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10 Must Try Philippines Food from WSFC 15 Hour Food Frenzy Safari


Philippines food is unique - in it we can taste the essence of Malay, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, and American food adapted to local ingredients. Philippines cuisine is a blend of sweet, sour and savoury, and uses less hot spices characteristic of Southeast Asian food.

I had the opportunity to taste many Philippines dishes - traditional and avant-garde during the 15 Hour Food Frenzy Safari, in conjunction with the media launch of WSFC16 or World Street Food Congress 2016 (which will be held from 20 - 24 Apr 2016) in Manila.

These are just 10 of the highlights.

Mee Soto at Enak Stall in Bedok Singapore JK1413


Uncle Martin has been raving about the mee soto at Enak for a while now, "the best in Singapore" he said. As I am a fan of mee soto, I dated Uncle Martin to have mee soto together at Enak stall in Bedok.

Eight 8 at Lido Hill Johor Bahru JB Wines and Fine Dining JK1412


When I am asked to suggest a place in Johor Bahru for fine food and wine with a nice ambiance, Eight at Lido Hill or simply 8 Lido is always among the top of my mind.

Chef Sau del Rosario's Cafe Fleur Pampanga Philippines


The WSFC16 15 Hour Frenzy Food Safari brought us to Chef Sau del Rosario's Cafe Fleur in Pampanga (2 hours by road north of Manila). We visited more than 10 eateries during the food safari and I personally felt this was the highlight.

Chef's Choice - No Name Stall at Restoran Yi Fon Kopitiam in Taman Daya Johor Bahru


Malaysia has lots of such nondescript little "no name" stalls. These mon and pop type stalls don't do any branding. They don't even have the very basics of branding, like even a stall name. The stall signboard only says what they serve here. So, their marketing depends entirely on word of month which doesn't travel very far or very quickly. Fortunately, now everyone can help spread the word with social media.

Aling Lucing Sisig in Angeles Pampanga Philippines


Sisig is a popular Filipino dish found all over the Philippines and anywhere in the world wherever there are Filipinos. I am grateful for the opportunity to visit the birth place of modern sisig during the 15 Hour Food Frenzy Safari in conjunction with the WSFC World Street Food Congress 2016.

15 Hour Food Frenzy Safari in Manila with WSFC16 World Street Food Congress 2016 by Makansutra

I just got home from the gruelling 15 Hour Food Frenzy Safari in Manila curated by KF Seeton of Makansutra and Anton Diaz of OurAwesomePlanet in conjunction with the World Street Food Congress WSFC 2016. I am so excited to share this crazy foodie adventure with you :-D

MOVED. Ramen Taisho Clementi Mall Food Fare Singapore


I love eating ramen like crazy. So, when I heard that Ramen Taisho which serves artisanal ramen just opened 3 days ago at the NTUC Foodfare food court in Clementi Mall, I rushed to try it :-D

Tampoi Ah B Duck Egg Wanton Noodle in Johor Bahru JB 淡杯阿B全蛋云吞面

✍️ 15 Apr 2024. When we got here at around 11am, I was a little surprised that there were still available tables. Then, I quickly realised that Ah B wanton mee has expanded to two shop lots 👏👏👏

Well done Ah B and Tee Pink, the young couple running the wanton mee stall.

Copyright Violations - Blogger's Heartache & Headache


Last year, I was invited to sit on a panel discussing the issue of copyright at a bloggers and social media conference in Singapore. Much as I am honoured by the invitation, I regretfully declined.

Beggar's Chicken in Johor Bahru Ban Heong Seng 万香城叫化鸡乞丐鸡


On the table, beggar's chicken 叫化鸡 or 乞丐 looks like any herbal chicken, which it basically is.

According to Chinese folk lore, during the Qing Dynasty 清朝, a starving beggar stole a chicken from a farm. To hide his loot, the beggar dug a hole and buried the chicken deep in mud.

Shanghai Yuyuan Gardens Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao Dumplings 豫园南翔馒头店


Though Yuyuan Gardens of today is a tourist trap, no tour of Shanghai is complete without a day jostling with locals and other tourists here.

Goody Feed Copyright Violations - 10 Best Zichar Stalls in Johor Bahru JB

Screengrab from

A friend shared an article "10 Best Zichar Stalls in JB that you should try at least once in your Lifetime" by Goody Feed.

Goody Feed used 5 photographs from Johor Kaki blog without asking me for permission nor contacted me in any way. (People who have asked permission from me before to use my photographs know that I grant it readily.)

Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee Noodle Hong Lim 亚王咖喱鸡米粉面 Update 2019

Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee Noodle Hong Lim 亚王咖喱鸡米粉面

Hong Lim hawker centre is the curry chicken noodle hub of Singapore, with at least five stalls serving very good renditions of this uniquely Nanyang dish. But, Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee is the only stall that bears the Michelin Dolby mark (as we say in Singlish) - Ah Heng was in the Bib Gourmand list of Singapore Michelin Guide 2016.

