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Wanton Mee @ Restoran Ho Seng Kee in Taman Century Near KSL Mall, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

 Wanton Mee Johor
Wontan Mee Johor
Ho Seng Kee in Taman Century is one of the most established wanton mee shops in JB.

At Ho Seng Kee, the noodles, wanton and char siew are served in one bowl. A small bowl of clear soup is also provided. The set costs RM4.50.
Wanton Mee

Ho Seng Kee’s noodles which are made daily at their own factory are fresh, soft, springy and crunchy – as top class wanton noodles should be. The sauce is excellent – it is light, fragrant and just subtly spicy. The amount of sauce provided is just enough to coat the noodles with a thin film of flavour.

The resulting wanton mee which is relatively dry provides a delightful taste experience that has earned Ho Seng Kee a large following of regular customers.

Wanton Mee
Besides the eat-in diners, I saw customers taking out dozens of packets at a time.   

Wanton Mee Johor
Ho Seng Kee’s wantons are large and filled with generous portions of lightly marinated minced marbled pork. Each bite of the meaty wantons releases the natural sweetness of fresh pork and the fragrance of sesame oil.

Ho Seng Kee Johor
Restaurant name: Ho Seng Kee Wanton Noodles
Address: Jalan Kancil, Century Gardens
GPS: 1.486619,103.760601
Hours: Daily
Non Halal

Date visited: 6 Jan 2012, 20 Dec 2012

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  1. This has to be the best Wanton Noodle in JB. Growing up here I've tried many of them. Some taste close to Ho Seng Kee, but none others, especially mostly manned by their 2nd Gen now, come close to this one. Ho Seng Kee definitely produces the most consistent Wanton Noodle. The quality, dryness, taste, everything, is almost the same everytime you visit. The noodle doesn't give you the "gan sui mei" like many other stalls. I'd be turned off by that.

    The others can be good sometime, but if you are someone who suddenly crave for good noodle out of the blue moon, you may be lucky getting good ones from other stalls, but running into a subpar bowl of noodle is really depressing.

    That's why people I know in KL come all the way down for them, and they usually close quite early. The only cons is it may be pricier than some others (some only).

    My 2 cents.

    1. Thank you cy for sharing your interesting insights :)

  2. Tried the wantan mee today at lunchtime. The large crowd resulted in a 30 minute wait. The verdict - nice tasting wantan mee, but the accompanying small bowl of soup was tasteless, and they charged RM2.50 for a can of Coke, which is pretty exorbitant

  3. Ate there at Jalan Kancil recently and introduced this place to 3 friends.
    They all liked the noodles.

    I ate at his old stall at the small coffeeshop in Jalan Meldrum area. At that time after you clear the JB immigration, you usually pass through that area and the hawkers there had booming business.
    It is quieter now in Jalan Meldrum.

  4. Nothing very amazing. Char Siew is thinly sliced and noodles portion is pathetic. Service is bad(asked to wait for 30mins, after 40 mins I checked and she said that already told that it will be more than 30mins)

  5. Worst service ever..waited for 1 hour for the meal..crazy..taste was so so only..there are far more nicer shop than this come JB people like to eat puzzled..give 2/10

    1. Some people are masochistic - why would people eat at the Lorong Selamat char kway teow with the arrogant proprietress or at the abusive Wong Kei Restaurant in London's get my drift. As they say, the abuse is free...

  6. One of the best WTM in JB. For the long wait, it is still worth it. - Singaporean here.

  7. They'll be moving to 6th floor of City Square in August 2015. Saw this notice at their shop 2 weeks ago.


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