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Famous Kueh Stall in Senai, Johor


We passed Senai town many times (too many to count) between Johor Bahru and Kulai, and everytime, the smartest person in the car will say "maybe next time we shall stop awhile for the famous kueh stall" at the foot of the pedestrian bridge. A long time has passed, and everytime we said the same thing while hurrying towards our destination.

Today, we finally made an effort to pull over and try the famous kuih at Senai - and, we wondered why we had not done so earlier. This is really a case of hurrying everywhere and never stopping to smell the kuih (or roses).


This Chin family stall has been around for over 50 years. The current owners are third generation - a team of three sisters led by the eldest. The Chins make all the kueh themselves - starting their day making kueh from 2:00am and selling them from 10:30am onwards at the stall.


The eldest Ms Chin is very proud of her signature yam cake.


This yam cake has plenty of huge chunks of yam and went very well with the sweet sauce. Reminds me of the yam cake which my grandmother used to make when I was a boy.

Oh, everything at this kueh stall is slightly oversized except for the prices, which are very reasonable.


Ms Chin was eager for us to try their signature Hakka kuih. This unique kuih is only sold here in Senai and no where else in Johor. The skin is olive green in colour as it is made with a green vegetable.


Inside, the filling is very similar to "soon kuih" with shredded turnip and dried shrimps.


These humble looking chee cheong fun is really something. The skin has rice fragrance, is thin, soft, and has good mouth feel. The lovely skin wraps a variety of different ingredients which we can choose. This is one of the best chee cheong fun that I have tasted whether in Singapore, Malaysia or even the chee cheong fun Meccas of Hong Kong and Guangzhou. 

The huge and pillow soft onde onde with juicy grated coconut fillings.


We like this "fat boy" street curry puff much more than any of those franchise ones.

More other traditional kueh available at the Chin kueh stall in Senai.





I love glutinous rice.







We kick ourselves for not stopping earlier. This no name kueh stall is a full 5 out of 5-star stall! It is not only worthwhile stopping a while while passing by. It is actually worthwhile making a special trip just for these kueh, which many people actually do.

No preservatives are used, so all kuih are best eaten the same day or at most, the next day.


The kueh stall is inside Kim Wah kopitiam next to the overhead pedestrian bridge.

->> Be sure to pack these delicious traditional snacks home like a smart local :-D Some of the Hakka kueh are very hard to find anywhere else.

Restaurant name: No name famous kueh stall in Kim Wah kopitiam
Address: Jalan Senai 10, Kampung Baru, Senai, Johor Bahru (right next to pedestrian overhead bridge)
GPS: 1.601134,103.644729 / 1°36'04.1"N 103°38'41.0"E
Hours: 10:30am to 3:00pm (closed on Weds)

Non Halal

Date visited: 15 Apr 2013

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  1. Holy cow!I was there everyday from 8am till 9pm last week and now you post this?Damn it.Looks like I am going to have to make a trip.

    1. sorry :P limited resources. one stall at a time...

  2. do they have the rainbow kueh?

  3. I like kuehs! I have never heard of the Hakka kuih before!

  4. Any contact number? Want to order for function.

  5. Hey there..awesome blog you've got here! However, it would be a lot more helpful if you could include the price of the foodies in future. This will assist those food hunters from further away to plan their trips ;) Thanks!


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