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Hing Kee Bukuteh Kepong @ Metro Prima MRT Station, Kuala Lumpur 兴记肉骨茶甲洞大街 (总行)

Our Grab driver hailed from Kepong and shared that he is a fan of Hing Kee Bukuteh there. Kepong used to be one of my old haunts too over two decades ago, long before the days of blogs. We had good bak kut teh back then in Kepong too, so I was curious to check out our driver's suggestion. I also wanted to see how is Kepong today.

Mon Halal Chinese Beef Roti @ Bukit Bintang • Chicken Version is Nice too

Heard a lot about Mon Chinese Beef Roti at Bukit Bintang before my KL trip, so swung by for a try.

History of Yang Zhou Fried Rice • World's Most Famous Chinese Rice Dish 扬州炒饭的历史

Frying rice in China goes at least as far back as the Sui dynasty (581 - 618). Most cities in the rice culture (southern) region of China have their own version of fried rice dish - China is a fried rice paradise, literally. 

How did Yangzhou fried rice become China's and the world's most famous fried rice dish? 

Yue Jiang Chun Restaurant • Huaiyang Cuisine near Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang 镇江 • 悦江春 • 淮扬菜

Day 2 in Zhenjiang city in Jiangsu, China. After visiting the vinegar culture museum of China and Jinshan Temple, I was looking forward to the Huaiyang cuisine lunch at Yue Jiang Chun 悦江春 at the foot of Jinshan. 

Last night's sumptuous dinner and lots of walking whetted my appetite 🤭

Zhenjiang Wok Cover Noodle 镇江锅盖面

When you come to the historic city of Zhenjiang in Jiangsu (15 minutes by high speed rail from Nanjing), you will see the humble wok cover noodle 锅盖面 served everywhere in street side stalls, small eateries, restaurants, and also hotels. It is a staple and unique food icon of Zhenjiang. 

锅盖面 is pronounced "ku keh mie" in Zhenjiang dialect.

Zhenjiang Restaurant @ Xijindu Ancient Street 镇江菜馆 (西津渡店)

Zhenjiang_Restaurant_Xijindu_Ancient Street_镇江菜馆_西津渡店

The moment we arrived at Nanjing Airport, we were whisked by chartered bus to Zhenjiang. Our flight departure from Singapore was delayed around 2 hours and immigration & customs clearance at Nanjing took around an hour.