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En Ji Wanton Noodle House Puteri Wangsa Ulu Tiram 恩记面家


En Ji Noodle House is a well loved old school noodle shop serving Puteri Wangsa, Ulu Tiram residents for over 16 years. The Wong family running En Ji makes everything in house, from egg noodles to char siew and chili sauce all from scratch.

Highlights of Discover Selangor, Heart of Malaysia with Firefly


Many Singaporeans are familiar with Kuala Lumpur, but from this trip to Selangor I saw that the Malaysian state also have many interesting places for a relaxing and meaningful vacation. Flying with Firefly airlines, an exciting holiday discovering Selangor, the heart of Malaysia is highly accessible and affordable.

Benson Salted Duck Toa Payoh Lor 1 Blk 168 🦆 Simply the Best Salted Duck in Singapore Hawker Centre or Coffee Shop 盛记咸水鸭

Benson Salted Duck Toa Payoh Lor 1 Blk 168 盛记咸水鸭. Simply the Best Salted Duck in Singapore Hawker Centre or Coffee Shop

Update 7 Oct 2019. Today, we had a small belated gathering to celebrate Uncle Bob's birthday (I was away during his actual birthday celebrations). I asked Uncle Bob to pick a place of his choice and was not surprised when he chose Benson Salted Duck - one of his favourite places in Singapore.

Chinese New Year Traditional Goodies. Kueh Kapit · Love Letters · Kueh Belanda 雞蛋捲


Of all the Chinese New Year goodies, my favourite is still kueh kapit or love letters. Light, crispy, sweet, eggy with coconut aroma, it brings back the most happy childhood memories of Chinese New Year. It's easy to lose count of the number of delicious love letters we crunched and munched away during the festivities.

Exotic Game Dishes @ Lembah Bernam Sekinchan. Discover Selangor


Restoran Lembah Bernam was one of the many interesting places we visited with Tourism Selangor under the Discover Selangor, Heart of Malaysia campaign. This is a Must Visit restaurant for exotic game meat lovers.

Where do Cockles Come from? Discover Selangor, Malaysia

If you are looking for Jamus Lim's "warms the cockles of our hearts" quote click here 👈

You know.... we often hear comments that our children do not know where drumsticks, steaks, fillets etc come from. Actually, I don't know and am curious to find out where cockles come from as I love lots of blood cockles in my char kway teow, curry laksa, and curry mee. Recently, when there was a shortage of cockle supply, I was actually anxious that we might soon be unable to enjoy the taste of see hum (as we call it in Hokkien).

Thanks to Tourism Selangor's "Discover Selangor, Heart of Malaysia" campaign, I finally saw where some blood cockles come from - but, it wasn't what I expected.

Discover Selangor, Heart of Malaysia with Firefly Airlines


This was my first time flying with Firefly airlines and it was a also very long time since I last flew in a turboprop aircraft. I enjoyed both my smooth and comfortable 1.5 hour flights between Singapore and Subang Skypark Airport near Kuala Lumpur.

Walking Guide to Good Food & Cafes near Johor JB Customs

Walking Guide to Good Food & Cafes near Johor JB Customs

Update 23 Jul 2019. You can use this simple walking guide to explore the interesting food stalls, restaurants and cafes that are within walking distance from Johor Bahru immigration checkpoint.

Brunch 2 Wine. Bottle & Glass @ Vantage Bay. Stulang Johor Bahru


Last night, we visited Brunch 2 Wine located at Vibe @ Vantage Bay along Jalan Ibrahim Sultan (Stulang), the seaside strip facing the Johor Straits and Woodlands (Singapore) on the other side. Brunch 2 Wine at Vibe @ Vantage Bay is Johor Bahru's newest fine dining destination for romantic dinners and special occasions.

Desa Tebrau JB Sing Ting Mee Hoon Kueh 新天面粉糕 ⭐⭐⭐⭐✱


Brunch today is at the popular Restoran Sing Ting mee hoon kueh in Taman Desa Tebrau. This is the branch shop by the same family that run the Sing Ting MHK shop at Jalan Besi 1 in Skudai for over 20 years.

I Blind Tasted 5 Canned Abalone. Which is the Best?


