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Famous Johor Labis Chee Keng Yam Rice 金记芋头饭


We purposely chose the Labis route from JB to Segamat (for durian 😄 ) so that we can lunch at the famous Chee Keng Yam Rice shop 金记芋头饭 😋

Famous Yong Peng Duck Noodles 永平鸭肉


✍ 16 Sep 2023. Buddy Mary just had brunch at Yong Peng Duck Noodles 永平鸭's new shop. They just moved here recently (Mary said opening ceremony bouquets still fresh 💐 ).  I haven't been here at their new location but Mary said the food is still nice. I need to go try myself soon 😋 (Thanks Mary for the update and photo 🙏 )

Stall name: 永平鴨麵 Yong Peng Duck Noodle

Address: 83700 Yong Peng, 5, jalan komersial 3, Pusat Komersial, 83700 Yong Peng, Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +6012 660 0516

Hours: 7am - 3pm

Vanilla Bean Coffee & Patisserie. Senibong Cove. Johor Bahru JB


Corinne proposed that we meet at Vanilla Bean Coffee & Patisserie for the first stop of our cafe hop day in JB 😄

1 Day Cafe Hopping Itinerary in Johor Bahru JB (Tuesday Edition)


Today is my cafe hopping and good coffee appreciation day in Johor Bahru. We started at 10am in the morning and left the last cafe at 10pm at night 😄 It's quite a tiring day but we felt very high throughout the day 😄

Tenglong Cave. Must See Natural Wonder in Hubei China 腾龙洞


During my trip to fascinating Hubei province in central China, I visited Tenglong Cave or 腾龙洞 which means "cave of the soaring dragon". Tenglong Cave was awarded by the China National Geographic magazine in 2005 "the most beautiful place in China" - an accolade well deserved 👏👏👏

Popular & Famous Must Try Food in Jalan Maju Johor JB


Jalan Maju is a small street off the Tebrau Highway with a few big names in Johor food. It is less than 10 minutes drive from the JB CIQ once you cleared immigration. As most of the shops here open as early as 5:00am, they are good choices for breakfast to start the day before exploring JB or for the drive further up north.

Naughty Nuri's Warung Sutera Johor Bahru JB


We had lunch today at the Naughty Nuri's outlet near Sutera Mall. Naughty Nuri's Warung is an international franchise founded at the legendary beach side BBQ pork ribs and martini stall in Ubud, Bali. How did Balinese style ribs come together with martini in a warung? It's a husband and wife team - Ibu Nuri is the lady behind the naughty ribs and her American husband Brian, the wicked martinis. It's a perfect match 😄

Feel at Home and Recharge at Grazia Cafe near Sutera Mall


This morning, I am back at Grazia Cafe near Sutera Mall after three years. I had fond memories of Grazia Cafe as an intimate quiet calming space, good for cooling our heels during food trails or shopping trips.

CLOSED. Char Kway Teow at Restoran Tien Tien Kopitiam in Pelangi


(Update: Ms Goh deceased in Oct 2018.)

When foodie buddy Jeff Tan tipped us off about the char kway teow stall at Restoran Tien Tien kopitiam in Taman Pelangi, I was very excited. Good char kway teow is rare in Johor Bahru, or for that matter, everywhere else nowadays. Good char kway teow is like drinking water in the sea - CKT CKT everywhere but where are the good ones?

10 Popular & Famous Must Try Food in Batu Pahat Johor


Seaside Batu Pahat is blessed with many good traditional food stalls. I travel to Batu Pahat regularly because I love the rustic streets of unadorned vintage buildings. I enjoy the hospitality of warm town folk along laid back corridors and coffee shops. There are a lot of great food in Batu (as locals call it) and this is a list of popular and famous food stalls which I have visited and liked.

Bay Street 66 in Seri Alam Masai Johor Bahru JB


Dropped by Bay Street 66's newly opened outlet at Bandar Sri Alam for lunch today. This is Bay Street 66's third outlet; the other two are in Johor Jaya and Mount Austin.

Botak Curry Mee Kluang 摩达咖喱面 Daughter's Stall @ Mengkibol River Hawker Centre


One of my favourite places in Kluang is the sleepy row of old shops and eateries at Jalan Panggung along the narrow winding Mengkibol River. There are a few old stalwarts of the Kluang food scene here - one of them is Botak curry mee 摩达咖喱面. Everyday, locals still saunter in casually as they had done since decades past. It's very cosy and relaxing here - time, blood pressure and heart rate all slow down like the lazy, almost still water in the snaking Mengkibol River 😌

Vegetarian & Vegan Ramen in Johor JB. Samurai Ramen Umami


Samurai Ramen Umami from Japan is the latest ramen shop to open (on 17 Jun 2017) at AEON Jusco Tebrau's Ramen Street. It's right at the front, on the left, and the largest shop at Ramen Street.

