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Johor Bahru Pasar Malam · Night Markets · Updated 2023


Pasar Malam or night markets are very popular with locals and tourists because there is so much to see, eat and buy at reasonable prices, all in the cool, breezy nights of Johor Bahru.

Here is a list of the pasar malams in JB (updated 2023). There is so much to eat, and enjoy at leisure because every night, there is a pasar malam somewhere in JB. Actually, I do most of my grocery shopping for fruits and vegetables at pasar malams instead of supermarkets 😄 

(☝ Very important: Let me know, if I missed any.)


  1. Kampung Melayu Majidee
  2. Permas Jaya, Jalan Permas 1/2
  3. Taman Century (Jalan Seladang, GPS: 1.483848, 103.762667 near KSL)
  4. Skudai Kiri
  5. Taman Rinting, Jalan Sena 10
  6. Taman Teratai, Jalan Enau 15
  7. Setia Indah (Jalan Setia 12/1, GPS: 1.571171, 103.773390)
  8. Taman Indahpura, Kulai
  9. Taman Kota Masai, Jalan Durian
  10. Taman Perling, Jalan Layang
  11. Taman Sri Pulai
  12. Taman Sutera
  13. Taman Universiti, Jalan Pertanian 54

  1. Taman Anggerik
  2. Taman Sri Bahagia
  3. Taman Tampoi Utama
  4. Jalan Dataran Kempas
  5. Nusa Perintis, Gelang Patah, Jalan Medan Perintis 6
  6. Taman Pelangi, Jalan Perang
  7. Taman Johor Jaya (Jalan Dedap 13, GPS: 1.543580,103.800834)
  8. Bukit Tiram
  9. Taman Manis, Kelapa Sawit
  10. Jalan Gajus
  11. Pasir Gudang, Kampung Pasir Puith
  12. Taman Cahaya Masai, Jalan Intan
  13. Bukit Chagar

  1. Taman Dahlia
  2. Taman Bukit Indah
  3. Taman Desa Jaya
  4. Taman Daya
  5. Taman Suria
  6. Kampung Ungku Mohsin
  7. Taman Desa Harmoni
  8. Taman Sri Stulang
  9. Taman Skudai Baru (Jalan Nakhoda 20, GPS: 1.517823,103.653302)
  10. Jalan Rotan Bakau, Plentong
  11. Taman Aman, Senai
  12. Taman Pasir Putih, Jalan Siakap 3

  1. Taman Ehsan Jaya
  2. Bandar Selesa Jaya, Jalan Silat Harimau 1
  3. Jalan Taruka, Tampoi
  4. Kampung Malayu Pandan
  5. Pekan Bukit Batu, Kulai
  6. Taman Impian Emas, Kempas, Jalan Impian Emas 3 & 5
  7. Taman Muhibbah, Saleng (near Kulai)
  8. Taman Setia Tropika
  9. Taman Adda Height

  1. Kampung Bakar Batu, Jalan Kubur
  2. Taman Megah Ria, Jalan Jelatang
  3. Bandar Baru Uda
  4. Lurah Kempas Baru
  5. Taman Puteri Wangsa (Jalan Badik 16, GPS: 1.578582, 103.810998)
  6. Kampung Setanggi, Jalan Cendana
  7. Bandar Putra, Kulai
  8. Taman Mawar, Flat Taman Mewar
  9. IOI, Kulai
  10. Taman Kempas
  11. Taman Mewah, Kulai
  12. Taman Universiti, Jalan Kumuliaan Utama


  1. Taman Cempaka
  2. Taman Daya, Jalan Nibong 17
  3. Taman Munsyi Ibrahim
  4. Taman Saujana
  5. Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (Jalan Perkasa 2/3/4, GPS: 1.509512,103.650083)
  6. Taman Senai Baru, Senai
  7. Taman Desa Tebrau (Jalan Harmonium 13 & 14, GPS: 1.564711, 103.796109)
  8. Taman Air Biru, Pasir Gudang
  9. Kangkar Pulai
  10. Nong Chik
  11. Perjiranan-9, Pasir Gudang
  12. Taman Perling
  13. Taman Pulai Indah, Jalan PI 10/1


