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Beef from Spain by PROVACUNO in Singapore • Enjoy, It’s from Europe 🐮

I enjoyed some mind blowing delicious beef at the promotional show by PROVACUNO at the Alkaff Mansion on 22nd Apr 2024.

PROVACUNO, the Agro-food Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, consists of national associations that represent 85% of companies from the production, industrial and commercial sectors of beef in Spain.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine Corner near Pasir Panjang MRT

Marcus suggested we go to E-Sarn Thai Cuisine in Pasir Panjang for lunch.

E-Sarn serves cuisine from the northeastern region of Thailand, known as Isaan or E-Sarn. Isaan is Thailand's largest region, consisting of 20 provinces. Many of Thailand's best-known dishes come from Isaan.

If you like robust flavours, Isaan food is for you. 

Macpherson Tai Thong Crescent Turtle Soup by Ser Seng Herbs

✍️ 26 Apr 2024. We met at the Macpherson Tai Thong outlet of Ser Seng turtle soup. This is Ser Seng's original outlet, the other one is in Geylang.

Unboxing & First Look at HONOR Magic 6 Pro • Foodie & Wanderlust Junkie's Best Friend

✍️ 26 Apr 2024. Just received my greatly anticipated Honor Magic 6 Pro, Honor's flagship launched last month (March 2024). Honor Magic 6 Pro retails in Singapore at SGD$1399.

Hong Xing Fish Ball Noodles @ 332 Ang Mo Kio Johnson Eatery Coffee Shop

We went to BLK 332 Ang Mo Kio coffee shop, in a quiet corner of the town. It's about 15 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio MRT station.

You Tiao is the Mother of Churro? Could Both be from the Middle East?

An origin story of churros, that links the globally famous Spanish food icon with the Chinese you tiao is very popular. But it lacks documentary evidence, so I shall look for them. 

Traditionally made only with wheat flour, salt and water, churros are oil fried dough sticks flavoured with a dusting of sugar (and cinnamon powder). In Spain, churros are often enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate. In the Spanish world, churros are enjoyed at churrerias as well as street side stalls.

Vietnamese Fried Banana Fritter Goreng Pisang @ 529 Ang Mo Kio Jia Yi Premium 家義美食

After breakfast, Aaron said "I need to get .... for my wife". I couldn't make out what he mumbled but just went along anyways.

My mind still wasn't in gear despite the quite good fish ball noodle breakfast which I will blog later.

Bak Bak Modern Bak Chor Mee @ 721 Ang Mo Kio 肉肉肉脞面

We gathered here in BLK 721 Ang Mo Kio to try out a brand new food stall serving a modern take on bak chor mee. Yeah nowadays, there's a genre which I would call modern bak chor mee like 25 in Bukit Merah, etc.

Xiang Ji Lor Mee People's Choice @ Old Airport Road Food Centre 香记卤面•炸酱面

I arrived late for the makan kaki meet up. Actually, the makan session was already over by the time I got here (from my medical appointment 🤭). Kaki kaki had done all the tastings, all the guinea pig work 🙏 and encouraged me to get the lor mee from Xiang Ji.

Kwong Hup Cafe Lei Cha in Kuching 廣合茶餐室 双香擂茶

On our way from Kuching to Lundu, we needed a breakfast stop. SP's friend suggested lei cha or so-called thunder tea at Kwong Hup Cafe 廣合茶餐室. I was glad to go along as lei cha is one of my favourite comfort dishes, as it is so rich in flavours and tradition.

Fiz @ 21 Tanjong Pagar · Tasteful Modern Take on Traditional Malay Cuisine

Elevated Malay cuisine. 


I love traditional Malay food which I grew up with. Chef Hafizzul updates it with touches from his global experiences from renown fine restaurants from London, to Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, and now Singapore. I love chef Fiz's creations which delight with contemporary takes while preserving the essence of its Malay and Nusantara soul that inhabits this ancient land and the sea.

Im-Em Thai Kitchen (Formerly Dee Tongue) @ Aperia Mall

We decided to go Thai food for lunch on a whim, and Marcus suggested Im-Em Thai Kitchen at Aperia Mall near Lavender MRT station. Im-Em Thai Kitchen is the successor of the former Dee Tongue at Golden Mile Centre.

Why Does Thai Cuisine Have So Many Portuguese Sweets? Tragic History of Thailand's Queen of Desserts Maria Guyomar de Pinha

When you enjoy foi thong, the popular Thai sweet dessert of golden threads of egg yolk cooked in sugar syrup, you are keeping alive a 400 year old connection with the Ayutthaya kingdom.

Cute Thai Mung Bean Fruit Dessert @ Baan Luk Chup บ้านลูกชุบ (สาขาอรุณอมรินทร์)

When in Thailand, we all have seen this way too cute mung bean snack / dessert / candy that look like real fruits. They are known as kanom luk chup or "lovely" which they absolutely are ♥️

Jala Jala Seafood Shell Out Bucket Kuching 网红手抓海鲜

Our last dinner in Kuching was at Jala Jala Seafood 网红手抓海鲜 before catching our flight back home to Singapore. Seafood shell out or Louisiana boil restaurants were popular in Singapore and West Malaysia a while back but have since faded out.

It's a pity as seafood shell outs are such great fun, especially for parties. Fun gatherings with good friends and family is an idea that never goes out of fashion as Jala Jala Seafood so well proves.

Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Concubine Chicken in People's Park Centre @ Chinatown MRT 厨皇香港贵妃鸡

I was quite curious about Chu Huang Royal Chicken after hearing about it, and so was glad that buddy SN jio-ed (invited) me to visit the little restaurant at People's Park Centre.

厨皇香港贵妃鸡 literally translates Chef King Hong Kong Royal Concubine Chicken.

Nimman Soi 9 Thai Hawker Stall in Tampines

We gathered at Nimman Soi 9 stall in Tampines BLK 139 (near Tampines Round Market).