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Shanghai Dim Sum. Good Xiao Long Bao in Richmond Hill, Toronto


Lunch today was at Shanghai Dim Sum at Richmond Hill, Toronto. It's known as 城隍廟小吃 or City God Temple Eatery in Chinese, referring to the famous landmark in old Shanghai, China.

Gamjatang Pork Bone Soup at Little Piggy's in Koreatown, Toronto


Continuing my gamjatang or Korean pork bone soup journey, I popped in at Little Piggy's at the edge of Koreatown at 469 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

Gamjatang at Yummy Korean Food in Koreatown, Toronto


I've been binging on gamjatang since discovering this homely Korean staple pork bone dish. Yeah, I came very late to the Korean party 😂 My ramen epiphany was in New York City and now in Toronto, it is Korean food.

Funny, I don't find gamjatang or pork bone soup mentioned in Top 10 Best Korean food listicles but practically all Korean eateries in Toronto's Koreatown have it on their menu. Torontonians love it for lunch, dinner and for nursing hangovers 😃

Sunrise House Korea Town. Bloor West, Toronto


Korean Canadian friends recommended this little hole-in-the-wall, auntie 아주머니 run shop for homely Korean comfort food. When we failed to snag a table yesterday at Sunrise House due to a continuously full house in the tiny shop, I was determined to come back again. Soon.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu. Korea Town Toronto


Went to explore downtown Toronto's Korea Town today. The Korean enclave stretches along Bloor Street West roughly between Grace Street and Bathurst Street.

Jerk Chicken at The Real Jerk Gerard Street East Toronto


Jerk chicken is a Jamaican staple that has been fully embraced by Torontonians (in Canada). This Jamaican comfort food is found everywhere in Toronto at food courts, kiosks, cafeterias and restaurants.

AGO Art Gallery of Ontario - Best Free Things to Do in Toronto


AGO or Art Gallery of Ontario located right at the edge of Toronto's Old Chinatown is a Must Visit for art lovers. AGO is the home of over 80,000 art pieces from Renaissance Europe to modern day Canada.

Cantonese Roasts at House of Gourmet in Toronto Old Chinatown


I know very well that I shouldn't be eating anymore of these 😱 But, coming from the land of skinny ducks (Malaysia, Singapore), I just couldn't resist and couldn't stop till I have tasted as much of Toronto's fat roast ducks as possible 😂

So, I came to House of Gourmet 满庭芳 on Dundas Street West twice to spread out the cholesterol. Hope As if that helps 😂

Fun Dining at The Old Spaghetti Factory, The Esplanade, Toronto


The Old Spaghetti Factory in Toronto at The Esplanade is a family type restaurant that will please the kids and still fill some adults like me with awe, wonder and happiness.

Maple Yip in Scarborough Famous Lo Mai Gai and Winter Melon Soup


Today, I got a chance to try Maple Yip Seafood restaurant's famous glutinous rice chicken or lo mai kai 糯米雞. Thanks to our friends Ben and Kiin for taking us to their family favourite.

Gold Stone Noodle at Spadina, Chinatown Toronto 金石


Today, we had lunch at Gold Stone Noodle Restaurant at 266, Spadina Avenue in Toronto's Old Chinatown.

Ah.. so this is Poutine. A Better or Canadian Way to Eat Fries


Reader Taryn suggested that I need to try pontine while in Canada, so I went out to look for it. It's Canada's national dish 😄 

A Walk in Toronto's Little Portugal


Spent an interesting day exploring a part of Toronto's Little Portugal today 😃 It's a residential district and businesses are dotted mainly along Dundas Street West and Ossington Avenue.

New Hong Fatt BBQ Restaurant. Toronto Chinatown 新鴻發美食軒


Three weeks in Toronto and I've been to New Hong Fatt BBQ Restaurant three times already 😄 But, I can't really say I am head over heels in love with it 😝

Allan Gardens in Toronto - Inspiring Gardeners


If you search online for tourist attractions in Toronto, Allan Gardens is usually not included in the "Top 10 Best" type of listicles. But, if you enjoy flowers or are an architecture buff, Allan Gardens is worth a visit. After-all, it's just a 10-15 minutes walk from the main shopping belt in Toronto.

Casa Coffee at Kensington Market in Toronto Canada


Casa Coffee founded in 1963 is probably the oldest coffee shop in Canada. It is located at the heart of Kensington Market, right at the junction of Augusta Avenue and Baldwin Street. You can't miss the coffee coloured brick building, nor can you miss the people perched at the window or coffee sipping folks chatting along the veranda. 

Kinton Ramen. Toronto Best Ramen List


Kinton Ramen is one of Toronto's highest rated ramen - it's on every listicle of Toronto's best ramen. After trying the excellent ramen at Kinka Izakaya, Kinton's sister shop next door, I was eager to try the famous ramen specialist's noodles.

Kinka Izakaya Original. Best Toronto Japanese Restaurant List


Lunch today is at popular Kinka Izakaya on 398, Church Street.

Founded in 2009, Kinka has branch outlets in Toronto and Montreal. In 2016, Kinka came full circle opening an outlet in Tokyo. Next on the cards is an outlet in New York City.  

Kensington Market Walking Guide. Must See Attraction in Toronto


Kensington Market is a cluster of gritty Victorian era houses re-purposed into an eclectic collection of grocers, restaurants, cafes and bars. The mishmash of shops reflects Canada's diversity which gives it it's unique, Bohemian charm. In 2006, Kensington Market was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

Momofuku Noodle Bar. Best Toronto Ramen List


You know Momofuku, wherever it opens, it won't be just another ramen shop - it becomes a destination of ramen lovers.

Hokkaido Santouka. Best Toronto Ramen List 山頭火


Santouka Ramen 山頭火 on Dundas Street East is on every listicle on Toronto's best ramen. Santouka Ramen is a large Japanese chain established in Hokkaido in 1988 and now has outlets around the world.