Codiva, a 40 year old Johor Bahru homegrown cannery claiming to produce the best abalone in Malaysia invited me to be their affiliate. I was skeptical about their claim. So, before making my decision, I decided to conduct a blind test of 5 canned abalones. If Codiva's 海中王 canned abalone come up top in the blind test, I will accept the invitation to be their affiliate. Otherwise, I would just thank them for the opportunity 😃

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant in Kulai Indahpura Johor


Dropped by at Yuzu Restaurant, a Japanese style casual, family friendly diner near to the AEON mall in Kulai. The menu consists of don, gozen, curry, ramen and udon - Yuzu's hearty servings are tasty, competitively priced and the environment is cosy.

Review of Yap Kee Wanton Mee @ Restoran Si Hu Coffee Shop ● Jalan Permas 9/2 Johor Bahru 葉记全蛋云吞面


Whenever I am in a taxi, somehow we ended up chatting happily with the driver about.... what else.... but food.... As we near our destination, I often ask the driver to name his top 3 favourite food stalls. Today in JB, our taxi driver Siang named Hwa Mei ("Ah B") bak kut teh, Lai Kee fish ball noodles and Yap Kee wanton mee in Permas Jaya.

2017 All the Hip Cafes near City Square Johor Bahru JB Checkpoint


Friends want me to take them cafe hopping in Johor Bahru 😃 Drink latte instead of kopi C kosong 😂

It's no longer news - once sleepy, old downtown JB is energized - came alive as hipster cafe central in Johor.

Chicken Cutlet Noodle. RedRing Treasures. Food Republic. Wisma Atria


Just had this unique Chicken Cutlet Noodle 红环招牌鸡排面 for lunch at RedRing Treasures in Food Republic at Wisma Atria in Orchard Road, Singapore. We liked it 😃😋

Ser Seng Turtle Soup @ Geylang Lor 21 Singapore 生成山瑞補品 ⭐⭐⭐⭐✱


I first indulged in traditional herbal turtle soup with my mates at Tai Thong Crescent MacPherson in the 1980s as our office was nearby in Paya Lebar. It became a life long love and my usual turtle soup haunt is at Berseh Food Centre

Sheng Kee Cooked Food Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Singapore 生记熟食


It was Pearl's idea to come to Sheng Kee in Geylang Bahru for their Hong Kong soya sauce chicken after our earlier foodie session left us half full and unfulfilled 😞 Before she could complete saying "The meat is very tender and the flavour is quite mild" and "I just tabao yesterday", we were already getting up from our chairs in anticipation 😃

Wen Hua Cantonese Restaurant. Molek. Johor Bahru. 文华楼


Wen Hua is a banquet type Chinese restaurant in busy Taman Molek, JB. Well known for it's signature fruit eating wild patin fish, Wen Hua is popular for banquets and special gatherings. Recently, thanks to buddy Suan, we found out that Wen Hua is also good for simple meals for lunch or dinner. Even two can go and have a modest yet delicious meal at Wen Hua.

Sun Meng Coffee, Toast & Eggs. Seremban Food. 新明茶餐室 ⭐⭐⭐⭐✱


This morning driving from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, we decided to have our breakfast in Seremban instead of KL, so as to avoid being caught in the Malaysian capital city's traffic.

Petaling Street Food. Chinatown Mdm Tang Muah Chee. Sweet Rice Cake.


When you wander around KL's Petaling Street during the morning till mid-afternoon, you are likely to stumble upon Mdm Tang's muah chee push cart stall.

KL Cafe Hopping. Lepaq Lepaq. Jalan Ceylon. Kuala Lumpur CLOSED


When Irene asked me where to meet, I replied, "Take me to your favourite cafe in KL". So, you are seeing me with Instagram food on New Year Day 2017 😜

Wah Chue Fish Ball Noodles. Setapak. Best KL Food List. 华钗茶室鱼滑粉 ⭐⭐⭐⭐✱


Exploring the pasar pagi (morning market) in Setapak, we stumbled upon Wah Chue which is the obvious local favourite brekky haunt judging by the buzzing crowd in the shop.

Sang Kee. Lor Yap Ah Loy. Famous Food in Old KL 生记酒家


My buddy Peter brought me to Sang Kee, a KL institution for their famed big river prawn noodles and beef hor fun.