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Dolphins' / Phin Steakhouse Restaurant @ 81 Genting Lane · Hidden Gem Lets You Relive Your Younger Days · Delicious Hainanese Western!

You know, boomers will fondly recall dates at steakhouses like Jack's Place, The Ship, Silver Spoon, Copper Kettle, and such.

They are only memories now. Most are gone and those few that remained have been "upgraded" beyond recognition.

Ironically, there's Dolphins' Steakhouse which I've never even heard of until now, and it hasn't changed much since the 1980s.

Char Siu Lang @ 340 Ang Mo Kio Maxim Coffee Shop · KL Style Crystal Char Siew in Singapore 宏茂桥叉烧狼

The stalls we wanted to try out all closed today 😞 We needed a Plan B quickly.

Scrolling through our to-eat lists, the name Char Siu Lang 叉烧狼 at 340 Ang Mo Kio popped up. To reduce the risk of wasted calories, Aaron called makan kaki Royden who lives nearby to double confirm. Royden vouched for CSL, and so we set off for it.

Hakka Lions of Historic Lundu 🚗 Kuching Sarawak Self Drive Holiday 伦乐客家獅黄楚海师傅

✍️28 Jan 2024. As we leave Kuching for Bau town, we passed Sam San Kuet Bong Temple and heard the rousing drums, gongs and cymbals of a lion dance performance. All three of us in the car thought the same - find a U turn quickly, jump out and catch the lion dance 😂

Petanak Central Market 61 Chicken Rice Popular with Kuching Night Birds Since 1970s

You know...., this drab looking chicken rice at Kuching's Petanak Central Market doesn't make me drool or feel hungry at first sight 🤔

Buddy LKC who comes to Kuching regularly on business, calls 61 Chicken Rice, legendary. Chai our Kuching expert historian buddy highly recommends 61 Chicken Rice.

Kuching Petanak Central Market #34 Kway Chap Stall · 70 Years History Gem Locals Prefer You Don't Know About

You know...., when you say you are going to Kuching, Kuching locals and friends who have been there before will suggest you try the famous Lau Ya Keng Food Court kway chap.

The legendary brand is more than a century old, and the family has a few outlets dotted around Cat City 🐈

History of Sarawak · Driving & Dining Holiday Around Kuching Division

✍ 16 Jan 2024. We are going on a week long driving trip around the Kuching Division of Sarawak. My objective is to look for places and tasty food that also take us back in time.... time travel back to the early history of Sarawak.

Bulgogi Syo · Play With Fire Korean Drama 🔥 I Mean BBQ @ Vivo City Singapore

A lot of people are trying this flamethrower torched Korean BBQ now in Vivo City. It's a bold new concept by the folks behind Seorae

Exciting, but how does it taste?

We went to try it out today.

Kaolao Nang Loeng Pork Brain Soup in Bangkok ร้านเกาเหลาสมองหมู นางเลิ้ง

✍ 8 Jan 2024. Our Thai friend kept checking back, making doubly sure that I am up to eating pig brain, literally pig brain 🧠

I never doubted myself for a moment - it's not my first time lah....  🤭

It turned out better than that - it was the best pork organ soup that I've had for a long time.

Bhutan Chili Cheese Recipe & Origin · Ema Datshi National Dish of Bhutan

Ema Datshi or chili cheese is the national dish of Bhutan. It is delicious, easy to like, simple to tune to different tolerances for spicy heat, and the ingredients are widely available around the world. It is literally what its name say it is, chili and cheese.

Austin Crest Qiao Di Kopitiam Wantan Noodle Mee 新桥底茶室

✍ 6 Jan 2024. Popped over the Causeway for some errands, and caught up with buddy KC. Johor Bahru F & B is in the midst of a growth spurt - post-Covid and greater prospects due to the impending MRT link with Singapore, amongst other positive influences.

Haew Seafood · Insane Umami in Bangkok ร้านแห้วซีฟู๊ด ปูดอง หัวปลาหม้อไฟ

Decades before social media, we had colleagues stationed in Thailand and when we visited them, they will take us to places locals go (because our colleagues are like locals already 🤭 ). The food was out of this world. Problem is today, I don't have the slightest idea where these places were 😕

Yang Ming Seafood @ Bishan Singapore

✍️ 4 Jan 2024. Had wanted to visit Yang Ming Seafood for a long time, and finally made it today. Yang Ming is famous and popular, so doesn't need anymore introduction. Anyway, we just showed up on a rainy mid day without any reservation 😆

We were there before 1130am, so they were able to accommodate us.

Zhiwa Ling Ascent Thimphu & Zhiwa Ling Heritage Paro · Hotels in Bhutan

✍️ 4 Jan 2024.  During my visit to Bhutan, I stayed in Zhiwa Ling Ascent 4⭐ in Thimphu and Zhiwa Ling Heritage 5⭐ in Paro. Both were very pleasant and comfortable stays 🙏

Kelzang Handicraft in Thimphu · Award Winning Bhutan Weaver since 1995

Thagzo, or the art of weaving is part of life in Bhutan, an art and skill handed down from mother to daughter. Traditionally, hand weaving is part and parcel of being a Bhutanese woman.

Hand dyed and hand woven fabric is one of Bhutan's cultural icons. During my short visit to Thimphu, Bhutan's capital city, I had the privilege to learn about this traditional art and craft from one of Bhutan's top weavers.

Han Kee & Pok AiK Popular Coffee Shop in Batu Pahat 汉记面包西果店 · 百益咖啡店

After a hearty pork organ soup and braised pork breakfast at Ah Khoon (which made us drowsy 😴), we suddenly craved for a good caffeine kick, the type which only traditional Hainanese kopi can give 😰

Yeah, we are the never-plan-properly-food-trail people 🤣

Nado Poizokhang Incense Making Factory, Thimphu, Bhutan · To Bhutanese Incense is Life

Flickr Public Domain

Burning incense is a very important part of Bhutanese daily life and also during Buddhist rituals. Families offer incense at dawn and dusk everyday in Bhutan. To Bhutanese, incense is an essential of life like water, food, air and sunlight. Offering incense is part and parcel of being Bhutanese, from royalty to commoners.