Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Indonesia Best Food - Nasi Padang at Garuda Restaurant in Jakarta


Whenever I visit Indonesia, I would not miss the uniquely Indonesian hidang style of nasi padang.

The playful smorgasbord of colours reminds me of a child's kaleidoscope and it is equally enchanting. The plates of colourful dishes are passed and spun around the round table, just like those ever changing colourful beads in a real kaleidoscope.

Our noses are treated to a heady twirling dance of aromas. We drool. Our minds, engaged in a silent, private battle between our urge to indulge and our resolve to watch those calories and cholesterol.

Resistance is pointless, and so, we begin.

A riot of flavours assail our taste buds. Tangy, sweet, bitter, and even different levels of spicy hot pleasure.

Hell breaks lose in foodies' heaven. But, no one is even thinking of running away. 

Our tongues are massaged and pampered by contrasting textures from crispy to tender, dry to juicy, hard to soft, crunchy to mushy.

And, finally after the party - I know of few bonding meals as delicious and heart warming as hidang style nasi padang - we pay only for what we ate.

Food not eaten are returned, no questions asked - it's the tradition here :D 

Read more about this charming Indonesia food heritage.

(Acknowledgement: My trip to Jakarta was sponsored by Jakarta Tourism Office and organised by  Russell Cheong of Winsemius Consulting. Thank you.)

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