Star Ratings

★★★★★ →  I wanted to keep this gem a secret so that I can have it all to myself

★★★★ →  Recommended for you

★★ →  Food I have eaten, blogged for reference only

Only ★★★★ and ★★★★★ eateries have their ratings displayed in the blog post.

👉 I do not recommend any food provided free-of-charge by restaurants or its agents (i.e. no ★ given). I only recommend food that I paid for, as an ordinary anonymous walk in customer, just like you.


(Updated 31 Aug 2017)

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I firmly believe that taste is subjective and so, warmly welcome differing viewpoints as it makes this blog better :-D But, I disapprove negative comments that are anonymous or hide behind fake identities. I feel that that is unethical in the same way as speaking ill of others behind their backs. I look forward to all your comments :-D Thank you. (Date: 18 Dec 2015)