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Where to get Early Breakfast in JB? Storia Cafe Johor Bahru 士多利茶餐室 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Yesterday morning, we stopped over at Storia Cafe 士多利茶餐室 at Jalan Storey to wait for our buddy to arrive at the JB CIQ pickup point. We were delighted with the otak otak, nasi lemak, and dry mee siam.

Storia Cafe is a typical Malaysian coffee shop. It is simply furnished but comfortable - it's just a street side stall moved indoors.

Storia Cafe is a family run eatery headed by patriarch Mr 尤.

Storia Cafe is well known for their otak otak. The air around Storia Cafe was filled with the aroma of freshly toasted attap leaves.

When you open the attap envelope, you will smell the aroma of spices. The orange otak otak has visible streaks of white Mackerel fish meat.

The orange tongue of Mackerel and spice was relatively thin and tender - it flops over when held up.

Though just a thin tongue, Storia Cafe's otak otak is loaded with mild well balanced sweet savoury spicy flavours. I like it that there was no detectable bulk fillers and no food colouring in the otak otak. Best of all, I can taste the tender fresh Mackerel fish meat.

Storia Cafe serves two types of nasi lemak. One from the supplier (left) and one made at the shop. I like both of them.

The supplied one has a slightly spicier sambal chili with a briefly lingering spicy sting. The self made one has a sweeter, more savoury sambal chili.

Storia Cafe makes their sambal chili daily with lots of onions and dried chili.

The rice from supplier (left) has coconut milk aroma and taste. The house made rice has aroma of lemongrass and pandan leaves on top of the coconut milk. It has a bit more of fried anchovies and a handful of fried groundnuts.

Peeling dried anchovies (ikan bilis) for nasi lemak just like at home.

One of my favourite things at Storia Cafe is their dry mee siam. The bee hoon was lightly spiced and had a nice soft crunch. The juicy bean sprouts were especially crunchy which I love.

Storia Cafe's signature crispy keropok made with bits of onion, shrimps etc held together with light batter. Eaten with sambal chili. It is best to keep the keropok and sambal chili separate as the latter tends to wet and soften the crispness.

Storia Cafe has the usual range of kopitiam coffee, tea and drinks.

4-Star (out of 5). Storia Cafe 士多利茶餐室 is a nicely located pit stop near the JB CIQ. I usually wait here to pick up people at the CIQ in the morning or get my caffeine and carbs here before driving up north. My favourites here are their otak otak, dry mee siam and nasi lemak.

Restaurant name: Storia Café 士多利茶餐室 
Address: 78, Jalan Storey, Kim Teng Park, Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1.470348,103.763412
Tel: 016 - 745 0480
Hours: Daily 06:30am to 11:00am (Closed on Tuesdays)  

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 1 Jan 2012, 9 Jan 2012, 23 Jun 2012, 11 Jul 2018  

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  1. The food is nice - but as usual - not as cheap (relatively) as it is .

  2. Actually the otah sold here currently is not famous and the locals no longer eat here. For 30yrs, the otah was sold by the elder brother (whose family has shifted to Shiduoli, covered in another johorkaki post), and everything else was sold by the sister (who owns the shop). The current proprietors of this outlet are the family of the sister, and the otah is no longer good. The famous jln storey otah is only available at Shiduoli and Waterworks laksa now.


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