芳 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tanjung-Tualang-Big-Head-River-Prawns-Sun Mee Fong-新美芳

This was a much anticipated meal. For Ipoh folks, a trip to Tanjung Tualang town for big head river prawns is just like JB lang 人 going to Sungai Rengit for wild caught live lobsters.

Lou Wong Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken Rice 老黄芽菜鸡沙河粉


Ipoh is the chicken rice capital of Malaysia and Lou Wong 老黄 is the undisputed King going by celebrity and media endorsements. Founded over 60 years ago, Lou Wong is now a tourist destination.

Leong Yin Mooncakes 梁贤月餅


Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Leong Yin Pastry's factory in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. The Leong Yin 梁贤 brand of premium mooncakes are sold throughout Malaysia. Leong Yin also develops and produces mooncakes for premium overseas clients, exporting to 17 different countries around the world.

A Good Zhi Char Hor Fun in Singapore at Malaysia Boleh!


You know right? Finding a decent fried hor fun at kopitiams in Singapore is really hard nowadays. Sometimes, the disappointment reaches the point of depression - sad for the downfall of a once ubiquitous comfort dish. So, whenever I stumble upon a good fried hor fun, it's a joyful thing which I celebrate and must share 😄

Special Memorable Seafood at Jia Siang Cafe Balik Pulau Penang 家香茶室 ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Jia Siang Cafe 家香茶室 (actually a zhi char place) is a special type of seafood experience. It's at a small fishing village in Balik Pulau, Penang. We buy our own fresh seafood straight off the small boats and Jia Siang Cafe cooks it for us and serves it for a reasonable fee. I came here twice during my week long trip to Penang 😄

Malaysia Boleh! at Jurong Point has good Penang Char Kway Teow


Few would disagree with the claim that Penang style char kway teow is one of the most delicious. Many people who have tasted Penang style CKT before would crave for it when they are away from Penang.

Not many hawker stalls in Singapore serve Penang char kway teow but I am happy to share with you that the Penang CKT stall at Malaysia Boleh! food court in Jurong Point does a very decent rendition of the popular dish.

Soon Hiang Hand Made Tau Sar Piah & Tambun Biscuit in Penang 順香 ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Tau Sar Piah and Biskut Tambun are the most popular gifts visitors take away from Penang. Most visitors leave the island with boxes of these iconic traditional biscuits synonymous with Penang.

Original Chang Jiang White Coffee by Kongs in Ipoh 江氏白咖啡


There was a time when I regularly spent weekends in Ipoh as it is near to KL where I worked years ago. Ipoh was then already well known for their "white coffee". My favourite kopi joint then was the original Chang Jiang at Jalan Pasir Puteh.

Celebrate Lantern Festival with Dim Sum @ Tai Tong Restaurant in Penang


Came to the famous Tai Tong Restaurant 大東酒樓 at Lebuh Cintra in Penang for dim sum. The dim sum was tasty, with lots of varieties but the thing that struck me most was the atmosphere here during the annual lantern festival.

Bert's Keller - Last Old English Pub in Johor Bahru


Hung out with the Yaps last night at Bert's Keller, an old school English style pub and bar in a quiet backstreet in Taman Century just next to Holiday Villa hotel.