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30 Things to See Do Eat Buy in Goa India


I recently visited Goa with AirAsia. It was a fascinating trip as I saw many parts of this smallest state of India with a unique history - Goa was ruled by the Portuguese until 1961. Travel helps us understand ourselves better. Some of my friends in Malaysia and Singapore have their roots in Goa.

Citrus Sukhumvit 11 Nana Bangkok Hotel Review


You know, when I visit Bangkok (or just about anywhere), I hit the streets for food, shopping and the fascinating sights. So, I spend very little time in the hotel except to freshen/ wash up and to sleep.

Happy Together Steamboat Johor Bahru Mount Austin 同乐家火锅


There is something about Chinese steamboat or hotpot for get togethers. Steamboat is often the choice when friends meet up. There are hotpot restaurants of all shapes and sizes - small ones, and giant chains like Hai Di Lao from China which throw in all kinds of add on entertainment such as performances and karaoke. Still, the no frills small steamboat shops in the neighbourhood have their own appeal.

Taylors Swan Valley Art & Coffee House near Perth


Just the other day, I was chatting with my friend Peggy and the topic drifted to what a great place the Swan Valley (Western Australia) is. Then she asked me if I went to Taylors. Yes, I did thanks to Shasa Stone from the City of Swan who hosted us. But, my point is, the subject of Taylors kept popping up when I speak with different people about the Swan Valley.

It seems anyone who has been to the Swan Valley remembers Taylors.

So, what is Taylors Art & Coffee House like?

Hi Wan Kuey Teow Kia JB Taman Pelangi Johor Bahru 海皇粿条仔


Hi Wan kway teow kia 海皇粿条仔 is very popular among the local and Singaporean suppering crowd in JB - several friends have offered to visit Hi Wan with me ;-D Hi Wan operates from 5:30pm to 3:00am everyday.

La Veen in Perth Menu Review JK1246

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

I brought a stubborn bug with me to Perth, Australia - I was infected with the hipster cafe hopping bug and took it everywhere I went. My good friend Jo-Hann who lives in Perth tells me that I have to check out La Veen, one of his favourite coffee places.

Yuen Fatt Yu Kong Tong Huat Nam Yick Mooncakes in Kluang Johor


The annual Mooncake Festival 中秋节 is around the corner (on 27 Sep 2015). In Kluang, Johor there are four well known traditional Chinese bakeries. Many people find going to Kluang just for mooncakes doesn't sound practical but I found it quite fun and interesting to combine it with a food trail in small town Malaysia.

Handmade Wanton Noodles TUTA Johor Bahru JK1244 財伯手工麵


This is a simple wanton noodle from a humble stall in 88 kopitiam in TUTA (Taman Ungku Tun Aminah), JB. It has been in this neighbourhood for over twenty years - a familiar favourite of many locals. 財伯手工麵 has no English name but translates literally as "Uncle Chye's Handmade Noodles".

Fukuryu Ramen Dining Johor Bahru Taman Sutera JK1243 福龍日式拉麵


As a big fan of ramen, I am very happy that a new ramen shop Fukuryu Ramen Dining 福龍日式拉麵 recently opened in Sutera Utama in Johor Bahru (near Sutera Mall).

WaWa Chicken KFC Korean Fried Chicken City Square Johor Bahru JK1242


I was invited to try the newly opened WaWa Korean Fried Chicken stall in Johor Bahru's City Square Mall. I was happy to try it as I have never tasted Korean fried chicken before even though it had been the rage for a while now in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore Food Tour with German GEO Magazine JK1241


I was given the privilege to bring Jan from German GEO magazine on a Singapore food tour. It was challenging as I was given only 3 hours in the evening, so I could only show Jan a very small sample of Singapore food.

East Bistro In Sembawang Singapore - Second Visit 东小馆


Chef Tony Wong owner-chef of East Bistro invited us back to visit his restaurant in Sembawang. Chef Tony who had been the Chief Chef of Lei Garden Hong Kong and Lei Garden Singapore for decades had been running his own restaurant, East Bistro for almost exactly a year now. Business has been growing steadily as more and more people hear about this gem in Singapore's far north.

PF Chang's Dubai Mall Menu Review

PF Chang's at Dubai Mall

This is the first time I ever stepped into a PF Chang's China Bistro. After a number of prior encounters of culture shock elsewhere long ago, it's not my instinct to eat 鬼老唐餐 kwai lo Chinese food.

IHOP Mall of Emirates Dubai JK1235


My first experience with IHOP was years ago when I was in the US to send my daughter off to school there. My mood was mixed as I was about to leave her alone to fend for herself in the US at age 17. We had our first breakfast together in the US at IHOP and it really cheered me up (the girl was excited and happy to be set "free" in the US).

Now & Then Cafe by NYBC in Koahsiung & Pier-2 Art Centre Taiwan


I've a habit now of checking out local hipster cafes when I occasionally travel ;-D So when we came to Koahsiung City's famous Pier-2 Art Centre 駁二藝術特區, we kept our cafe hopping agenda in mind.

Forts of Goa Attractions Tour India

Reis Magos Fort

The second day of our visit to Goa was dedicated to it's historic forts. Their job as defenders of Goa's land and sea done, the forts today stand as silent sentinels and witnesses to the fascinating stories of this special place.

My First Day Itinerary in Panaji Goa India with AirAsia


Basilica of Bom Jesus

Thanks to AirAsia, this was my first visit to Goa and India. Goa on India's west coast is its smallest state.

Goa Beach in India - Watching Goan Fishermen


As Goa in India is endowed with a long coastline, the life of Goans have long been closely intertwined with the riches from the Arabian Sea. Goan curry fish is commonly eaten at home and at restaurants with rice, naan or chapati.

Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail Day 4 Itinerary Jk1230


Day 4 of our food and wine tour of Swan Valley near Perth in Western Australia. It's the last day of our tour of Perth's "Valley of Taste" and seriously, the beauty and flavours of the place just whetted my appetite for many more return visits.

Swan Valley Food and Wine Tour Day 2 Itinerary JK1228


Day 2 of our 5 day Swan Valley food and wine trail. The highlights were "Speed Grazing", Caversham Wildlife Park and the prestigious Singapore Airlines Swan Valley Wine Show.

Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail Day 1 Itinerary JK1227


I just came back from a most amazing 5 day food and wine tour of the Swan Valley in Australia (near Perth). The Swan Valley is indeed Perth’s “Valley of Taste”. For wine and food lovers, the Swan Valley offers a top notch lifestyle experience within 5 hours hop from Singapore and at a reasonable price.