  1. Larkin
  2. Taman Gembira
  3. Kampung Kangkar Tebrau
  4. Kampung Bendahara
  5. Taman Desa Cemerlang, Jalan Ara
  6. Permas Jaya (Jalan Permas 10/10, GPS: 1.494628, 103.814206)
  7. Taman Pelangi Indah
  8. Jalan Pasar, Masai
  9. Bandar Sri Alam, Jalan Suria 66, 68, 69
  10. Taman Putri, Kulai
  11. Taman Sri Skudai, Jalan Emas Putih 4
Which is your favourite pasar malam in JB?


  1. Wow, I guess is a very complete list already! Thx a lot!!

  2. May I know where's the place with the siew mai on sticks?

  3. Very helpful Tony thank you.

  4. As each Taman has their major and minor roads, would be great if you can give more details.
    Etc .. Mondays-->> in front of KSL or map details like Taman Johor Jaya (Jalan Dedap 13, Map:, GPS: 1.543580,103.800834)


    1. Yes, I will add these details when I get them. Thank you.

    2. My favorite pasar malam is at TUTA, 777 open air food center on Saturday night. After dinner at 777, can just walkover to pasar malam. takes 30 mins for me to finish walking 1 round.


  5. Yes please add the jalan name. That will greatly helps.

  6. Dear Tony, some of the pasar malam you mentioned are not exist anymore. Below is the links for the updated list of all pasar malam location in JB district. Hope it'll come in handy later on.

  7. Thanks alot Kye Lan. I will adjust the list. Appreciate your help.

  8. Thx a lot. I love to visit the pasar malam. Used to go to the one on Monday night near KSL. Would be helpful if anyone can help to provide info. on how to go to each of the pasar malam from S'pore i.e. how to take buses there. The names listed are alien to me as I don't live there, and when I google, the maps don't show the direction from S'pore to the specific place. Mega thanks.

    1. easiest one is the Tuesday Taman Pelangi, Jalan Perang. Near CIQ , Around Pelangi Plaza

  9. Is there a map showing the locations of each of these night markets? We will be in JB for a week in June and want to check out as many of these as possible.

  10. Thank you for this list. Would it be possible to add the gps coordinates if available? Cheers!

  11. I'll be at Kulai on Saturday, which pasar malam is the nearest to ioi mall? Thanks

  12. Hello Tony, we met at Asia Beer Fest over at Taiwan Beer's corner and also at OMY Blog Awards last year.

    I am writing an article on a night market in JB. It opens every Monday, located near KSL City Mall from Coffee Bean exit. It is near Cedar Point Food Court, near Hotel Grand Paragon. Do you happen to know the name of this pasar malam? Please drop me a tweet @MalcolmSunny if you know, thanks in advance.

  13. Thank you for this list.

    how about Johor Bahru Pasar pagi? (morning Markets)

  14. Yes, how and where about those Pasar Pagi locations? It's interesting to visit these morning markets or farmers markets!

  15. Hi, will be in JB on Friday. Can I know which is the biggest night market to go to? Thks!

  16. Hai. Can you please add in pasar malam in pasar tank walk, jln taruka, on thursdays? It's open till 7pm though

  17. may i ask a question ?
    i want to know on MONDAY 26 DECEMBER , does the night market still open or not ?

    if some one know , please reply to my email :
    thank you ^^

  18. may i ask a question ?
    i want to know on MONDAY 26 DECEMBER , does the night market still open or not ?

    if some one know , please reply to my email :
    thank you ^^

  19. I also want to know Pasar Pagi in JB ��

  20. hi...can i get the address pasar malam kat larkin?

  21. hi...can i get the address pasar malam kat larkin?

  22. yes... pasar pagi in jb..if anyone knows...

  23. Hi , how do I get to Bukit Indah pasar Malam from jb central and what is the opening hours of the Pasar Malam?

  24. Call Uber or Grab


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