Tuesday, 16 April 2013

GC Good Coffee Cafe in Kulai, Johor


I went to Kulai today to try out the coffee, breads and a few of GC Good Coffee cafe's popular dishes at the invitation of Annie, the owner. CG Good Coffee cafe is actually an old name started by the Annie's husband's grandfather in 1948.


Inside Good Coffee cafe, customers dine in a clean environment and air con comfort. I like those large GC "stamps" on the wall showing Rengit coffee at various stages of production.

GC Traditional "White" Coffee RM2.30

I like GC Coffee's coffee alot. The coffee is full bodied and robustly flavoured. The taste is strong yet clear and distinct unlike the average "strong or kaw" coffee which tends to have a murky taste. GC Good Coffee's coffee are from the famous Rengit plantations (near Batu Pahat) and roasted in the traditional way. Rengit coffee has a distinct flavour and character which once a person acquires a taste for it, it will become his/her preferred coffee. 

GC Milk Tea RM2.30

GC Milk Tea fragrant and milky. A popular option for non coffee drinkers.

GC Hainanese Steamed Bread RM1.60

Good Coffee's signature steamed bread is fluffy and bouncy like a pillow. Good Coffee's bread comes from a traditional bakery in Rengit and is delivered here in Kulai daily. The thick steamed bread is layered with fresh house made kaya and eaten with small strips of chilled butter. Goes very well with Good Coffee's coffee and tea.


GC Margarine and Sugar Toast RM1.50

Good Coffee margarine and sugar toast which customers affectionately called "tiger skin".


The staff makes Good Coffee's toast and steamed breads using their house made kaya.

GC Traditional Nasi Lemak RM6.90. 

Good Coffee's nasi lemak is simple, old style and good. The coconut flavour rice is fluffy. The sambal is mildly spicy with distinct anchovy flavour which I like. The fried chicken made with fresh chicken is well marinaded and crispy. The sunny side up egg was perfectly done.


The fried anchovies that come with the nasi lemak were crispy and crunchy.

Singapore Fried Prawn Mee RM7.20

Good Coffee's version of Singapore style fried prawn mee is based on prawn stock. Fried with chicken and prawns and served with a sambal chili heavy with ground dried prawns.

Good Coffee Mee Rebus RM5.50

For many years, besides good coffee and bread, Good Coffee was drawing in customers serving only this mee rebus. Good Coffee's mee rebus is different from other popular mee rebus in Johor in that it is extra peanuty and has a strong anchovy flavour. The gravy is almost like a variation of satay sauce.


Remember to try this kicap pedas when eating Good Coffee's mee rebus. This house blend kicap pedas takes the mee rebus to the next level of taste. The kicap is cooked with chili, onions and other ingredients according to the boss' mum's recipe. 

Mash Potato RM3.20

Warm, smooth, soft mash potato topped with savoury sauce. Good Coffee's mash potato is a popular snack which customers like to nibble on while chatting.

I love Good Coffee's coffee and I actually asked for another for take away before leaving. The breads and side dishes were good too.

The lady boss, Annie, shared that GC Good Coffee cafe will be opening their new branch in Taman Sutera, near Sutera Mall in May 2013. This is good news as we can taste GC Good Coffee's Rengit coffee and breads in Johor Bahru soon. Annie told us that she will be adding new items to her menu in their Sutera branch too - we are looking forward to that :))


Restaurant name: GC Good Coffee (Kulai)
Address: 20, Jalan Kenanga 29/1, Indahpura, Kulai, Johor
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/oWfQU
GPS: 1.640172,103.619549
Hours: 07:30am to 7:30pm
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 15 Apr 2013


  1. at first I thought the brown liquid on the steam toast was coffee!!

  2. Coffee is too sweet and has a funny bitter taste, as if to mimic good tasting coffee. The food served on the whole is of average standard and too expensive. Not worth!

  3. Would like to inform you, the place is shutdown.

  4. New address : 242 Jalan Kenanga 29/8 Indahpura 81000 Johor Kulai. Just behind Aeon Kulai


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