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Gogirou BBQ Meat Street in Zenith Mall at Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru 烤肉街

We were back at Gogirou BBQ Meat Street, a Korean BBQ joint 10 minutes walk from the nearby JB CIQ (immigration) in Johor Bahru. The menu has been expanded, the favourites have been retained and some recipes were tweaked. If you have not been to Gogirou BBQ recently, your next visit will give you a different experience.

The interior decor is still the same. It's an intimate, compact space with tabletop BBQ and "elephant trunk" exhausts.

Korean style BBQs are great for small gatherings 😄

There were half a dozen banchan (small side dishes) to warm us up for the main courses. I ate only the kimchi to save stomach space for the main dishes. The house made kimchi was fresh. It's a refreshing blend of sweet, savoury, spicy flavours smothering the crunchy juicy cabbage. The zesty pickle did a great job whetting our appetite for the meats 😄

Our tongues suitably lubricated, we launched straight into the hardcore - beef tongue (RM65+ a serving).

The friendly staff did the grilling for us and served the tongues in thin, bite size slices. The meat was done slightly drier than my preference but I could still taste the beefiness which I like.

Grilled beef ribs (unmarinated). Tender, juicy, beefy though I would prefer it done slightly rarer. (Medium was the default doneness, so do inform the staff of your preference.) Price RM80+.

Grilled beef ribs (marinated). Some of us like the unmarinated better, others prefer the marinated beef - I belonged to the latter group. I thought the mild savoury sweet marination complemented the underlying beefiness well. The beef ribs had a nice spongy tender moist mouth feel. Price RM80+.

Grilled pork jowl (price RM33+). We all love it. It's one of my favourite cuts of pork too because I love the unique tender spring that only moist pork jowl has. I enjoyed the subtle underlying natural porky sweetness complemented with a gentle savouriness from the lightly seared outside.

Next up, Gogirou's signature Classic Jurassic Rib (price RM80+).

This dish is about beef, beef, beef, and more beef.

The helpful staff helped cut up the huge rib into bite size pieces for us.

The meat with visceral fat was fall-off-the-bone tender and very juicy. The soy sauce based seasoning was on the sweet side with a bit of savoury balance. The beef tasted mainly sweet with a slight savouriness and underlying beefy aftertaste.

Chicken wings will be added to Gogirou's menu. We were given a preview and we all loved them.

The reddish Korean style robust sourish spicy savoury sauce went well with the juicy naturally sweet chicken wings.

My favourite was the fried chicken wings. The naturally sweet juicy wing was encased in a crispy batter shell which was savoury with a bit of spice highlights. It was all crisp and juice with practically no greasy slick at all.

In the likely event that you get addicted to the fried chicken wings because of the crispy batter, get Gogirou's fried chicken skin. It's mostly fried crispy batter with the savoury spicy taste with small pieces of chicken skin excuse.

Suan declared the fried chicken skin her favourite.

Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap (price RM25+). When the vegetables and raw egg were well turned, folded and mixed with the rice, it became an interesting blend of sweet flavours with a jumble of soft and crunchy textures. I love the crackly bits of lightly browned rice crisps scraped from the bottom and sides of the stone pot.

Bulgogi bowl (price RM60+). Thin slices of beef stir fried with soy sauce. The thin beef slices tasted sweet with a bit of savoury beefiness.

Sausage stew with robust savoury spicy sour sweet flavours (price RM60+).

Spicy Noodles (price RM23+). Soft slender noodles served chilled in a robust sweet spicy sauce.

Seafood and Green Onion Pancake served with Gogirou's signature ultra spicy "Be Careful Sauce" (price RM40+).

The pan fried pancake made with shrimps, squid and vegetables held together with batter was mildly sweet savoury. The extra spicy chili sauce perked up the pancake's milder flavours.

Our sweet dessert was Mark's birthday cake 🎂 Happy Birthday Mark 🎉

My post from my previous visit to Gogirou 👈 click

Restaurant name: Gogirou BBQ Meat Street 烤肉街
Address: Zenith Mall | Suasana Iskandar Malaysia | G-05, Suasana, 82C, Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru (across Jalan Wong Ah Fook, opposite JBCC. Gogirou is at street level, facing Jalan Wong Ah Fook). 
GPS: 1°27'49.1"N 103°45'44.4"E | 1.463642, 103.762328 
Parking: Suggest parking inside the building. It's RM2 per hour. Plenty of slots. 
Tel: 013-276 6601 
Hours: 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight  

Non Halal  

Date visited: 7 Feb 2018, 2 Jul 2018

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