Arnold's Fried Chicken. Singapore's Own & Best Loved by Locals


Arnold's fried chicken reminds me of why we fell in love with the good old Kentucky Fried Chicken decades ago with Colonel Sanders' original herbs and spice recipe.

Parr't E'Belle Tinola. Must Eat Seafood in Cebu Philippines


I first stumbled upon Parr't E'Belle while exploring the street side stalls outside SM City mall for local food. My second and third times were at the courtesy of my gracious Philippines hosts. And, every time I spoke with Cebuanos about hometown food, they always mention Parr't E'Belle. I'll say a trip to Parr't E'Belle is a must, if you a foodie visiting Cebu.

M-FORCE NIGHT 2016 at KF1 Karting Circuit Kranji Singapore


I started the year with an evening of raw adrenaline rush at the Orient Watch M-FORCE NIGHT 2016 held at the KF1 Karting Circuit. It's my first time go-karting, and I tell you.... it's so thrilling and addictive :-D

Cafe Batavia & Churchill Bar @ Jakarta Fatahillah Square 🇮🇩 Relive the Spirit of Old Indonesia


When you visit Jakarta, Cafe Batavia at Fatahillah Square in Kota Tua (Old Town) is a must go.

Restaurant name: Cafe Batavia

Address: Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No.14, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11230, Indonesia

Tel+62 21 6915531

Hours: 8:00am to 12:00 midnight


Sop Buntut Ibu Samino Senayan 🇮🇩 Famous Oxtail Soup Specialist in Jakarta, Indonesia


While in Jakarta, I casually mentioned to our gracious host Tintin Irawati Punjabi (who is a foodie and a famous travel writer) that I love tails 😄 So, she brought us to Sop Buntut Ibu Samino Senayan which means "Senayan style tail soup by Mum Samino" 😊

Restaurant name: Sop Buntut Ibu Samino Senayan

AddressJl. Pakubuwono VI No.4, RT.4/RW.5, Gunung, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12120, Indonesia (Note: This outlet which we went to has closed but there are other branches in Jakarta)

Tel(021) 9817 5271  /  8634 2001

3 Best Hainanese Chicken Rice in Johor Bahru after Eating at 30+ Stalls JK1396


These 3 are my favourite Hainanese chicken rice in JB now. They are very close in overall quality, so I shall not rank them but these are the 3 in my top band. (Of course, taste is a very subjective and personal thing, so everyone will have different favourites.)

Ehhe Art Cafe Jalan Tan Hiok Nee JB JK1395 中間旁邊


We were at Ehhe Art Cafe in Johor Bahru again, one of our favourite places to hang out in JB.

Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodle · Longhouse · Founded 1963 Closing on 13 Jul 2023 @ Balestier Market 阿辉大虾面


23 May 2023
. Ah Hui Longhouse Prawn Noodle which has been at Balestier Market since 2014 will be pulling down its shutters for the last time here on 13 Jul 2023.

After shuttering at Balestier Market, the future of this 60 year old heritage stall is uncertain 🤔

Halal Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee Cifu Omar


Irene kept raving about Sifu Omar's Halal Penang Hokkien mee during my Penang trip, and we finally got to try it on the last day before I boarded the plane home.

I Hate Food Bloggers - Chef Jimmy Chok

Food blogger bashing is in the news again in Singapore :-D

The latest blast from Singapore Celebrity Chef Jimmy Chok :-D

Stone Age Bedok Blk 218 Singapore 石頭記 JK1390


When I arrived at Stone Age at Blk 218 Bedok North Street 1 where my friend Wiliam suggested we meet for lunch, I know the food will be good - I know his taste. But, looking at the rather ornate decor at the restaurant, my first thought to myself was this place is going to be quite expensive.

But, at the end of our scrumptious lunch, I had to eat my own words to myself. Stone Age serves great food in a nice setting at good value prices :-D

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant Antoinette Penhas Singapore JK1389


8:30am. Antoinette. Penhas Road, Singapore.

Vincent is here for the second time since Antoinette launched their Salted Egg Yolk Lava Croissant two days ago.

Today, he made sure that he is first in the queue.

Toh Soon Cafe, Georgetown, Penang 多春茶座


My Penang kaki (friend) Irene had been raving about this back lane Toh Soon kopitiam since the day I arrived on the island. It was only on the seventh and final day before we found time to pop by Irene's favourite breakfast haunt, despite food touring Penang at whirlwind pace. There were just too many great food places to cover in Penang.

Nasi Campur Kak Sa'adia in Johor Jaya Bakawali JB JK1387


One of my favourite meals in Johor Bahru is the simple nasi campur (the Malay equivalent of the Chinese "economy rice"). One place I often drop by for this Malay staple is Nasi Campur Kak Sa'adia along Jalan Bakawali 75 as it is just a 5 minutes drive from AEON Jusco Tebrau shopping centre - the largest mall in JB.