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Tampoi Ah B Duck Egg Wanton Noodle in Johor Bahru JB 淡杯阿B全蛋云吞面

✍️ 15 Apr 2024. When we got here at around 11am, I was a little surprised that there were still available tables. Then, I quickly realised that Ah B wanton mee has expanded to two shop lots 👏👏👏

Well done Ah B and Tee Pink, the young couple running the wanton mee stall.

Anyway, we sat down quickly which was a good idea as the shop turned full house just a few moments later.

Ah B has white, black and red wanton mee.

We started off with the red first, the version most similar to what is common across the Causeway in Singapore.

Everything was nice, the lardy slightly zesty zingy chili sauce, the crunchy fresh lard croutons, and most importantly, the excellent duck egg noodles.

Ah B makes the slender, soft tender springy duck egg noodles for his own and related brands such as his brother's new shop Grandpapa Tee (Ah Boy) in Skudai.

Then the black, which is lard, aromatic oil, and dark soy sauce.

Which colour I eat depends on where I am and at which stall.

Generally in KL, I go for the black for the suicidal lardy savoury salty taste and feel.

In JB, I like white more. Just a bit of lard, aromatic oil and light soy sauce so that I can appreciate the egginess of the egg noodles. In JB, the prominent wanton mee brands make their own egg noodles and all are discernibly different from the other in taste and feel. Everyone have their own preferences.

Where the chili is good in JB like here at Ah B, I like the red one for its spicy hot kick. Having something zesty to cut through the greasey lard is a good idea.

We made this fun video, and Ah B wanton mee was one of the places featured.

I forgot to say in the video that some wanton noodles in JB (like at Ah B) are made with duck eggs. Going by that, JB wanton mee win already lo...., as there are no fresh duck eggs noodles made in Singapore.
Ah B where the lard oil and lard croutons are fresh everyday.

Getting emotional about lard....... 

Ah B, double checked and triple confirmed, still one of my favourite wanton mee 👍

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Stall name: 淡杯阿B全蛋云吞面 Tampoi Ah B Wanton Noodles

Address: 34 Jalan Dato Muthuthambi, Taman Tampoi, 81200 Johor Bahru

Tel: +6016 727 8588

Hours: 10am - 5pm (Fri off)


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Written by Tony Boey on 15 Apr 2024


✍ 23 Jan 2016. 淡杯阿B全蛋云吞面 is a well loved little wanton noodle stall in Tampoi, tucked in a quiet rustic corner coffee shop off the busy Jalan Skudai (near the Mercedes Benz workshop).


Ah B Wanton noodles is a little stall inside Restoran Lee Soon (which is really a small coffee shop). I like it that we can just pull our cars right up the the door step 😄


The youthful boss, Ah B actually has nearly 20 years of experience under his belt as he has been selling wanton noodles since he was a teen.


The wanton noodle set is lovingly put together. The golden egg noodles were set in a charming traditional ceramic rooster bowl 公鸡碗, overlaid with white and red char siew slices and sprinkled with a green shower of freshly chopped scallion.


There are various sauce options like traditional 原味 (also known as "white 白") and "black 黑". White  is mainly aromatic cooking oil (after frying shallot) and lard, while black  is aromatic cooking oil, lard and dark soy sauce 黑酱油.

We had both. Both sauces were quite mild and we have the option to spice it up with a bit of chili sauce, which we did.


The egg noodles were slender and have a distinctive soft spring and crunch. They are instantly likable and reminds me of the egg noodles at Chin Chin over in Skudai (near by).


The skinny lean char siew is typical of JB style which pales in comparison with KL's caramelised slightly charred thick meaty, fatty chunks.


The wanton noodle is served in a small ceramic bowl of clear broth made by boiling chicken and anchovies. The clear broth is delicious.


Simple old fashioned wanton. A tiny knob of minced pork seasoned with sesame oil and white pepper wrapped in thin soft slippery smooth wanton skin.


The noodles were laced with lard and spiked with lard croutons. Those little taste grenades that burst porcine flavour and aroma in your mouth. 


A large pot of lard and golden brown croutons was kept simmering over slow fire.


Freshly made pickled green pepper - they were juicy crunchy sweet with a mild spiciness. Perhaps a minor detail but traditional wanton noodle would be incomplete without this.


👉 A simple lovingly made wanton mee with nice gently al dente egg noodles, mild sauces and all the details like wantons, soup, chili and lard croutons in place.


Update 2019

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Update Dec 2019. Love Ah B wanton mee even more now than ever because the sauce has more savoury spicy punch now with the same crunchy springy egg noodles.


Restaurant name: 淡杯阿B全蛋云吞面 (stall in Restoran Lee Soon)
Address34, Jalan Dato Muthuthambi, 81200 Tampoi, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.498536, 103.702014  /  1°29'54.7"N 103°42'07.2"E
Tel: +60 16-727 8588
Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm (Closed on alternate Fri)

Non Halal

Written by Tony Boey on  23 Jan 2016 | Updated 29 Mar 2023

Nice interview by JB City Guide


  1. Do not patronise this shop if you cannot wait, waiting time is crazy, never do take-away,even longer waiting time. speaking from personal experience.

  2. Long long queue, all the time. 😁

  3. I love this and heng heng at Pontian.

  4. Love this wantan mee , it's the best In my opinion 😋

  5. I think U shld know they will b shifting in abt a mth or 2 to an aircon premise..1st ly cust complain very hot no aircon...2nd ly I think govt tearing down all d place there so hv to make way for dunno wat leh... that's y CNY they increased d price n nvr go down coz acc'ding to boss since shifting to aircon place no need to reduce n increase d price once they r no more there...sit n eat in aircon premise oso same price s for me tak untong coz I oni tapao leh no aircond for me however I hate d q...u come in by bus bicycle or motorbike ah...I c d q n no parking sori tapao other fd.

    1. Tried today 24-April around 10:00am. Price is RM 8/9/10 S/M/L. No queue yet. About half the shop (left side) is air cond, cool.

  6. 感觉跟其他的云吞面不同😋


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