Barney's Dx. Good Food Great Time in Kluang Johor

Barney's Good Food Great Time in Kluang Johor

Update 5 Aug 2019. I am back at Barney's after 2 years, this time for his "chef's table" where each guest pays RM150 - RM200 and leave themselves at Chef Barney's pleasure to personally whip up magical dishes from his lifetime in the food industry. (This dining format is similar to omakase in Japan, dégustation in France and "tasting menu" in North America.)

Bazar Ramadan Taman Suria Johor Bahru JB


During the Muslim Holy Month, I always look forward to visiting Ramadan Bazaars. Bazar Ramadan is the best opportunity to enjoy many types of traditional Malay and Halal dishes at the same place. It's a feast for all our senses - the colours, smells, sounds of food prepared, flavours of the delicious food and feeling the spirit of the community.

Best Food near KSL Mall. Din Kee Hainanese Beef Noodles 鼎记牛腩粉


Din Kee 鼎记牛腩粉 is one of my favourite beef noodle stalls in Johor and Singapore. The stall has been moving around in JB since I first tasted them 2 years ago. They are now in Restoran 118 coffee shop near KSL mall. I can't wait to share the good news with folks who like to hang around KSL mall, especially friends from Singapore.

Hock Chew Noodles. Restoran Hee Fook Chew. Masai. JB. 肥婆福州美食.喜记茶餐室


Thanks to tip off by buddy Henry Lee, we got a taste of Hock Chew noodles in JB at 肥婆福州美食 stall in 龍城餐館. Roughly translated, it is Fat Lady Hock Chew Delicacies at Restoran Long Cheng at Jalan Api-Api 9 in Taman Megah Ria, Masai.

China's Amazing Enshi Grand Canyon 恩施大峡谷


This was the majestic view of Enshi Grand Canyon 恩施大峡谷 from my room at The Daughter Village Hotel. The sheer limestone cliffs were veiled by thin morning mist and low cloud. It's a surreal dreamy picture as I looked out from my balcony, invigorated by the cool, pristine mountain air and excited by the thought that we were going up that intimidating looking cliff today.

Hubu Alley. Wuhan Famous Food Street 武汉户部巷


Hubu Alley is a food street in Wuhan - tour guides will bring tourists here though locals will normally not eat here 😂 Still, it's a pleasant walk and a good place to get acquainted with some local specialities, especially when one does not have sufficient time to explore authentic local street food.

小路易生煎馆 (漢街) Sheng Jian Bao at Hanjie Street. Wuhan Food

小路易生煎馆 (漢街)-Sheng-Jian-Bao-Hanjie-Street-Wuhan

I heard a lot about the famous pan fried bao 生煎包 shop 小路易生煎馆 of Wuhan before and so was quite excited when we stumbled upon their outlet at Wuhan's Hanjie Street 漢街. Actually, I never expected to visit Wuhan, China - I was happy like a child when I spotted this.

Bali Lobster Delicious in Crayfish Crazy Wuhan. Food 巴厘龙虾(万松园)


😄😄😄 For me one of the priorities when travelling, besides sightseeing, shopping etc, tasting local speciality dishes is a must. While in Wuhan in Central China, everyone we met suggested that we must try their crayfish. The city is crazy about crayfish (actually, practically the whole of China is gripped in a crayfish craze 😂).

Highlights from the World Street Food Congress Dialogue 2017

World-Street-Food-Congress-Dialogue -2017

For two full days, we listened with rapt attention as international and Philippines culinary experts and chefs shared their insights on heritage and street food at the World Street Food Congress Dialogue from 31 May to 1 Jun 2017. On my left and right, and all around me in the audience were diverse street food stake holders from culinary schools to government, policy think tanks, corporations, private investors, entrepreneurs, chefs, food manufacturers, suppliers, and media etc.

Menya Sakura Ramen @ Boat Quay Singapore 麺屋桜シンガポール

I was at Change Alley at Raffles Place today to change some money for my upcoming China trip, and so took the opportunity to visit the highly rated Menya Sakura at Boat Quay for lunch. Menya Sakura is a ramen chain from Nagoya, Japan.

Tips on How to Cook Pad Thai by Chef Andy Yang of Rhong Tiam


Pad Thai, the rice noodle dish is the national dish of Thailand - countless versions of it are found all over Thailand and around the world, from dusty street corners to exclusive fine dining restaurants.

Marsiling Mall. Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted. Wanton Mee 富市传统烧腊


I was in Manila when buddy Aaron posted an obscene picture of his favourite lusciously glazed char siew from Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted. Wanton Mee stall. I couldn't resist such char siew and so we arranged to meet up the every next morning, the night I arrived back in Singapore. (Update: Fu Shi Roasted is now at Marsiling Mall hawker centre.)

Anthony Bourdain at the World Street Food Congress 2017 in Manila


Anthony Bourdain is the most famous street food advocate in the world. He is also a member of the World Street Food Congress Council. He graced the WSFC Dialogue on the afternoon of 1 Jun and hosted a media conference on 2 Jun.

What to Eat at the World Street Food Congress Jamboree 2017 in Manila


Most Manila foodies would have heard that the World Street Food Congress Jamboree took off to a booming start today and the festivities will last till 4 Jun 2017.