Johor Kaki Star Rating Format - effective 29 Aug 2016

Since the beginning of Johor Kaki blog, readers had been suggesting that I have a rating system.

Till now, I am not convinced that a rating system was necessary.

After much thought, I appreciate the need of readers for a quick summary of the stall or restaurant, rather than having to read through the entire length of the post. 

Ideally, I hope readers will still read my entire post which I have carefully crafted :D


So anyway, here's the simple rating system using a scale of 0 to 5-Stars. 

(Please note that the Stars are merely short forms of my reactions to the eatery. For my detailed analysis of the eatery which include the ambiance, food, service, history, personalities, pricing etc, I encourage you to read the entire post ;-D  ) 

I hope you will find this helpful and simple to use.

5-Star - Must not die, before eating this / Sometimes, I can't sleep well because I miss this / Sometimes, thoughts about this food enters my mind for no good reason and makes me long for it

4-Star - I will plan a special trip just to eat this / I will bring overseas friends and special guests to eat here / This goes straight into my Top 10 favourites list

3-Star - This is nice, I will make a detour or a short trip to eat this, if I am near by.

2-Star - I will choose this from among the various options available here, if I am already at this place / I will eat here for nostalgic reasons, even though the food is just so-so / I will eat this because I like the lifestyle appeal and ambiance here

1-Star - I will eat this if this is the only option that I have at the moment

0-Star - I will counter propose another shop, if anyone suggests eating this / I will get back into the car and travel elsewhere, if this is the only option I have.

👉 Star ratings are applied only to posts from 29 Aug 2016 onwards (first amendment).

👉 From 10 Nov 2016, only 4-Star and 5-Star eateries will have their ratings displayed in the blog post (second amendment).


3 Mar 2015
29 Aug 2016
10 Nov 2016


  1. Maybe you can remove the "*" behind the stars. The stars alone will be more prominent.

    1. Thank you Ivan. i was thinking the * helps the reader know that it is out of 5 *

    2. I've modified the symbols. hope it's clearer?


I firmly believe that taste is subjective and so, warmly welcome differing viewpoints :-D But, I disapprove negative comments that are anonymous or hide behind fake identities. I feel that that is unethical in the same way as speaking ill of others behind their backs. I look forward to all your comments :-D Thank you. (Date: 18 Dec 2015)

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