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My Stay in 5⭐ Imperial Hotel in Hue, Vietnam


During my foodie trip to Hue, we stayed at Imperial Hotel Hue. I enjoyed my stay here, and would use Imperial Hotel again for future visits to Hue.

To Know Vietnam, Start Eating in Hue. Food and Sights in the Imperial & Culinary Capital


To know Vietnam, start in Hue. Hue was the imperial capital of the Nguyen dynasty, which 143 year rule ended in 1945. Hue is also the culinary capital of Vietnam. Of 3,000 Vietnamese dishes, over 1,700 came originally from Hue.

Banh Nam Hue. Steamed Flat Rice Dumpling of Vietnam's Imperial Capital


In Vietnam, you will taste many forms of banh which is usually translated as cake or bread. The most well known banh in the world is banh mi which is like a form of Vietnamese bread roll with fillings. In the ancient imperial city of Hue, they have their own types of banh. The most famous being banh khoai which I like. But, it was banh nam which I ended up eating the most because it is more widely available.

Salute Singapore & Johor F & B Heroes against COVID-19


This post puts together the restaurants and eateries in Singapore and Johor who volunteered their food, money, time and energy to support medical workers in their fight against COVID-19 and workers displaced by the pandemic. We salute you and will always remember your kindness long after we have overcome our common foe.

Daebak Ghost Pepper is Spiciest Instant Ramen in the World? Wu Yah Boh? Real or Not?


Buddy Mark gifted me this Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Dry Black Noodles in a cup. Thanks buddy! "Drink some milk before you eat this" he kindly cautioned 😊

What is Imperial Cuisine in Hue, Vietnam's Culinary Capital? ẩm thực cung đình


Vietnam has an estimated 3,000 dishes. Of these, some 1,700 originate from Hue, the culinary capital of Vietnam. It is no accident that Hue cuisine has such an immerse influence in the country - for 143 years Hue was the imperial capital of Vietnam, the seat of the Nguyen dynasty, the home of 13 emperors of Vietnam (till the last, Emperor Bao Dai abdicated the throne in 1945).

Sân Mây Huế Restaurant. Memorable Vegan & Vegetarian Dinner in Hue, Vietnam

Sân- Mây-Vegan-Vegetarian-Hue-Vietnam

Hue has many vegetarian restaurants as many locals are vegetarians by religious observance e.g. Buddhists. We visited two vegetarian restaurants during our visit - the more memorable one was Sân Mây Huế which is reputedly one of Hue's best vegan / vegetarian restaurants.

Cơm Hến Clam Mussel Rice from Hue. A Favourite of Royals & Peasants


Cơm Hến, clam or mussel rice is a Hue speciality that you must try when you visit Vietnam's culinary capital.

Things to See & Eat at Historic Cho Dong Ba Market in Hue


Wherever I go, the sights, sounds, feel, smells and tastes of the local market is a must in my itinerary. In Ho Chi Minh City, there's Ben Thanh Market, and in the ancient imperial city of Hue, it is the century old Dong Ba Market.

Hue Local Favourite Seafood Restaurant Quán Hải Sản Tuấn Phúc, Central Vietnam


The ancient imperial city of Hue is located where the Perfume River meets the East Vietnam Sea. Fresh seafood is plentiful and a must eat when you visit Hue.

Home Cooked Hue Cuisine. Eating Banh Beo, Va Tron Hue & Bun Bo Hue with the Tu Family


We can enjoy food in Hue, Vietnam's culinary capital in exclusive fine dining restaurants, busy family restaurants, humble side walk stalls, mobile street carts, and even in a Vietnamese family home as a guest. Every place offers their own unique foodie experience - you should try them all when you are in Hue.

Eugene's Grocery in Pelangi Johor Bahru


Eugene's Grocery is a fine Western foods grocer cum restaurant in JB's Taman Pelangi. Established about 5 years ago, it is well known in the foodie community.

Johor Bahru Masai Choy Kee Claypot Chicken Rice 財記瓦煲雞飯 @ Masai 大排档


Recently Johor Bahru social media is abuzz about an old school charcoal claypot chicken rice stall in Masai shared by buddy Lee HY. We went to visit it as there are only a small handful of charcoal claypot rice in JB now - I know only 2 others.

Hue Imperial Pork Leg Stew Giò Lợn Ninh @ Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant


We were at Tinh Gia Vien restaurant to see master chef Tôn Nữ Thị Hà who is known as Vietnam's "Heiress of Hue Imperial Cuisine" prepare three imperial dishes including this imperial pork leg stew.

Chef Tôn Nữ Thị Hà Makes Hue Royal Dish "Steamed Squid in Pineapple Shape" @ Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant


It was my privilege to spend an entire day observing how Vietnam celebrity chef Tôn Nữ Thị Hà makes Hue royal cuisine at her famous Tinh Gia Vien restaurant in Hue.

Authentic Hue Imperial Dish - Shrimp Balls on Tangerine Tree @ Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant


Our visit to Tinh Gia Vien restaurant by celebrity chef Madame Ton Nu Thi Ha was one of the defining moments of our foodie trip to Hue, Vietnam. We spent half a day here and got a good appreciation of Hue's legendary imperial cuisine and how they are made. Incredibly tedious to make, I have to warn you.

Eating Out like a Local in Hue, Vietnam at Bờ Ao Quán Restaurant


Our guide Nguyen Ngoc An of Connect Travel took us for dinner at Bờ Ao Quán restaurant, his family's favourite hang out. During the 30 minute drive southwest from Hue to Bờ Ao Quán, An kept raving about the goat dishes there. That got me really excited as I love goat meat and wondered how they are done in Hue, Vietnam's imperial city 😋

Hue Food Tour Highlight - Royal Cuisine at Boi Tran Garden

Royal-Cuisine- Boi-Tran-Garden
Madame Boi Tran with KF Seetoh, founder of Makansutra

Our lunch at Boi Tran Garden was one of the highlights of our foodie trip to Hue, Vietnam -  actually, one of my most memorable dining experiences ever.

Food Tour on Cyclo (Trishaw). The Best Way to Explore Hue Street Cuisine


Arriving in Hue in the late afternoon, we were revving to go on the first event on our itinerary - Hue street food tour on trishaw. 

Warning: BUN BO HUE may Change your Taste for Vietnamese Noodles PHO-ever


When I think about Vietnamese noodles, the first only thing that comes to my mind has always been pho. Thanks to my recent trip to Hue, now I also have bun bo Hue on my mind. Now, if I must choose between the two, I go with bun bo Hue.

What Must Eat Food in Hue Vietnam? Banh Khoai Seafood Pancake @ Chuồn Village Market


When I travel, one of my favourite things to do is to visit the local food market to look, see, smell, listen and, of course, eat there. More often than not, it turns out to be the highlight of the trip - the food markets of Hue are no different. My first taste of Hue banh khoai at Chuồn Village Market is a memorable foodie experience, I highly recommend it to you too.