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Ayam Penyet at Sutera Village near Sutera Mall in Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru (Business Closed)

Ayam Penyet
My family and friends know that I am a big fan of Ayam Penyet. When my office was not too far from my favourite Ayam Penyet stall, I had Ayam Penyet at least once or twice a week, to the chagrin of my lunch kakis.
Norhayati, the lady boss making their Must Try coconut jelly
Sutera Village just opened for business at the popular shoplots near Sutera Mall and the owners Farid and Norhayati invited me to try their Ayam Penyet. I am not sure if Farid and Norhayati knew my craving for Ayam Penyet :P 
Ayam Penyet
Sutera Village is a simple and cosy café with a neat air conditioned interior and an al fresco dining area outside. Sutera Village is managed by Farid and Norhayati supported by a Chef who had experience working in a famous hotel in JB.
To me, good ayam penyet has four qualities. The best Ayam Penyet is where good chicken, sambal, rice and soup all come together.
At Sutera Village, the large chicken thigh was fried till golden brown yet the flesh was still tender and slightly juicy.
Sutera Village uses fresh chicken which is softer, moistier and sweeter. Average ayam penyet stalls use frozen chicken so the meat tends to be fibrous, dry and more or less tasteless.
Sutera Village serves a pulpy green chili sambal which is spicy hot, tangy and savoury. This sambal is good for dipping the chicken daintily as it enhances the chicken meat's flavour. It would be perfect if I could also have a milder and sweeter sambal that I can mix into the rice in large dollops, just like the way we eat nasi lemak. It's just my own quirkiness and I shall ask for this next time :P 
Sutera Village is especially proud of their unique Nasi Beriani Ayam Penyet which is served with Basmati rice. The fragrant rice cooked with many spices is served compacted which many people like. Personally, I prefer my beriani rice to be looser and fluffier.
The Beriani Ayam Penyet costs RM10.90 and Sutera Village also serves the basic Ayam Penyet with steamed white rice at RM8.90.
The accompanying chicken soup has body and was tasty, similar to those at other ayam penyet shops that I also liked.
Sutera Village's Ayam Penyet would be my choice if me or my friends are near Sutera Mall area and are craving for Ayam Penyet. 
We also had this chicken nuggets served in a large glass. The chicken nuggets go very well with that smooth eggy buttery slightly sweet sauce in the background. 
The fish and chips made with fresh Ikan Siakap at RM11.90.
Farid and Norhayati said I should also come back to try Sutera Village's Tangkak style Nasi Lemak and their family recipe Asam Pedas. I am looking forward to that :)
Restaurant name: Restoran Sutera Village
Address: 69, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru (near Sutera Mall)
GPS: 1.515335,103.667555
Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm (closed on Monday)
Date visited: 4 Jan 2013



  2. Went on 17/3/13 Sunday - found the place closed. Sign board still there - but looks like it is not in business anymore

    1. Let me check with the owners on their opening hours.

    2. Semoga berjaya. Saya pemilik Ayam penyet House di nusa bestari belakang Pariss Hotel. Silalah datang untuk mersa makanana kami.


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